ou must have noticed that consumers are no longer sticking to businesses that do not serve them well. 😟

Instant responses, a good conversation, high engagement, and of course, personalization are the few keys to retaining customers nowadays. A long contact form and a promise (often not kept!) of calling them back within 2-3 days do not impress them anymore.

Long story short, in this world of instant gratification and cut-throat competition, you must give consumers what they expect. And their expectations have definitely changed!

Nowadays, eCommerce companies are required to make shopping as easy and engaging as in brick-and-mortar stores. The better the shopping experience, the happier the customers.

We will walk you through the utility of conversational marketing in redefining your sales funnel. And our favorite 7 successful eCommerce chatbots!

Well, then start scrolling! 😎

Redefining your Sales Funnel

Online shopping is the new normal.

In 2020, eCommerce sales followed a 25.7% increase, and global retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.921 trillion by the end of 2021.

According to the eCommerce retail sales trend from 2015 to 2024 by Statista, the sales have increased every year, the highest being in 2020 (13.6% in 2019 to 18% in 2020).

So, we are pretty sure that eCommerce sales are likely to be on the rise in the few years to come.

If you are an eCommerce business, it’s time that you start making amends to the shopping experience you offer to your customers.

Engage them, have a conversation, keep the communication flow going, and leave no stones unturned to offer the best customer experience.

A study by Nielsen Norman Group suggested that as a business, you have 10 seconds to capture customers’ attention. Why?

Because they stay on web pages for 10-20 seconds and that’s all the time you have to engage customers.

So, how do you go about making the most of these 10 seconds? 🤔

This is where Conversational Marketing enters the scene.

New-age eCommerce companies are engaging their site visitors through AI chatbots, streamlining buyers' journeys, and starting one-to-one interactions.

Conversational marketing cuts down the shopping time, makes the experience hassle-free, and accelerates sales, creating an impact on your bottom line.

But how?

Here’s your answer.

Engaging your Website Visitors

You might try everything- from engaging social media posts to advertising content. But if you fail to engage customers when they visit your site, you lose them.

Without proper support and some motivation, customers don’t feel like navigating the website. So, an immediate engagement always does the work.

To offer a positive website experience, conversational marketing is a must. With conversational marketing tools like eCommerce bots, you will be able to find out customer needs and what exactly they are looking for.

Konverse has this brilliant feature Conversation Starter wherein with the help of AI your eCommerce bot can identify the high intent buyers 😲.

For example, you have a visitor looking for blue shoes. As they visit your page of blue shoes, AI immediately detects if the buyer has a high intent of purchase.

If yes, your sales team can proactively strike a conversation, ask customer preferences, and offer recommendations along with discounts and personalized offers.

Other than this, your eCommerce bot can be your visitors' shopping assistant just like at stores. Resolving queries, helping with navigation, and assisting in the checkout process- your eCommerce chatbots can do it all.

Hence, a positive and engaging shopping experience is inevitable.

Creating an Impact on Bottom Line

As you integrate eCommerce chatbots into your website, you eliminate the gaps that are likely to cause a negative customer experience. Plus, eCommerce bots also make sure that the shopping experience is enjoyable.

Your eCommerce bots can collect data, qualify website visitors and inform your sales team about the right time to engage. They can resolve standard customer queries and that too 24/7.

Among these general features, Konverse offers you a team routing feature too. On the Konverse dashboard, you get the Users & Teams option wherein you can create separate teams for specific queries.

For example, you can set multiple teams for refund issues, order-related queries, and tracking details. When your eCommerce bot faces a fallout, it can direct customers to the ideal team that can resolve the query.

The FAQ feature at Konverse is also cool. As you set different questions to train the bot, similar questions pop up as suggestions. So, you need not worry about missing out on questions. Hence, it makes training your eCommerce chatbots super easy.

Success Stories of eCommerce Chatbots: Our 7 Favorites!

eCommerce chatbots are undoubtedly one of the best solutions to your customer experience issues. Plus, a key to sales acceleration.

