nstagram’s ever-increasing growth is the main driving force for brands to be actively present on the platform.

Globally, Instagram has one billion monthly and 500 million daily active users. Moreover, around 36% D2C brands consider Instagram to be ‘very important’ or ‘crucial’ to their social media marketing strategy.

It's no more surprising that Instagram chatbots are coming to the spotlight. You know that, right?

The good news here is that you can create a chatbot for Instagram without any complex coding, all by yourself. So, here we’ll tell you how.

But before we tell you about building an Instagram bot, let’s dive into a few other things like why should you go for Instagram chatbots, type of bots, and of course, use cases.

Why Should you Invest in Instagram Chatbots?

We have already mentioned the incredible number of users on Instagram. On top of that, here are a few facts that might surprise you.

Also, among Instagrammers you will find Gen-Z and millennials. So, you can reach out to both.

Having chatbots on Instagram is going to make your work easier. Wouldn’t it be great if people can message you at anytime of the day and get their queries resolved?

That’s what an Instagram bot can do for you. Each time you receive a ping from customers, your Instagram chatbot can respond to them. They can strike conversations, assist them, and engage them for more information too.

With an Instagram bot, you get several opportunities to deliver the right customer experience. As a result, you get the golden chance to boost your sales.

So, if we give you a general idea, an Instagram bot is for providing automated responses to customers instantly. They are super smart and helpful when it comes to providing quick responses, and engaging customers with the brand.

For example, your support agents are not available out of business hours. And just after your business hours, you receive an Instagram DM from a customer asking about their order status. With Instagram bots, you can build up automated responses that will instantly pop when customers throw a query. So, it makes the process of customer query handling a lot easier.

Instagram bots can half the burden on your support agents. Hence, you must think about investing in an Instagram message bot. No?

Types of Instagram Chatbots

Your brand’s Instagram profile can be transformed into a sales machine, if you set your sail right.

Besides cross-selling and up-selling, you must focus on responding to FAQs instantly, engaging the audience at the right time to ensure success. And this can be possible with an Instagram bot.

Let’s have a look at the most popular Instagram chatbots.

FAQ Instagram Chatbots

Let’s start with numbers.

51% of people say that they want a business to be available 24/7. Also, 45.8% of people prefer to contact a business through messages rather than email.

But at times it becomes difficult for your support agents to provide excellent customer service all the time. Not finding the ideal solution in such situations might lead to a lot of unread messages piling up.

This is exactly where FAQ Instagram chatbots can take charge. Your Instagram bots can manage multiple real-time conversations with customers while your support agents look into other complex matters.

Instagram Story Bot

When you are a business, there’s so much to do - engaging potential customers, planning strategies, lead generation, inventory tracking and whatnot.

Taking out time to respond to IG stories can be difficult. And we do accept that responding to people is a time-consuming task, especially when you have many followers.

But, no matter how time-consuming the process is let’s not forget that interacting is important. When followers respond to your IG stories, responding to them helps in building a connection with the audience.  

So, to avoid forever unread messages in your Instagram inbox, get an Instagram bot to respond to the reactions on IG Stories.

With the latest Instagram bots, you can choose the reaction that is supposed to trigger a chatbot response. You can also set up a gratitude message like ‘thank you for your support’, add a gif or image and send it as a response to the stories.

Instagram Message (DM) Bot

While we know that Instagram chatbots can easily manage repetitive customer queries, now bots can also take orders from customers.

Instagram message bots can take orders from customers directly within a DM or direct message conversation. That means with Instagram chatbots you can amp up your efficiency and accelerate purchases.

Along with taking orders, Instagram bots can also offer personalized recommendations to customers based on what they have asked during DM conversations.

Take for example, a prospect asks about a blue dress. Your Instagram chatbot can show them the collection of blue dresses and also offer discounts on specific designs. All you need to do is set up the queries in a way that the bot can analyze and use to respond to the prospect.

Your Instagram bot can also collect customer feedback. But Instagram shopping does not have a feedback tab yet. So, your Instagram chatbot can automatically send a request to your customer about leaving their feedback on the brand’s Facebook page. Luckily, you don’t have to set up a separate Facebook chatbot for this.

What Can Instagram Chatbots Do for you?

Instagram has hidden potential and AI chatbots are the tool to use the potential and take your brand to the next level.

