oday’s market is brimming with brands and consumerism is at an all-time high. Brands that provide quick responses, personalization, and follow-up with their customers leave their competitors in the dust.

Unfortunately, providing all of these features efficiently and consistently is a challenging task. After all, we’re only human!

However, no one said that you can’t bring an AI chatbot to the team.

The average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats is 87.58% (statistics don’t lie!)

AI chatbots have revolutionized customer-brand interaction. Providing quick responses, collecting essential data, personalization and sending follow-ups has been made accessible to every brand on the planet.

Previously, acquiring a chatbot for the company meant complex coding, time-consuming processes and an added expense but the downside of chatbots have been tipped over.

AI chatbots are now powered with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU( Natural Language Understanding). These AI chatbots are easy to customize. They can be built effortlessly with no-code bot builders.

This article highlights how one can build an AI Lead generation chatbot effortlessly and some key points one must remember while doing the same.

Are AI lead generation Bots the best for Qualifying leads?

Lead generation is an expensive affair. Companies invest perpetually to generate good leads and it bears fruit in the form of higher conversion rates. 

Blogging, SEO, online networking, and webinars are tried and tested methods of lead generation. However, it takes time for these methods to reflect their impact. On the other hand, AI lead generation bots are quick at improving conversion rates and better at targeting potential leads. 

You can assume an AI chatbot to be a catalyst to the entire process. Beginning from  finding leads to qualifying leads and ultimately gaining customers. 

You may be wondering how chatbots quicken the process? The answer is simple: Efficient information transfer. 

Gaining high efficiency in any process involves improvement of several aspects such as;

Time management 

AI chatbots are a 24X7 service! Therefore, you can trust your bot to work continuously  to convert prospects into qualified leads. Your bot can further book appointments for qualified leads to have a fruitful meeting with your sales rep during business hours.

Immediate Engagement 

AI chatbots do not miss out on any engagement opportunities with users. You can tailor your AI lead generation chatbot to engage website visitors in authentic conversations, guide prospects towards specific website content, and information. 

Warming your leads without being intrusive or overwhelming should be a priority. You can achieve this by modeling the behaviour of the AI lead generation bot after your best rep. ( or using Konverse templates! ) 

Personalized messages 

Through no-code bot builder platforms, you can add your desired number of conversation paths, frame the perfect message/ dialogue, and study which conversation path is most used and is best suited for your customer base!

This level of flexibility and personalization makes chatbot conversations prompt, informative, and engaging for users. Many times, users prefer resolving queries through bots instead of reading guidelines. This is primarily because bots can be tailored to give out specific information within seconds. 

Smooth Information transfer 

You can integrate your AI bot with existing systems and google sheets to produce daily reports, datasets, comparison graphs, and transfer conversations to live agents as per requirement. Daily reports, comparison graphs, and datasets are an important aspect of smooth information transfer. Your sales team can assess its conversion rates, record conversations for training purposes, and focus on the task at hand while the system keeps track of new lead entries and other information for the team. 

Improved return on investment

AI chatbots can convert your hard-earned visitors into qualified leads. Bots are proactive, meaning they can trigger conversations and demand little or equal effort from users to engage with content. This is a property unique to bots. They strike a perfect balance between user effort and content effort. Bots will also schedule meetings for qualified leads upon approval from the user. This increases revenue for the company and reduces effort for the sales team as they are served with good leads on a silver platter. 

Are SEO practices, online networking, webinars, and blogging outdated? 

These methods are in no way outdated when it comes to Lead generation. In fact these methods stand stronger with the help of AI chatbots. 

AI bots can improve your SERP rank by combining your SEO practices with the ability to increase user engagement. 

Collecting contact details, sending promotions, and newsletters play a huge role in online networking. AI chatbots can be tailored to perform all of these tasks efficiently without human interference. 

Webinars are a great way to create product or service awareness. However, you need to reach out to the right people before conducting a top-notch webinar. AI bots can be deployed to conduct webinar registration processes, advertise, and engage in conversations to draw the attention of users to your upcoming webinar!

Blogging is an exceptional mode to educate your audience about your product or service. 

