Inbox to manage customer support like a pro

Conversations with customers are always evolving, providing multiple touch points and opportunities to delight your customers. Konverse Inbox offers features like Team Inbox, Custom Tags, Personalization, Collaboration & more to make sure your customer service is efficient.

All your customer communication, at one place

The best way to stay in touch with your customers. With Konverse, you can now bring together all of your customer communication channels into a single place. From messaging apps like WhatsApp or Instagram Messenger to support channels like emails - we have them all covered.

That's not all. Auto create & assign conversations, organize conversations, prioritize issues for the most effective resolution with just a few clicks. Automate time taking tasks, and free up more time for revenue generating activities.

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Konverse AI Intuitive Bot Builder

Seamlessly route your chats to the best person

Konverse Team Inbox comes preloaded with a feature that helps you connect your team with the right people to get things done. Our AI-enabled platform automatically matches your chats to the most relevant person on your team based on their skills, experience and expertise.

It also gives you a robust and transparent view of every chat that gets routed, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to assigning tasks. No more trying to figure out who best fits the bill!

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Faster followup with personalized Canned Response

Get rid of manual work, and speed up your customer service workflow. Save time, increase customer satisfaction with personalized responses. It's simple!

To help you save time while increasing your customer satisfaction ratings, we've introduced the Canned Responses feature. The best part? You can set up canned responses in minutes, and start replying to common customer queries faster than ever before - all without breaking a sweat!

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Never lose a customer request again with Tickets

Ever wish your customers could submit requests 24/7, even when you're not? Never lose a request with Tickets. Whether customers reach out over any web, WhatsApp or social channel, every conversation that needs agent assistance creates a ticket in your system.

No matter if it is created within business hours or off business hours. Create ticketing workflow with Konverse bots to collect info upfront, so you & your team can prioritize and route conversations efficiently—and resolve issues faster.

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Analytics to see, track & share team’s performance

With Koverse Live agent analytics, you can see how your team is performing. Get actionable insights into your team’s performance - Know who, what, when and how your team is responding. See which messages are getting through to your customers the fastest and most frequently.

Understand which channels your customers prefer to message you on and overall team performance. Are they answering messages in a timely manner? Are they spending too much time on certain conversations? All of this information is now available at a glance, in one place.

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