1. Durian

When we thought of listing out a few of our favorite eCommerce chatbots, the first one that came into our mind was Durian’s eCommerce Bot.

Durian’s bot – a Konverse success story – is one the best eCommerce bot that we have built. It’s useful, engaging, friendly, and perfect for the brand. Durian’s eCommerce chatbot can readily help you with searching your products.

For instance, suppose you are looking for an L-shaped sofa. Instead of searching L-shaped sofas, you can simply ask the bot. The bot will happily provide you with the product options and details so that you can choose one then and there.

Plus, Durian’s eCommerce bot can also help you out with the store locations. If you prefer buying your furniture directly from the Durian outlets, you can ask the bot about ‘stores near me. You will be given the list of stores. Choose the nearest and get done with your shopping.

2. Sephora

Another steal-worthy eCommerce chatbot example is the Sephora Beauty Specialist. This amazing AI chatbot by Sephora ensured customers with a virtual makeover for a better idea of what they want to purchase.

Further, Sephora also has a Color Match bot that helps in eliminating all the color confusion. Customers can choose the best makeup shade that matches their skin tone.

Plus, the eCommerce chatbot can also offer you recommendations based on the shades of objects like flowers or fabric.

3. Ausum Tea

Ausum Tea eCommerce bot is yet another amazing success story of Konverse. Ausum Tea’s bot is implemented on your favorite messaging channel – WhatsApp. So, you can directly get in contact with the brand over the platform.

Ausum Tea’s WhatsApp bot is always available to resolve all your queries instantly. It helps with processing returns, exchange requests, order tracking, and so much more.

One of the main highlights of Ausum’s awesome bot is that it helps with return prevention.

For example, your customer opts for the cash-on-delivery option while making a purchase. But when the order gets delivered, they return it. To save yourself from such last moment returns, use an eCommerce bot for order confirmations.

Automate the confirmation process with bots. Send a quick order confirmation WhatsApp notification and prevent these frequent returns.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

The TMY.GRL eCommerce chatbot by the brand might also be your muse.

The Tommy Hilfiger eCommerce chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger enabled customers to shop instantly. With the bot, they can easily shop the styles worn by models during the ramp walk of New York Fashion Week.

These same styles generally take weeks or even months to get to the stores. So, the TMY.GRL eCommerce chatbot made it easy for customers to shop instantly and increased customer satisfaction level several notches higher.

5. Borosil

The Borosil bot is another one of our favorites. Implemented on the WhatsApp platform, this bot, a creation of Konverse yet again, is immensely helpful.

The bot is always ready to resolve your queries. You can ask the bot for your order status, tracking details, payment options, and whatnot. All information will be provided to you almost instantly.

All you have to do is choose the best options suited to your query like track order, assistance, or others to get help from the Borosil bot.

6. eBay

eBay has one of the best eCommerce chatbots that can inspire you. Shopbot by eBay is the shopping assistant everyone wants.

With Shopbot, you can use photos and text of products that you are looking for. Provide the eCommerce chatbot with pictures or text and let Shopbot help you with finding the best matches.

For example, offer pictures of Nike Yellow Shoes. The bot will then ask you a few questions like the budget, size, etc., and help you shortlist the options you have.

7. Pee Safe

Konverse AI’s one of the best creations is the eCommerce bot for Pee Safe. Pee Safe’s eCommerce bot makes the customer experience more magnified.

The Pee Safe bot has helped the brand in reducing the cart abandonment rate by sending reminders over WhatsApp. It promotes Pee Safe products through fun chats with customers as well as offers product recommendations whenever needed.

So, if you are visiting the Pee Safe website and are stuck with something, just ask the bot. It will show you the way!

Ready for a Konverse Partnership?

eCommerce chatbots are one of the most used tools of conversational marketing. They have proven themselves to be the key to sales acceleration.

However, to ensure taking your business to the next level, you must find out the best conversational AI platform to fulfill your demands. A strategic partnership with Konverse would not be bad either!

So, we hope you do explore more about Konverse and conversational AI from our Help Center. For a more detailed session, schedule a demo with us, and together let us take your sales higher!

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