Introduce Automation to the Campus with AI Chatbot

More leads, more form fills with AI Chatbot. Automate support, boost student admissions, introduce seamless teacher-student interactions in schools/colleges/universities with conversational AI.

Change the Conventional Campus Structure and Processes with AI Education Chatbots

Automate Admissions with Konverse AI

Automate Student admission and onboarding

Most students and parents are already tired of the tedious enrollment process of educational institutions. Konverse’s WhatsApp Chatbot can support them in every step of the admission process by providing necessary guidelines, campus info, and answering all their admission related queries. Automate the entire student onboarding procedure with our chatbot for schools. Use Konverse’s omnichannel education chatbot, via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and offer fast responses to any questions related to university orientation, schedules, school/college events, etc.

Smart Assistance for both Teachers and Students

Our conversational AI and WhatsApp for Business API work both ways. That means, Konverse’s AI chatbot can be handy for both teachers and students. Our education chatbots can help students with learning materials, schedule information, class reminders, etc. On the other hand, our education chatbots can save valuable time for teachers by answering regular student queries like lesson plans, assignment deadlines, etc. That way, teachers can focus on the more important aspects including teaching, clearing doubts, and so on.

Student Teacher with Konverse AI
Parent Teacher Interactions with Konverse AI

Make Parent-Teacher Interactions Easier

Parent-teacher interaction is very important, especially in schools. Parents must stay updated about what their children are up to, how they’re growing, what subjects they are good at, what subjects they are not so good at, and so on. With Konverse’s AI chatbot, there’s absolutely no need for a face-to-face meeting between parents and teachers. Parents can now interact with teachers via WhatsApp, Messenger, and stay informed about children’s academics.

Help Students with 24/7 Live Chat Support

Empower your staff with more meaningful responsibilities and hand-over the student support activities to Konverse. Our conversational AI can offer 24/7 live chat support to the students and answer their repetitive queries. Automate the responses to FAQs with an AI chatbot and observe the difference. Our chatbot for colleges can respond to these common questions within seconds and you can save all those excess amounts you’ve been spending on customer support.

24/7 Support with Konverse AI
Collect Feedbacks with Konverse AI

Collect Feedback and Improve Student Engagement

Are the students pleased with the available learning facilities? Collect students’ feedback using Chatbot for schools, chatbot for colleges and stay informed about their perspectives regarding different courses, campus environment, learning sessions, etc. Analyze the feedback to make the required changes. Increase student engagement with a proactive learning environment.

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