t is believed that 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents by 2021. This begs the question, if humans are not handling customer interactions, then who will? Well, the answer to the question is simple, AI bots!

Naturally, you may wonder ‘ Are AI bots equipped to handle customer interactions?’ To answer this particular question, let’s take a deep dive into the inner workings of NLP chatbots. ( This article is non-techie friendly. We got you!)

The article will guide you gradually into the world of AI bots. Listed below are the topics that the article will cover to help you gain better insight:

1. The world of Humans and Machines

2. Bridging the gap with NLP

3 . Why are NLP chatbots recommended?

4. How to build an NLP chatbot without coding?

5. Difference between Rule-based chatbots and NLP chatbots

The World of Humans and Machines 

Believe it or not but your laptop and you belong to two different worlds. 

In your laptop’s world, they speak programming languages such as Java, C++, and so on. Your laptop is brilliant at reperforming tasks with the exact consistency and speed. Also, in your laptop’s world, there’s no concept of lunch breaks! 

Meanwhile, we humans prefer communicating in natural languages such as English, we are great at tackling complex situations and variations. Also, no lunch break is pretty much a crime for us. 

Eventually, the two worlds had to collide because Humans and machines made a great team together. Thus, experts set out on a journey to find a way to bridge the communication gap between humans and machines so that they could complete tasks seamlessly together.

Bridging the Gap using NLP

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. This term refers to the capability of a machine to understand and respond to any natural language (such as English, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic) through text or when spoken to.

The brilliance of NLP lies in the fact that it is not keyword-oriented. This means, your AI bot assesses sentences based on their structure, context, and intent. This ability allows the bot to differentiate between rhetorics, genuine questions, and other nuances of human languages.

NLP has 2 sub-categories: 

1. NLU

NLU stands for Natural Language Understanding. This key category allows your AI bot to assess user input. It enables the bot to comprehend texts or speech. NLU is the only method through which a human can interact with a machine without using the programming syntax of computer languages. 

2. NLG

NLG stands for Natural Language Generation. NLG enables your bot to transform any piece of data or information into plain English ( or any other language) sentences. This gives your bot conversations a natural flow as it plays by the rules of human-to-human conversation.

NLG empowers your bot to produce stories, paragraphs, and transfer relevant information by mimicking human conversation structure.

Thus NLU and NLG clubbed together has revolutionized how we view AI bots in the marketing world.

Why are NLP Chatbots recommended?

NLP chatbots are certainly expensive and difficult to maintain. However, with Konverse AI as your partner for no-code bot building, you can explore NLP bot building with ease. Before you begin building your AI bot, let’s discuss some uses for your bot.

Listed below are different areas where NLP bots can be deployed as a part of your organization:

Lead Generation

You can tailor your AI bot to produce hot leads for your sales and marketing team. AI bots are excellent at engaging website visitors through conversation, guiding users to the content of interest, and collecting user feedback and contact details. Basic lead generation is the first step to improving conversion rates, increasing brand awareness, and adding value to your company. 

Customer Support

AI chatbots are perfect when it comes to providing customer support. Your bot can provide immediate feedback and information on standard questions. Show prospects recommendations of services and products, or even help prospects book appointments easily. 

Note: You can trust your AI bot to work outside of business hours as well. 

Sales Assistance

NLP bots make excellent assistants for your star sales reps. When it comes to recommending the latest products and services or filing customer feedback. Your AI bot can take over conversations and ensure a smooth seamless process. 

With Konverse, you can route bot conversations to live agents with user consent and also view stats and reports on daily accomplishments on your Konverse dashboard. This allows the sales team to focus on catching the bigger fish in the market. Optimizing and automating your sales force can boost conversion rates in a short period.

HR Support

AI bots can be trained to make onboarding and recruitment procedures easier for your HR team. The bot can also be used as a medium to collect employee feedback, distribute company newsletters, or even allow employees to set up meetings and view their holiday lists! 

AI bots embody convenience, ease, and speed. 

Note: NLP bots are recommended for big organizations or organizations with adequate budgets. You may choose to explore rule-based chatbots for small businesses.

How to build an NLP chatbot without coding? 

Building NLP chatbots requires one to choose a no-code bot-building platform. With Konverse AI as your preferred partner, you can follow simple steps to design your bot intelligently. 

Use FAQ training 

FAQ training is a quick method to train your bot to tackle standard customer queries. Konverse provides this feature on its quick access dashboard and allows you to test the best conversation path alongside. 

Note: You can train your AI bot to conduct small talk with users. This will allow you to add personalization and reinstate positive interactions with users.

Create Entities 

Entity creation is convenient with Konverse AI. It aids in accelerating your training process for standard situations. Through entities, you are no longer required to train your bot for questions that use different synonyms of the same word! This is bound to make your bot building process hassle-free. 

Find inspiration from Pre-designed Templates 

To make your bot building process easier, quicker, and to reduce the need for excess brain-storming, Konverse presents you with suggestions and pre-built templates. These templates are user-tested, can be redesigned, or simply be used as inspiration. 

To know more, you may schedule a demo or give Konverse a trial ( it’s free! ).

Difference between Rule-based chatbots and NLP chatbots

The main difference between a Rule-base chatbot and an NLP chatbot is that a rule-based chatbot strictly follows a conversation flow that has been pre-designed for it. Whereas, an NLP bot can improvise depending on user inputs. This gives NLP bots a wider decision-making skill and allows them to learn new data over time. Such improvements cannot be expected from Rule-based chatbots. However, one must not rule out the use of ruled-based chatbots as they are a strong tool for communication when used correctly.

You may choose to build a rule-based or NLP chatbot by using the following steps. 

Steps to build a Rule-based chatbot:

Step 1- Sign in to your Konverse account using your verified Email and Password.

Step 2- Select the box that has your company name written on it.

Step 3- Click on the Dashboard and opt for ‘Bot-builder’.

Step 4- Select the ‘Story builder’ option and start designing the conversation flow. You can choose from a variety of conversation nodes (text, images, cards, quick replies, etc) as per desire.

Step 5- After you have designed the conversation flow. Choose the ‘test bot’ option from the ‘Bot builder’ drop-down list. This option allows you to try out the AI chatbot before its implementation!

Note: Ensure you save or update your conversation flow each time before testing the bot. To save your conversation flow, click on the ‘save’ icon placed on the right top corner of your screen on the ‘story-builder’ page. 

Build your AI bot with Konverse AI 

With Konverse AI as your bot-building platform, you can start designing your no-code chatbot in a jiffy. You may opt for a demo, or use our resources to stay up to date on new and upcoming trends in AI for marketing.

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