AI chatbots can highlight relevant blogs, provide vital information, and recommend blogs which may be useful to the user. Recommendations and shortlisted blogs make individuals feel organised and help them reach the right content immediately. 

How to start designing a no-code chatbot?

With Konverse AI, you can dive into the world of building no-code chatbots in a jiffy. Listed below is a simple 5 step process to help you begin your bot-building process.

Step 1- Sign in to your Konverse account. You can do this by using your verified Email and Password.

Step 2- Choose the box that has your company name written on it.

Step 3- Click on the Dashboard (top of the screen) and choose the ‘Bot-builder’ option.  

Step 4- Opt for the ‘Story builder’ option and start building the conversation flow. You can choose from a range of conversation nodes (text, images, cards, quick replies, etc) as per requirement.

Step 5- After you have created the conversation flow. select the ‘test bot’ option from the ‘Bot builder’ drop-down list. This will allow you to try out the AI chatbot before making it live!

Note: Make sure you save or update your conversation flow each time before testing the bot. To save/update your conversation flow, click on the ‘save’ icon placed on the right top corner of your screen on the story builder page. 

Now that you know how to build a no-code chatbot. Let’s discuss some common features and tips you must keep in mind while tailoring your AI lead generation Bot.

Must-have Features in an AI lead generation Bot

To ensure your AI lead generation bot works seamlessly and achieves the desired goal, it must contain certain features. Listed below are some features that every AI lead generation bot must contain.


Basic Lead Generation

Basic lead generation involves collection of user name, contact details, and gaining insight on user interests. AI lead generation bots can be equipped to collect such data seamlessly and effectively. 

Konverse platform enables one to view such data in the form of graphs, daily reports, or downloadable datasets as per requirement. 

Konverse records every user conversation and allows live agents to take over conversations when necessary.You can view and manage all details from your Konverse account inbox

Advanced Lead Generation

AI lead generation chatbots should be able to power up company sales. You can opt to use Konverse AI’s ready-to-use templates. These templates are dynamic, engaging, and tested.

If you wish to build conversation flows from scratch. Feel free to use our resources to gain some insight and stay updated on the latest requirements.

Lead Generation in Real-time

With Konverse AI as your no-code bot building platform, you can design complex conversation-flows to create a next-level AI Chatbots which can convert prospects to customers at any hour of the day.

Your chatbot can trigger a conversation with prospects automatically and produce immediate responses to prospect queries.

AI bots are also a 24X7 service. Which means you can generate leads through your bot at any hour of the day irrespective of business hours.. With Konverse bots, you can solve upto 90% of queries! This is an added benefit of deploying a lead generation bot.

Integration of existing systems

Your AI Lead generation bot must be integrated with google sheets or other company systems to ensure a seamless exchange of information and data. 

With Konverse AI, integration of google sheets and other systems is effortless. You can also produce daily reports, study statistics graphs, and download valuable data as per need from your Konverse account. 

Lead Generation Marketing

With a powerful conversation flow, your AI bot can capture and qualify potential clients. Konverse AI has a variety of conversation nodes precisely designed to provide flexibility and a natural flow to conversations. You can include videos, cards, conduct surveys and so on. 

AI chatbots are NLP and NLU powered. Thus, you can train your bot to answer questions and give quick responses to clients automatically. The ‘small talk’ feature in your bot encourages user engagement and incites prospects to interact with your website. 

Event Registration

Events no longer need to feel chaotic. Hosting events can be made fun and easy with the help of your AI chatbot.

Engaging and interactive events are a fantastic way to encourage brand awareness and nurture customer-brand relationships. Your AI lead generation bot can be used to launch such events effortlessly. You can trust your bot to conduct registration processes, data collection, and user engagement single-handedly.

Tips to follow while making an AI lead generation Bot

Now that we have established the basic requirements for a lead generation bot, let’s discuss how we can integrate these features in your bot using Konverse AI.

Use conversation nodes for Basic lead generation

You can use an ‘ask type’ conversation node in your conversation path when building an AI lead generation chatbot on Konverse AI. It will allow you to collect basic information from users. Ask type conversation nodes enable one to gain information such as the name of a user, email address, contact number and so on. Contact information is the first step towards improving sales and conversion rates. 

