Customer Support made Easier with Chatbots

Convert customer complaints into compliments through AI Chatbot apps, prioritize between VIP & non-VIP customer with advanced ticket prioritization, and stay connected 24/7 via live agents.
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Konverse AI - Live Chat for Customer Support

Empathize with Customers using Conversational AI

Segregate between VIPs and Non-VIPs

Our Chatbot app has an proprietary ticket prioritization algorithm that picks out and differentiates between VIP and Non-VIP customers. Our AI Chatbot analyzes over 50+ customer attributes to figure out which customers to prioritize first.

VIP Customer Support with Konverse AI
Customer Support with Konverse AI

A Blessing in Disguise for your Support Team 

Your existing support team’s job can get tedious at times. Offer them a helping hand with Konverse. Use our Chatbot on the website to answer the common queries of customers. This way, your existing customer support team can breathe a sigh of relief as our chatbot app will be available 24/7 to meet customers’ queries.

Easy to Operate

Konverse is too simple to use and all staff with or without a technical background can operate it. All you have to do is add some FAQs that customers are most likely to enquire about, and Konverse will handle the rest. Our chatbot app will respond to customers’ queries at the fastest speed.

Simple Intuitive Agent Screen Konverse AI
Live Chat for Customer Support Konverse AI

Live Agents for Complex Queries

With our chatbot app, create perfect harmony in your customer support team. Normally, our AI chatbot app is well versed to answer 70% of customers’ queries. But when it stumbles somewhere, it quickly assigns customers with a live agent. Customers’ time is valuable and we ensure the fastest resolution of their queries.

A platform to help you drive business growth

Show your customers that you care for them, empower your team to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly and create a great first & lasting impression.

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