etween brands and its consumers, AI Chatbots are the next wave of communications.

Chatbots have emerged as one of the handful channels that can offer a genuine and perfect personalised experience to the customers.

As of 2020, 1.4 billion people used chatbots and in 2021 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents.

Thanks to AI Chatbots, businesses can now handle customer queries better. In a jiffy, chatbots resolve hundreds of queries without making the customers wait. 

So, if you’re fascinated by the efficiency of AI Chatbots and are planning to build a chatbot, then you’re at the right place, mate. We have listed the 7 best chatbot builders in the market. Let’s get going!

1. Konverse AI

Whether you operate in eCommerce, Health & wellness, EdTech, Education or Fintech, Konverse AI has the perfect AI chatbot solution for your business.

A no-code chatbot builder that has a pre-built analytics dashboard and an amazing chatbot to human handoff feature. You also integrate Konverse AI’s chatbots across CRM, ERP and Support Desk with minimal effort.

An easy-to-use AI Chatbot platform, Konverse AI also offers WhatsApp bots along with engaging AI Chatbots. You also get features like WhatsApp retargeting tool, team inbox and live chat with analytics tool.

So, if you’re planning to take your marketing and sales to the next-level, Konverse AI is your best friend. Automate Sales, FAQs, engage customers, provide instant responses and build personalised connects across the globe.

With the powerful Konverse AI platform, make communications better and ensure your growth.

Price: Starts at $99/mo with unlimited conversations
Channels: No restriction
Features: Bot Builder, AI Training Module, Campaign Manager, Team Inbox, Advanced Reporting
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

Konverse AI No Code Bot Builder Platform
Konverse AI No Code Bot Builder Platform

2. Dialogflow

Dialogflow has made it to this list with its chatbot building platform giving its users new ways to interact with your products. The brand builds text-based and voice conversational interfaces to provide an overall rich shopping experience to the customers.

The Dialogflow platform is one of the many Google tools. It is a low-code platform. Hence, the usage without coding ability is limited.

The Chatbots are driven by NPL and Dialogflow offers several integrations like Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Telegram etc.

Dialogflow is versatile and supports a large number of channel integrations. However, you may take a little longer to grasp its workings. Though most of the work can be done without coding, building the AI conversations requires practice.

If you’re looking for scalability then, Dialogflow has to be your choice. The chatbot builder is hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform which is one of the most flexible ones out there in terms of scalability.  Simply said, Dialogflow is a suitable fit for small and large sized businesses. Moreover, the platform supports 30+ languages.

Price: Free with Enterprise Plan
Channels: No restriction
Features: Bot Builder, AI Training Module
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

3. Chatfuel

Not all chatbot builders aim to achieve the same goal. There are chatbot platforms that cater to different needs of customers. Chatfuel is one such platform that caters to specific customer needs.

Chatfuel is exclusively committed to Facebook messenger bots. You can depend on Chatfuel to build automated conversational flows, if you’re a non-tech user. There are bot templates that you can use to develop chatbots for any use case. But the feature set up of Chatfuel is most advantageous for eCommerce businesses.

The platform supports over 50 languages and integrations such as LiveChat, Google Search, Bing search etc. is available.

Chatfuel is an easy-to-use platform that you can opt for, especially if you’re looking for Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Price: Free with Paid
Channels: Messenger Only
Features: Bot Builder, AI Training Module, Agent Handover, Campaign Manager, Reports
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

4. Drift

One of the leading chatbot builders in the market, Drift helps brands to connect with customers who are ready to make a purchase decision.  

Focused on live chats and AI Chatbots, Drift offers you with strong lead generation features. Other than this, you will also find other automation tools like videos and emails.

Drift offers channel integrations with websites, Facebook messenger, SMS and Voice Assistant. The platform is a powerful sales and marketing tool as it offers you with AI chatbots to automate activities, marketing and sales automation as well as option for automated messaging.

Drift offers a lot of automation tools to choose from. So, if you’re looking to ensure an improvised lead generation and marketing & sales for your business, then you can consider Drift.

Price: Paid
Channels: Limited
Features: Bot Builder, Agent Handover, Reports
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

5. Intercom

You may or may not have heard of Intercom but we thought it deserves to be on our list of chatbot builders.

Intercom has an easy-to-use interface. It allows you to assign custom tags or fields and create user segments.

The AI chatbots by Intercom has pre-built AI & NLP and built-in live chat. Install the AI chatbot across your website and Android/iOS apps for a hassle-free experience.

Also, the brand offers additional channels like Facebook, Slack and Twitter. You can use these channels with your live chat but not your chatbots.

Not only this, Intercom also provides many marketing possibilities. It enables you to send email campaigns automatically. For instance, you can send a client onboarding campaign for a new client.

While with Intercom chatbots you cannot create an omnichannel chatbot experience for your customers, the brand can surely upgrade your marketing. It offers tools like posts, chats, marketing widgets, banners, mobile push etc.

So, if you’re looking to up your marketing, then Intercom can be helpful to automate your campaigns and offer you with multiple marketing possibilities.

Price: Paid
Channels: Limited
Features: Bot Builder, Agent Handover, Reports
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

6. Ada

You may not find Ada in many of the top chatbot builders lists. But Ada is one of the best no-code chatbot builders in the industry.

The brand is absolutely focused on offering fully automated customer experiences. If you’re looking for chatbots that can provide responses to customer queries, based on the records of personal information within the chat, then Ada is your best fit.

Ada AI chatbots can help you provide the perfect customer experience. Implement these chatbots across Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp and rest assured, your customer engagement will increase.

Ada’s chatbot can respond to customer queries based on their orders, passwords, bookings, accounts and other information.

Ada also offers audience segmentation tools, analytics and advanced data security features. Hence, if you’re operating in the finance or telecom industry that need to offer services related to bookings, plans and accounts, then Ada is your go-to chatbot builder.

Price: Paid (Enterprise)
Channels: No restriction
Features: Bot Builder, AI Training Module, Inbox, Advanced Reporting
Platform Type: Do it Yourself+Coding

7. MessageBird

MessageBird is yet another chatbot builder on our list. The company is on a mission to make customer communications simpler and effective.

MessageBird is a cloud communication platform and connects over 15000 enterprises to customers globally. You can totally rely on the company for SMS, chat and voice APIs.

If you want to ensure high customer engagement and the right customer service, then MessageBird can be the perfect fit for you. It enables you to deliver a seamless multichannel experience through a single API. Most of the communication channels are accessible through MessageBird’s API – WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram and Line.

So, customer support is likely to benefit the most from MessageBird. Hence, to take your customer service to the next level, consider MessageBird to be the right fit!

Price: Paid including free forever plan
Channels: No restriction
Features: Bot Builder(limited scope), Training Module, Campaign Manager, Team Inbox, Advanced Reporting
Platform Type: Do it Yourself

Final Thoughts

Building an AI Chatbot becomes easy if you have the right chatbot builder. These are the 7 best chatbot builders that you can depend on for your needs.

However, before choosing the chatbot building platform, be clear with what you want your chatbots to do. Clarify your purpose and get hold of the best chatbot builder from our list.

So, go ahead, take advantage of the free trials, assess a few chatbots and choose the one that works best for you.

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