Steps to access Ask Type conversation nodes on Konverse AI 

Step1- Select Bot builder on your Konverse dashboard

Step2- opt for story builder from the bot-builder drop-down list. 

Step3- Start building your conversation path with any of the 3 options presented to you when you click ‘start’ 

Step4- Once you place the first conversation node, your list of conversation nodes will be upgraded. Scroll through the list to find Ask type nodes. 

Train the Bot for real-time Lead generation

Training your bot for real-time lead generation is easy and simple with Konverse AI. Your Konverse account includes the option of FAQ training and Entities in the dashboard. Through these sections, you can train your NLP backed no-code bot to solve queries and give responses based on user input!

This will ensure that a new user can reach the right content on your website. This generates leads and reinforces positive customer-brand interaction.

Note: In case your bot encounters a situation it is not trained for, you can pre-set  default fallback options such as transferring to a live agent or looping the conversation path back to the main menu (or starting point.)

Integration of systems for Data collection and transfer

Integrating your existing CRM systems or google sheets to your AI lead generation chatbot can determine which departments will be notified of new leads. Collecting data is important but efficiently transferring this data to the right hands can significantly impact your conversion rate. 

With Konverse AI, you can integrate existing CRM systems, google sheets easily on the platform. To know more, schedule a demo

Build intricate conversation flow for Lead generation marketing 

No-code chatbots have enabled individuals to build multiple conversation pathways which step by step provide the specific information required by prospects. With Konverse, you can avail a variety of choices while building your conversation paths to interact better with your target audience and prospects.

Note: You can use Konverse Templates if you do not wish to start your bot building process from scratch. 

Include forms for Event registration

With the help of your AI chatbot, registration processes can be done by including forms. To include a form in the conversation path, you can use the ‘survey’ option on your Konverse dashboard. 

Bots can also be used to conduct online contests, collect contest data for insight, and be used to generate content through the bot and user interaction.

Other than event management, you can unlock a world of opportunity using bots and WhatsApp Business API services. To know more read: Can WhatsApp Bots Boost Your Lead Generation?

How to deploy your AI Lead generation chatbot?

Once you’ve created your AI chatbot to perfection, it is time to put it to the test in the real world. Listed below are the steps to deploy the bot on your website. 

Step 1- From your Konverse dashboard, select the ‘settings’ option and choose the ‘channels’ icon

Step 2- Choose ‘web messenger’ as per your desire.

Step 3- If you choose ‘web messenger’ then copy-paste the ‘script’ to all your web pages, before the end of the BODY tag, where you’d like the messenger widget to be displayed. This integrates your chatbot into your website.

Note: Your bot can be deployed on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp as per desire. To deploy bots in Whatsapp, you are required to set up a WhatsApp Business API account. 

Types of AI Lead generation bots 

Sometimes deploying bots for specific tasks makes it easier to reach your target audience. While you can always choose to integrate all lead generation features in a single bot, customizing your bot for a single purpose will help unlock the maximum potential of each feature.

Lead magnet Bots 

Lead magnet bots allow lead generation in exchange for gated content. Gated content may include videos, white papers, or articles. 

Lead magnet bots are ideal if you wish to pass on essential information to your prospects and warm your leads without being too intrusive. You may choose to place a lead magnet bot on the side panels on your website. Users can access downloadable content from the bot as per desire. 

Promotional Bots

Promotional bots are more popular with eCommerce or product-based companies. These bots can be tailored to highlight special deals, new products, advertising campaigns and suggest recommendations. 

Task-Oriented bots: Booking appointments/registrations 

You can deploy website bots to book appointments in real-time. Prospects and users can directly view available dates and times for demos, seminars, events and so on through the bot. You can choose to integrate a registration form or a booking form with the bot for easy booking and registration processes. 

Kick-start your AI bot-building!

Having some insight into the no-code bot building process and its application can help you achieve your goal easily. 

You can schedule a demo with Konverse AI or avail a free trial to begin your chatbot building process. For more insight and inspiration, you may read some of the articles listed below.

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