elieve it or not, the usage of AI Chatbots as a brand communication channel increased by 92% in 2020. They are being employed across different industries and both B2B and B2C businesses are looking forward to using chatbots for enhancing their customer support.

Having said that, it is quite clear that AI Chatbots have been stealing the spotlight for quite a while now. Lead generation, customer support, are a few areas of business where AI Chatbots are being extensively used.

What we are focusing on in this blog is one such business aspect that’s complex and time-consuming. Yes! We are talking about the recruitment process.

The recruitment process within a business is complex but important and you cannot escape it. But you can automate it!

Chatbots work their true magic in recruitment. As the process itself is so lengthy, having a bot eases recruitment a lot. As you employ a bot for the process, manual labor reduces significantly.

Let’s know more about recruitment chatbots and how you can benefit from them, regardless of your business type.

Struggles of the Recruitment Process

While you may appreciate how good an employee is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A whole lot of efforts have been invested to find that one good employee.

Starting from ads to resume selection, interviews, and hiring, the recruitment process involves it all. So, it becomes quite a task for recruiters to ensure a seamless experience for all candidates.

Did you know that 78% of candidates say that the overall experience of hiring indicates how the company values its humans? And, 60% of employment seekers have had poor recruitment experiences.

This clearly shows that businesses have to be more attentive to the candidate’s experience with the company. Poor experiences can make them lose the right candidate for the job role.

So, handling the entire hiring process manually can result in poor overall experiences for the candidates. And here comes the role for chatbots.

Recruitment chatbots can take up half the responsibilities of hiring and your burden will be reduced. Automate the initial processes of recruitment with chatbots and get ready to witness an increase in speed and smoothness of the process.

What Can Recruitment Chatbots Do for You?

Recruitment chatbots can take up responsibilities for hiring. But what exactly can they do? And how do they benefit you?

Let’s have a look.

1. Better Communication with Candidates

For many job seekers, an interview is equivalent to anxiety. And in such times, what can be better for them than a non-human conversation!

A survey by Allegis confirmed that 58% of candidates were comfortable communicating to an AI Chatbot or a recruitment chatbot in the initial screening stages. Plus, 66% of candidates were very comfortable with AI chatbots taking care of interview scheduling and preparation.

The current generation is prepared to interact with chatbots in the hiring process. It is a lot better to interact with a bot than wait long hours for human conversations.

No matter how much recruiters try, not all candidates have proper hiring experience. It is mostly due to the lack of touchpoints that candidates lose their interest altogether.

Employing a recruitment chatbot keeps that worry off. While you can handle the later stages of the interview, your initial screening or collection of applications will be taken care of by the bot. Hence, the chances of losing out on candidates are reduced.

2. Improved Management of Administrative Tasks

Recruitment involves hundreds of administrative tasks that at times overwhelms recruiters. Here, recruitment chatbots can be the ones to save you.


A recruitment chatbot can take care of several tasks. They can;

  • Collect candidate information like their resume, contact details, email, etc.
  • Promptly respond to FAQs about the job role and the process of application
  • Ask candidates initial screening questions like expertise, experience, the field of knowledge, skills, etc.
  • Make a list of candidate rankings based on their qualification, years of experience, or recent activities
  • Schedule an interview with the recruiters

Yes! Recruitment chatbots can take care of all these administrative tasks and that too simultaneously across different channels. They can easily serve as the first touchpoints for candidates and thereafter humans can take over when the half work is done.

Now you can probably think about how much of your load will be reduced when bots will be taking care of these tasks for hundreds or thousands of candidates.

So, isn’t it beneficial to have recruitment chatbots?

3. Saves your Precious Time

Employing recruitment chatbots mean half of the work is automated. You can use bots and automate up to 80% of the recruitment activities. This will save your time and of course, your hard-earned bucks.

The cost of hiring is quite high and if you are a business, you will know it better. So, when you start using a recruitment chatbot, you make a one-time investment. This investment can dramatically reduce your hiring costs and time as you’ll be able to automate a huge part of the qualifying and scheduling work.

Also, the speed and efficiency of a recruitment chatbot are unmatched. So, it can make the recruitment process a lot faster and help you find the right candidate seamlessly.

Types of Recruitment Chatbots You Can Build

So, now that you are convinced about recruitment chatbots and you’re ready to build one. The question here is what do you want your bot to do.

As we have mentioned already, recruitment involves a lot of tasks. So, what will your recruitment chatbot cover?

Here’s a list of a few types of bots. You can choose to build one or all.

1. FAQ Bot – The FAQ bots can be used for maintaining transparency and keeping the candidates well-informed about the application process and company. These bots can promptly answer common queries about the company, its culture, and the hiring process.

2. Application Bot- The application bots can speed up the entire recruitment process. These bots collect the necessary information from candidates like personal information, experience, qualifications, etc. These bots save a lot of time in the initial screening and qualifying of candidates.

3. Scheduling Bot – Besides the name, resume, email, contact number, a few other additional information may be required by recruiters. Here, scheduling bots can be used to collect this information from candidates. It can provide candidates with interview preparations and schedule interview timings as well.

4. Skill test Bot – The skill test bots assess the practical skills of a candidate. These bots are generally used for testing the practical skills that are related to a specific job position. The bots can help select the best candidates from a list of eligible ones.

5. Personality Test Bot – These AI Chatbots can be used to assess if the way of thinking of a candidate is aligned with the company requirement. For example, the bot can check if the candidate is customer-centric or a good leader, team player, etc.

Design a Conversational Bot for Recruitment

Anxious about designing a recruitment bot? Well, with no-code chatbot builders, you can easily build your bot without any knowledge of coding.

While there are several no-code bot builders to choose from, the bot building process will vary according to your chosen platform.

To give you an idea about bot building, here are the steps of bot-building on the no-code bot-building platformKonverse AI.

1. Sign up for the 14-days free trial period at Konverse AI. No credit card required.

2. Verify your email id through the confirmation email and sign in.

3. Welcome to the Konverse Dashboard. Click on your brand name icon > Bot builder to access the bot-building platform.

4. Select Story Builder > Add button to start designing the conversation flow.

5. Design the conversation > Save > Test Bot and deploy it across different channels.

Coming to the features of Konverse AI, you get multiple options like text, quick replies, images, buttons, cards, ask-type, etc. to build your conversation flow. To know more, read how to design the perfect conversation flow.

Further, after you have tested the bot, you can deploy it on your web pages, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Plus, you can monitor your bot and its conversations via the Konverse Team Inbox and follow the analytics on the Konverse Dashboard.

Konverse also offers you pre-built templates. You can choose these templates and modify them accordingly to build your bot. Using these templates, you don’t have to worry about building the bot from the scratch.

What more you can do is integrate google sheets with your recruitment chatbots. The sheets may contain candidate information like name, experience, qualification, email, etc.

To know more about the many features offered by Konverse, pay a visit to the Help Center.

Need Help with Automating the Recruitment Process?

Bot building is a task but recruitment is a bigger task and you will agree to this. With a recruitment bot by your side, you can speed up the entire process and save a lot on your business costs. In our opinion, it’s a win-win situation.

So, if you haven’t still considered employing a recruitment chatbot, then do it now. With Konverse, your bot-building process can be made easier. Plus, in need of any help, our team is there to guide.

Plan your recruitment chatbot now and employ it before your next hiring starts!

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