f you’ve not been living under a rock, you must’ve heard all the buzz around using AI Chatbots for marketing. 

Initially, it was eCommerce bots, AI chatbots on websites but then Facebook Messenger Bots came into being. And ever since their launch, brands have been trying to use Facebook Messenger bots to reach millions of customers within a few clicks. 

Currently, there are more than 300,000 active Facebook Messenger Bots. 😲

Plus, Facebook has 1.3 billion Messenger users across the globe. So, imagine the possibility of reaching out to these many numbers of people through Facebook Messenger Bots. 

Perhaps, now you get the huge possibility with Facebook Messenger bots. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity if you are interested in creating a perfect customer experience

In this blog, you will get the necessary information on Facebook Messenger Bot. However, your key takeaway would be the top 5 ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots. 😎

So, let’s get going!

5 Reasons Why You Must Use Facebook Messenger Bot

It is needless to say that more and more people are turning towards social media- Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so much more. 

Also, since businesses have increased their presence on social media platforms, customers quickly reach out to brands using these platforms. For instance, asking a question or dropping feedback via Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you manage this massive reach. Using Facebook Messenger bots you can automate responses, feedback, etc. freeing up your live agents for more serious concerns.

A good Facebook messenger bot example would be Domino’s Pizza. The entire ordering process of the brand is automated. So, you can easily make purchases via messenger. 

Here are the 5 top reasons why you must consider using Facebook Messenger Bot 👇

1. Wider Reach

Customers never miss the ‘ding’ of Facebook Messenger. Drop them a message via Facebook Messenger and witness high open rates. 

Compared to emails, Facebook Messenger (and SMS) have higher open rates. For extremely targeted campaigns, the open rates exceed even 90%.

So, using a Facebook Messenger bot can be beneficial. You can send customers automated messages with CTAs and these are more likely to be opened than marketing emails. The cherry on the cake is that Facebook Messenger has sponsored ads. You can send these ads to anyone with whom you have interacted previously. 

2. Save your Precious Time & Money

Facebook Messenger Bots make your brand available 24/7. Hence, customers do not have to wait for any more for you to respond during business hours only. 

Tracking orders, booking appointments, checking the return status of orders, etc. can be easily handled by Facebook Messenger Bots.

With Konverse, you can train your messenger bot with various FAQs. The bots can be trained for placing an order, product recommendations, order tracking, returns, and so much more.

Konverse’s FAQ training feature offers you suggestions just like the ‘related search’ section. 

For instance, if you set an FAQ – ‘How to place a return?’ you will receive similar questions as suggestions like ‘What is the return/ refund status of my order?’

This way you will be able to cover the majority of the questions while training your Facebook Messenger Bot. 

3. Leads Identification

Your Facebook Messenger Bots can identify leads by asking them basic questions like what they are looking for, their budget, etc. Also, they can directly connect the potential lead to your live agents’ team to ensure converting the lead into a customer. 

Konverse AI’s Conversation Starter feature does not require bots to ask many basic questions. With the help of AI, your bots will be able to detect if the visitor has a high intent of buying or not. If yes, your bot or your sales team can proactively reach out to the prospect and offer product recommendations, discounts, personalized offers, etc.  

4. Re-connect and Re-engage

Facebook Messenger Bots are capable of retaining information. They can use customer information and use it for personalization for campaigns, promotions, etc. 

You can use your Facebook Messenger Bot to remind customers about their abandoned cart products, their wedding anniversary, mother’s birthday, or anything that customers have shared. 

5. Manage eCommerce Transactions

If you have created the right script for your Facebook Messenger Bot, then there’s no looking back. Your bot can do the selling as well. Your customers will no longer be required to leave the platform. From the very comforts of Facebook Messenger, they will be able to complete their shopping. 

Plus, Facebook Messenger Bots also provide the scope for upselling while they are recommending products to customers. 

For instance, your bot might say, ‘Seems like your appointment will be delayed by an hour. Would you prefer a late appointment?’ and add an upselling statement ‘Perhaps, a cup of coffee with that?’ 🤔

Now, let’s jump into the ways of how you can optimally use Facebook Messenger Bots 

Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

Facebook Messenger Bots can be used for various aspects of your business. Have a look at the ways to employ your Facebook Messenger bots.

1. Streamline Appointments/ Bookings

Does your business require taking appointments? Then, a Facebook Messenger Bot can help you schedule bookings and appointments. 

Whether you are a healthcare clinic, a restaurant, or a salon, your Facebook Messenger Bot can make the entire booking process fun and interesting. 

So, streamline the task and get involved in your other business concerns stress-free!

2. Improve Your Customer Journey

Customers hate to keep waiting for responses. They love brands that are immediately available 24/7. So, employ a Facebook Messenger Bot along with your sales team. Using a bot can help you serve your customers quickly and hence, improve their overall experience with your brand. 

3. Accelerate Sales

53% of people are most likely to shop with brands that are available via messages or texts. So, having a well-trained Facebook Messenger Bot can help you accelerate your sales. You can train your bot to resolve queries, take orders, and complete transactions without your customers having to leave the messenger app. 

4. Get Customer Feedback

Send customers short surveys, polls, etc. to collect customer information. Facebook Messenger Bots can provide a better feedback loop. Hence, your customer relationships will be much better and so will be their loyalty. 

5. Notify Customers

Use your Facebook Messenger Bots to send customers exclusive promo codes, offers, special discounts, etc. Whatever you can send via email marketing, you can also send it via Facebook Messenger. You will get much more open rates than emails. 

Get Started with Facebook Messenger Bots!

The open rate of Facebook Messenger messages is insane. So, there’s no reason behind not using a Facebook Messenger Bot to take your service a notch higher. 

However, to get started you need a hassle-free no-code bot-building platform and we suggest Konverse AI!

But, before that, make sure you’re ready with the following👇

A Messenger Strategy

First things first! Create a strategy that you would implement for achieving your social media goals. Write the answers to questions like;

  • What type of customer experience do you want for your customers?
  • Do you want a utility bot or a full-time entertainment one?
  • What are your social media goals?
  • How should the bot interact with customers?
  • What do you want consumers to do with your bot?

Once you have these answers, it will be a lot easier for you to create the Facebook Messenger Bot. It is always a good practice to think from the perspective of a consumer. So, try a few customer-bot interactions, think of different ways to engage, but stay focused on your core aspects.

Facebook Messenger Bot Promotion Strategy

If you don’t promote your Facebook Messenger bot, how will your customers know about it? So, do some promotions to make your customers know that you are open for business over Facebook!

Use Messenger Codes

You can also share your messenger code (the unique image that works like QR code or Snapcodes on Snapchat) to draw attention from customers. 

Try Out Messenger Buttons

A visual way to attract customers' attention is by using messenger buttons or CTAs. 

Simply use the messenger logo or create a short ‘send us a message’ CTA to make your Facebook Messenger Bot available to everyone. 

Send Messenger Links

The easiest way is to send messenger links. Share the link where your target audience will come to know of it. Perhaps, include it in your newsletters, or your other social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Go for Customer Matching

A slightly advanced option for one-to-one interactions with customers. Using this option, you can use the customer’s contact number to initiate a conversation. Let your Facebook Messenger bot initiate the conversation and customers can opt-in (or not) to your chatbot.

So, all set to create your Facebook Messenger chatbot?

Then, schedule a demo with Konverse (we offer a 14-days free trial😁). For more resources, visit the Konverse Platform and take a look at the Help Center!

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