t’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most used social media  and companies around the world use it to grab attention and boost sales. The important question here is if your company has the power to harness the opportunity presented by Facebook? 

The answer to the question is easy enough. If you generate content consistently, churn-out the best reviews for your products or services and play the right cards to grab attention to your website or Facebook page, you’ve won half the battle. You can leave the rest to your in-house teams to win a successful conversion. 

However, what does one mean by ‚Äė play the right cards to grab attention‚Äô? It simply points towards doing something which helps you stand out in the crowd. On Facebook, a messenger bot tends to outperform a simple page or content in terms of gaining visibility and engaging prospects.¬†

Gaining Visibility Through Chatbots 

Chatbots are underrated. It’s capacity to multiply revenue, boost customer engagement, and pull in traffic is wildly undiscovered. This gives you an edge over your competitors. You can get a head-start simply by deploying a chatbot for your business. 

Listed below are reasons you should consider getting a chatbot for your company.

  1. ¬†Messenger chatbots are currently seeing 80‚Äď90% open rates.
  2. Supply specially curated recommendations based on user intent. Thereby, providing personalized experience to your customers. 
  3. Enable and prioritize efficiency of processes. Chatbots can be trained to solve all standard tasks. 
  4. Add entertainment and style to your website or page. ( Humans crave good conversations, and bots are an expert at it! )

Gaining visibility depends on users' interaction with your content. Bots are built precisely to encourage interaction at an individual level which soon translates on a large scale.

Chatbots are mainly of two types. AI bots which are powered by NLP and NLU or Rule-based chatbots which follow scripts. Both Chatbots can be diversified into utility bots or entertainment bots depending on requirements.

Note: Konverse works with companies to deploy advanced AI bots or rule-based bots on several channels such as Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp Business API and individual websites too depending on business size. 

Why Pick Facebook Messenger Bot? 

Your choice in channel holds great significance as it determines the type of customers you will be exposing your content to. 

Facebook is a great choice for companies targeting the Indian market, the US market, Brazilian market and so on. These countries have a huge percentage of their population using facebook. 

Indian leads the tally with 310 million users, followed by the United States with 190 million users, at the third place Indonesia with 140 million users, then by Brazil with 130 million users. 

Plus, your choice in channel determines the type of content you should be generating depending on your final goal. For example, Facebook is primarily used by individuals for entertainment purposes. Therefore your best shot at engaging customers would be to build  a quirky bot personality which can collect leads, improve customer-brand relations and send out FOMO pop-ups to subscribed users.  

Tasks you can expect your Facebook messenger bot to cover for you: 


1. Improve Customer Experience

Chatbots are quick, available 24/7, and capable of understanding user intent. This makes chatbots the best companion for your customer while they navigate through your page. 

Chatbots are largely used by the sales and support teams to solve standard customer issues while your reps tackle the more complex queries. This improves efficiency and increases the chances of conversion due to the quality of service provided. 


2. Bring in Qualified leads 

A messenger bot can be used to collect customer contact details. Getting your hands on email addresses and phone numbers is the first step towards a successful conversion. Your chatbot can be trained to study user intent, solve standard issues, provide personalised recommendations, indulge in small talk and so on. 

3. Automate Booking and Scheduling Appointments 

If your business schedules appointments, services, or has specific slots which require booking, you can employ a messenger bot to smoothen the process. The perk of messenger bots is that they are error free. So, you never have to worry about double bookings or other human errors. 

Your messenger bot can also remind customers on their upcoming appointments, notify prospects of new slot bookings and other updates if they wish to subscribe to such services. 

These services were originally provided only through emails but the advancement of technology has left most emails unread or marked as spams. 


4. Keep customers updated 

Updating customers can come in many forms. You may choose to send out push-notifications, FOMO messages, or simply provide information on their order and delivery status. Messenger bot has you covered on this aspect. AI bots can access customer information as and when required to help customers acquire their desired information instantly. 

These small features in your services allow you to reinstate positive interactions with your customers which eventually leads to brand awareness through spread of word.‚Äć


5. Collect Valuable customer feedback 

When it comes to running a business, you are consistently trying to provide what customers want or expect. It can be difficult to track and understand where you stand in the eyes of your prospect.

However, collecting customer feedback plays a key role in keeping your sales rate high. Customer feedback are clear indications of how your business is doing, which aspects require your attention and how you can expand your business. 

Messenger bots are an excellent tool when it comes to collecting feedback. Through Konverse you can produce daily reports of  the data collected by the bot instantly to study your progress. Gaining insights through graphs allows you to strategize your impact in the market.

Promoting your Latest Addition: Messenger Bot!

Naturally, to get the ball rolling and reap all the benefits of a messenger bot, you will need to promote your latest addition. Listed below are some ways you can advertise and promote your Facebook chatbot. 

Send out Links and codes 

Messenger links are easy to include across every platform, newsletter, email and so on. When a user clicks the messenger link it opens up messenger and they can start interacting with your messenger bot. Messenger links are a great and effective way to promote your new bot. 

Messenger codes on the other hand work similar to QR codes. You can include the unique image in your profile picture, email, website and so on for users to scan. Once the image has been scanned, the user will be redirected to your Facebook page or messenger as per desire. 

Messenger Buttons

Messenger buttons can be embedded  in different platforms such as your website to grab the attention of users towards your newly acquired messenger bot. Messenger buttons are provided by Facebook for easy use. 

Ready to build a bot but not sure where to start? 

Use Konverse AI to begin a smooth journey with AI chatbots. The ultimate no-code builder platform will allow you to master conversational sales in a jiffy. Konverse provides a holistic approach towards accelerating sales through its resources, automation and user-friendly platform. 

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