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Uncover the key to elevated customer engagement with Konverse’s AI Chatbot, ace real-time monitoring, and proactive communication support.
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Customer Engagement on Konverse AI

2X Customer Engagement, Improved Reach & Automation with Konverse

Optimize your Outreach 

Upgrade your outreach and customer engagement with our automated chatbot apps. Strengthen customer relationships with personalized messages, inform customers about the new launches through our Bot applications.

Optimize Outreach on Konverse AI
Sentiment Analysis Konverse AI

Assured Success with Predictive Scoring

Our predictive algorithm can differentiate between engaged and non-engaged users. Therefore, Konverse lets you pick your target audience effortlessly. Our tool can double your conversion rate on different communication channels.

Follow-up throughout the Sales Cycle

With Konverse, giving up is never an option. Our conversational AI knows how to initiate conversations where customers had left off. Our chatbot can educate customers about your latest products and collect their feedback for better insights.

Insights Konverse AI
Track Customer Engagement on Konverse AI

Track and Improve Customer Engagement

Improve your value proposition with Konverse. We keep track of customer engagement metrics like seen messages, opened messages, click rates, response rates, etc. With insightful information on these metrics, you can modify your value proposition as per customers’ demands.

A platform to help you drive business growth

Show your customers that you care for them, empower your team to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly and create a great first & lasting impression.

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