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Simple Conversation with Konverse AI

Simplify Conversations with AI ChatBot

Students often have too many questions before enrolling for a course. With conversational AI, you can make these conversations simpler and provide accurate information. Gone are the days when prospects would wait for hours or even days to get a simple answer to their queries. Use AI Chatbots for smooth accessibility and faster lead conversion.

Send Automated Reminders on a Daily Basis

Konverse Bot applications have been specially designed to send useful reminders to students. Our EdTech chatbot can send notifications related to class schedules, exam dates, resource downloads, etc. as text messages via different communication channels. That way students can get better support in their curriculums.

Reminder on WhatsApp Konverse AI
24/7 FAQ with Konverse AI

Enjoy 24/7 FAQ Support with Conversational AI

Konverse EdTech Chatbots can resolve up to 90% of student queries and complaints on different communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Websites, etc. Our AI Chatbot provides 24/7 FAQ support to make every student interaction more informative. Create instantaneous responses with Konverse and double your conversion rate. You just need to prepare an FAQ list and relevant responses and that’s it. Our FAQ EdTech Chatbot is smart enough to use those answers during student interaction.

Witness Notable Cost Decline and ROI Surge

Konverse AI Chatbot can cut-down operational costs by 30%. Our Bots work as an automated customer support team for your EdTech that interacts with students, answers their queries, and reminds them of the needful information from time to time. So, why hire more customer support executives? Instead, focus on strengthening brand communication with your existing workforce and observe an outstanding lift in ROI.

Grow ROI with Konverse AI
Omni Presence with Konverse AI

Exploit the Power of Omnipresence Across Channels

You can integrate Konverse AI Chatbot with any social platform starting from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. Hence, lead generation and conversion are no longer limited to the organic reach of your website. Reach out to potential students from any social platform of their choice and make the most of conversational AI to convert those leads.

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