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Remote Treatment with Konverse AI

Easy Access to Remote Diagnosis and Treatment

Being physically present in hospitals is not always a possibility. Situations have worsened further due to global pandemic. In this vulnerable situation, it is very common for patients and their families to get misguided by fake information. With Konverse’s WhatsApp Business API, you can offer accurate and relevant information to the customers regarding health and wellness. Our WhatsApp chatbot can help in both remote diagnosis and treatment. Set reminders of medications, book online appointments, call an ambulance in case of emergency, and suggestions for good health with our conversational AI.

Remove Complications and Enjoy Customer Loyalty

The health and wellness sector is full of complications. Patients need to wait in queue for making an appointment and until their turn comes. Konverse’s health and wellness chatbot aim at reducing this unnecessary waste of time for patients. Our AI chatbot can offer relief to the patients and their families by rapid online booking of appointments through WhatsApp for Business. It can also send the patients reminders when the doctor/wellness coach is ready to receive them. Not only that, you can now collect customers’ feedback through AI chatbots. Collect the feedback and act on them to boost customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty with Konverse AI
Reduce Cost with Konverse AI

24/7 Live Support and 40% Reduction in Operational Costs 

Each time the patients and customers are having any queries related to medication, diet chart, symptoms, they don’t need to visit or call the clinic or wellness center. Konverse’s 24/7 live AI chatbot ensures that customers can get automated support on any routine questions they have. We also master in offering accurate additional information to enhance customer engagement. Konverse can help you in reducing up to 40% operational costs as you don’t need to employ many agents anymore. Our WhatsApp chatbot sorts out common queries with automation and transfers the complex questions to smart agents.

Extensive Wellness Resources are one-click away

Konverse’s health and wellness chatbot can offer you faster access to large numbers of wellness resources. Know more about the vitamins that work for you, get fitness tips, gain support on skincare and haircare, access information about health and equipment supplies, and much more.

Wellness Resources with Konverse AI

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