o you use WhatsApp? Of course, you do! Because everyone uses WhatsApp.

While some use it for keeping in touch with friends and family, others take it beyond personal use.

Without a hint of doubt, we know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform that has earned millions of users globally.

Not only to keep in touch with contacts or chat with friends, but WhatsApp has also now become an amazing platform to skyrocket your sales. However, you have to be aware of the tricks and tips to sell effectively on WhatsApp.

So, here we have made a list of 5 tips for increasing your sales using WhatsApp for business.

5 Tips To Boost Sales via WhatsApp for Business

1. Get an Official WhatsApp Number with WhatsApp Business API

Still, stuck with phone calls? Then, it’s high time you give chatting a try for enhancing your customer service.

Do you know that over 41% of customers prefer live chat over emails and calls? So, interacting with customers via chat is a good idea in this changing business landscape.

Having said that, we recommend using WhatsApp API to reach a wider set of audience that will include the younger generations. Another benefit would be the better engagement rates.

For example, an email that you send to your customer may not be opened for days. In 2019, the average open rate for emails was 22.15% which leaves the possibility of your email not being opened. But instant messages have 98% chances of being opened and read.

So, why not jump into the WhatsApp API bandwagon right now?!

But before you do so, we recommend having another phone number for business purposes only. That’ll help you separate your personal and professional activities.

And if you’re worried about how to get started then, let us inform you that our team at Konverse readily helps customers right from the start of the application process. We also provide the service of managing WhatsApp Business API application on your behalf.

2. Send Notifications & Alerts

Nudge to your customers using WhatsApp Business API. Send notifications and alerts to ensure that your customer remembers you.

Now, if you’re thinking about what to send as notifications to your customers then here are few ideas you can consider:

  • Special discounts and offers
  • New product launch alerts
  • Reminders for or payments
  • Booking confirmations

Using WhatsApp for Business Solution can help you save your time and costs along with driving your sales. So, why not ping your customers from time to time and enhance their experience with your brand!

3. Post-Sales Support

To ensure that your customer sticks with you, post-sales support is necessary. It helps in maintaining contact and building customer relationships. 

Through WhatsApp for Business, you can easily offer post-sales support to your customers without much hard work. 

Check with the customer if they’re facing any problems using the product, or if it doesn’t meet their needs. Ensure that customers do not have to chase your support team through repeated calls or emails. With WhatsApp Business, you can offer support almost instantly and save customer frustration.

4. Engage Customers on Their Favourite Platform

With WhatsApp Business API, engage your customers on their favourite messaging platform.

Since customers are used to messaging over WhatsApp, you can easily engage them through sending notifications.

You can use WhatsApp for Business to chat with customers and to enhance your customer support service by providing them with proper assistance whenever required.

5. Enhance Your Customer Support

With better customer service, comes better sales. Right?

With WhatsApp for Business, you can offer your customers 24/7 customer support. No matter where your customer is from and what their time zone is, you can always offer them the support they need.

You can employ WhatsApp Bots for responding to customer queries at any hour of the day. As a result, you can take your customer service level a notch higher and make customers stick with your brand..  

So, with WhatsApp for Business, you can engage customers and can also offer them instant support through chat.

You may also want to employ an AI chatbot or a WhatsApp bot if you have too many customers and it becomes difficult to handle. At Konverse, you can build your bot in a super easy and hassle-free way.

Start Boosting Your Sales Now!

When you’re a start-up or a large business, boosting sales is one of the most important objectives.

So, wait no more and get started with WhatsApp for Business to sell your products and enhance your customer support.

Also, if you’re looking to engage your customers with the help of an AI Chatbot, then we suggest you the Konverse AI platform. Schedule a demo and get your bot to work soon!

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