onversational AI comes is a power-packed tool to improve customer experience. But how often do you use conversational AI for your website’s SEO boost? 

Well, believe it or not, AI chatbots can actually prove to be a great tool for your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article, let us discuss the SEO metrics that you can boost with conversational AI and the tricks to improve your site’s search engine ranking using AI chatbot. 

Let’s get started. 

Don’t Forget to Track these Metrics...

1. The loading speed of your website 

Website loading speed is an integral part of your site’s SEO. It is directly related to better ranking in Google, faster lead generation, and conversion. Did you know that 47% of individuals expect websites to load within 4 seconds

Now, the presence of an AI chatbot can reduce your website’s loading speed. So, with an AI chatbot on your website, you must monitor the performance of this metric regularly and take actions when needed. 

2. Bounce Rate of your Website  

The second essential KPI that you must focus on is Bounce Rate. Bounce rate indicates the number of single sessions on your website before the visitors bounce back. Ideally, you need to maintain this KPI at a minimum level. 

Also, know that bounce rate simply identifies the percentage of users visiting a particular web page. This KPI doesn’t distinguish between the number of sessions spent by the visitors on a single page. 

3. Time spent on your website 

As a website owner, you should also keep track of the duration a visitor spends on a single page of the website. Keep tracking the time spent by users on a page they land from the SERPs. Use Google Analytics to monitor this metric. 

Here’s how AI Chatbots can Benefit your Site’s SEO 

Below are the five tricks that you can use to improve your site’s SEO with AI chatbots: 

1. Offer a Personalized Experience with Conversational AI 

AI chatbots are winners when it comes to creating a personalized experience. And trust me when I say that, you need to build a personalized customer experience to improve your site’s SEO. when it comes to digital marketing, nothing can beat the importance of personalization. 

In fact, you must know that 72% of users prefer sharing their personal data if they find their website experience relevant

AI chatbots can easily shortlist deals, product recommendations, and other factors aligned to the customers’ requirements. Conversational AI is smart enough to browse content that actually matches the website visitors’ needs. 

Here’s how AI chatbots can help you acquire some of the biggest SEO benefits: 

  • Suppose you find out some FAQs that majorities of the website visitors ask your AI chatbot. What you can do is plan your landing page content based on these questions. 
  • You can avoid cart abandonment issues with AI chatbots. Also, say a visitor is reading a case study/blog on your website. You can easily pitch them to opt for a free demo of the products/services aligned with the blog/case study 

2. Boost your Site’s Engagement with 24/7 Live Chat Support 

No matter how good your website content is, it is always static. You need a dynamic factor that reaches out to your customers and connects with them on different levels. With an AI chatbot, it is possible to add that “dynamism” to your existing website. 

For instance, with conversational AI, time is not a matter of restriction. You can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that the AI chatbot will take care of any customer queries, and will provide 24/7 live support to the customers

AI Chatbots can engage, retain and re-engage your customers and prospects for a long period of time to the website. Whatever content you have on your website, they are able to project it to the right groups of audiences. 

That surely improves your site’s SEO and increases lead generation possibilities. 

3. AI Chatbots can help you get Better Ratings 

If your website has high ratings, it always has better chances to get found on the search engines. And guess what, AI chatbots can help you in this. An AI chatbot can provide answers to the website visitors that are a click away. Visitors don’t need to stay in the dark and can navigate wherever they want to visit with assistance from conversational AI. 

This can easily create a good impression for the customers and you end up receiving high ratings from them. A website with high ratings is always considered more genuine. This increases your chances of getting higher outreach and a quick location boost. 

4. Mobile Experience Matters 

Okay, here is a red flag you should take into consideration. I know that a mobile-friendly website has high SEO-value. But does an AI chatbot work for mobile-friendly sites? Probably not! 

In fact, chatbots can create a bad user experience for these sites. Users generally don’t prefer AI chatbot pop-ups on small screens. To boost your sites’ SEO, you need to ensure a top-notch mobile/desktop experience for the visitors. 

You can’t compromise on any one of these aspects. So, even though you add an AI chatbot to the website, make sure that it is not messing with your customers’ experience. You need to monitor the behaviors of the website visitors regularly, especially the ones who use mobile. 

Don’t forget that the average mobile traffic is 80% worldwide

5. Collect Sales Data from AI Chatbots 

Finally, what is the reason behind boosting your site’s SEO? To generate more traffic. On the contrary, what is the aim of adding an AI chatbot to your website? To generate more leads and converting as many leads as possible. 

Clearly, the goals of SEO and AI chatbots go hand in hand. AI chatbots are powerful tools when it comes to collecting customer/prospect information. Many popular brands use conversational AI to provide customers with a personalized experience. 

With conversational AI, you can follow up with leads/customers who leave your site without buying a product. Hence, with AI chatbots on action to improve your site’s sales, you can SEO benefits. To begin with, you can drive more sales and appointments to the site. 

Final Words 

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