D2C brands are transforming their shopping experience with messaging channels like Instagram. They can promote and directly sell from this platform.

So, in what ways can you leverage the power of Instagram chatbots? Let’s see!

Quality lead generation

It is quite obvious that Instagram bots can capture potential leads while your sales reps handle other important stuff.

Your Instagram chatbots can gather basic contact details from users such as phone numbers, emails and reach out to customers. Along with reaching out proactively, your Instagram bots can also transfer a customer conversation to sales reps when required in real-time.

Shoot-up sales

Instagram bots impact your sales. In fact, once you know the right way to leverage the bots, it will boost up your sales.

Instagram bots can assist your prospects and customers. Showing latest products, offering recommendations, discounts, coupon codes, etc. You can easily consider your Instagram chatbot as your AI powered sales agent that can speed up customers’ purchase decision-making process, boost conversions, and sales.

Transform customer experience

Instagram bots are all about customer service. When you decide to have Instagram bots, it is just because you want to take your customer experience a notch higher.

−       Immediate response; and

−       24/7 brand availability

−       Shorter wait times

are few of the highlights in customer experience that can be improved with the help of Instagram bots.

Your Instagram chatbots can handle 90% of the customer queries, that too in their preferred language (Read about multilingual bots here)

So, with AI chatbots customer satisfaction can be much higher.

If you are thinking – what if the bots cannot respond correctly to the query?

Then, let us tell you that if the bots are unable to respond to the query, they can smartly route the conversation to your support agents.

Drive Customer Engagement

Coming to driving engagement using Instagram bots, there are various ways to do so. Here are a few ways to drive engagement. Have a quick look.

  • IG Stories

Instagram stories have gained incredible popularity. In fact, 58% of people are more interested in brands after they see them on IG stories.

So, using IG story bots, you can instantly respond to user reactions. You can also train your Instagram bot to respond when a customer mentions your brand in their stories. Since stories are active only for 24 hours, bots are important for providing immediate responses.

  • Ads with CTAs

Customers are more interested in brands that are visible on social media platforms. So, running ads with CTAs work well with customers.

You can run click-through ads and integrate your Instagram chatbot with the ads. As customers click on the CTA, they automatically land up in the bot conversation flow. Here, your bots can collect the necessary customer information, provide details about the product that might interest them.

  • Trigger conversations with keywords

With Instagram bots, you can trigger bot conversations using keywords. Use specific keywords on your IG stories caption to increase user interest, prompting them to use the keywords to chat with the brand in DMs automating conversation low. This will improve engagement, and conversions.

  • Icebreakers

With the icebreaker feature in your Instagram bot, you can proactively start conversations with new and existing customers. It is an incredible feature to showcase the product catalog, respond to questions, offer discounts, coupon codes, etc.

  • Quick replies

Quick replies make the conversation flow more interesting, engaging, easy to understand. So, make it easier for customers to talk to your brand with quick replies. Well-placed quick replies can improve engagement as well as conversions.

  • Cart summary

Instagram bots can guide users to add the right products to their carts through gathering of user preferences. The bots can easily make customer conversations easier by fetching their order summary, helping customers to make payments directly from their DMs instead of being redirected to other sites.

  • Escalation to sales reps

As we have already mentioned, Instagram bots can route conversations to sales reps when needed. This ensures that;

−       customers experience a shorter wait time;

−       sales reps get quick access of order details and history (customers need not repeat order number); and

−       you get an opportunity to deliver accurate and speed-up ‘in-the-moment’ sales.

Creating Instagram Bots with Konverse AI

Building an Instagram chatbot requires you to partner with a bot building platform first. There are several no-code bot builders to choose from. Here, we have explained the bot building process at Konverse AI.

With Konverse AI, building your Instagram bot is super easy. Plus, you get several features like Conversation starter that enables the bot to identify high-intent buyers and proactively reach out to them.

Here’s the simple process of bot-building with Konverse AI.

−       Log in to your Konverse Account

−       From the Konverse Dashboard, choose bot builder

−       Then, click on the story builder and start building your bot.

−       Design the conversation flow using text, images, quick replies, cards, and other conversation nodes.

−       Choose the test bot option before getting it live

−       Once you have finalized, integrate your bot with your Instagram account

That’s all you need to do when building an Instagram bot. Remember to keep the conversation design aligned with your brand personality!

For more information, explore the Konverse platform and reach us out for further queries.

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