oday businesses are creating efficient advertisements that convey valuable information to the target audience.

Almost every brand creates blogs, ads on websites, run social media campaigns, and whatnot.

But why are brands focusing so much on social media?

Because social media is so full of potential. There are millions of people a brand can reach just by creating the right social media marketing strategy.

One such social media platform is Facebook.

Facebook is quite an oldie. The platform was launched back in 2004. But in 2020, it underwent changes that have opened up new possibilities for businesses. Facebook Messenger, live broadcasting from a business page, Creator Studio updates, etc. are a few of the newly added features.

So, start exploring your growth possibilities with Facebook if you haven’t already!

One way to use the full potential of Facebook advertising is by using a Facebook chatbot.

Facebook Ads plus AI chatbots is a killer combination. If you bring these two powerful tools together in the right way, nothing can stop you from growing exponentially.

But how to get started with everything? 🤔

Well, Konverse AI is here for that. We can help you sort out your Facebook advertising plans and build your AI chatbots too!

Let’s See How Facebook Chatbot Advertising Can Help You!

Facebook Chatbots can offer you several benefits.

But before we tell you about the benefits of Facebook chatbots here’s why you must create the right social media strategy for your brand👇

Source: Sprout Social

Let’s explore the benefits of Facebook chatbot advertising now!

1. Connecting with New Prospects

With Facebook chatbots, you can create a personalized customer experience.

Using Facebook Messenger bots, you can send customers personalized offers, deals, engage them in interactions through quizzes, contests, and conversational surveys as well.

Also, your Facebook Messenger bots can send prospects personalized product recommendations that can increase your chances of conversion.

So, when it comes to engaging customers in a conversation over Facebook, chatbots are your best friends.

Once your ads reach prospects, your chatbots can take over and engage them through conversations, and promotional posts.

2. Reducing the Bounce Rate

The average eCommerce bounce rate is between 20% and 45%, with bounce rates lower than 20% being regarded as exceptional.

Chatbot advertising keeps a user on the website. The result is - Reduced bounce rate!

AI Chatbots are experts at collecting user information. And it works a lot better than redirecting the customer to an external link to fill out long and boring registration forms.

Through Facebook Messenger bots, you can get useful information instantly via engaging chatbot conversations, contests, or quizzes.

Your bot can gather information by asking questions in a fun and interesting conversation. Hence, users need not visit any external link, and you can get their information via Facebook messenger itself.

3. Respond to your Customers In a Jiffy

The fast-paced world demands everything to be done within seconds. So, do your customers!

Customers love when you respond instantly. So, you must find a way to resolve their queries as soon as possible.

In other words, you must find a way not to fall behind your competitors. So, responding faster to your prospects is likely to increase the odds of sealing the deal.

Facebook chatbots can reach out to your prospects in a matter of seconds and that too at any time. Hence, your brand can be available 24/7 across different platforms using AI chatbots.

4. Attract Local Traffic with Deal-based Offers

Facebook chatbot advertising helps you in driving the local audience. In other words, using Facebook ads, you can reach out to the people who live nearby your business location.

Reaching out to the localized audience with deal-based offers can increase your sales and brand awareness too.

Take, for example, you are a small startup trying to increase brand awareness. Hence, you plan to use Facebook ads and place one targeted advertisement that offers the audience a 25% discount if they visit you within 7 days. You can also add a CTA to the advertisement like ‘send a message’ or ‘avail 25% discount’.

So, what role will your Facebook chatbot play here?

Your Facebook Bot or Facebook Messenger Bot will reach out to the people who click on your ad. The bot will engage them and make conversion easier for your sales team.

Interesting, no?

5. Generate Lead & Boost Sales

Conversations with Facebook chatbots or chatbots, in general, are fun and informative.

The conversations not only engage prospects but also give you, their information. Plus, your prospects get information about your business too!

Source: Sprout Social

So, building trust between the brand and the leads becomes easier. Also, you get to access the limitless possibilities to create offers and deals that are more personalized to the prospect's needs.

Your Facebook Messenger Bot can also lead the way for prospects through the buying process. In fact, they can be the best shopping assistants.

Plus, through Facebook Messenger, your bot can take an order, accept payments, and complete the entire purchase without redirecting the user to an external link. Thus, shopping is easier than ever! 😍

So, Facebook chatbot advertising does have the potential to create a massive impact skyrocketing sales. What do you think?!

6. Re-Reach Thousands with Personalized Messages

What are re-reaching people like?

We meant reaching those people via Facebook again whom you have reached through emails.

What numbers suggest is that Facebook messages have fantastic open and click-through rates. They are much higher than emails.

Facebook Messenger advertising has up to 80 times higher engagement rates than email marketing!

The average email open rate is 20%, while Messenger reaches an astonishing 80%-90%.

So, it would be great to use Facebook Chatbot advertising for remarketing. You can benefit from personalization and re-reach thousands of people. Sending customized messages will increase your chances of striking meaningful customer conversations.

While your ads will reach the users’ news feed, you can reach out to your customers in their Messenger inbox via direct messages as well.

For instance, suppose you had posted a Facebook ad about your brand. With Facebook Messenger bots, you can reach out to the people who have engaged with your ad previously and inform them about the upcoming sale.

So, when it comes to remarketing, Facebook Chatbots are fast and super-efficient! 😎

Facebook Chatbots Calling!

With so many benefits (and much more!) Facebook Messenger Chatbots are something you shouldn’t miss.

But who will help you get started with Facebook Messenger bots?

Without a doubt, Konverse AI!

If you are convinced about the benefits of Facebook Chatbot advertising, we suggest you explore the Konverse AI platform.

Need more information?

Then schedule a demo with us and also pay a visit to our Help Center for more details.

Here’s a quick look at Konverse AI’s few amazing features 🤩

  • It’s a no-code bot building platform
  • The FAQ feature suggests topics for bot training that can extensively cover customer queries
  • The Conversation Starter feature detects high-intent visitors on your website. Use this feature and reach out proactively to seal the deal.
  • Team routing helps your bots to redirect the customer conversation to a live agent in case of fallouts.
  • The Users & Teams feature lets you create multiple teams for different customer queries. Like different teams for returns & refunds, order tracking, checkout process, etc. Your bot can easily route the conversation to the best-suited team by understanding the customer query.

So, ready to try Konverse?

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