f you’re planning to drive sales and appointments, it’s high time you add an AI chatbot to your website. Chatbots help your business to drive a customer-first mindset. With conversational AI, it is rather easier to generate more leads, increase your lead conversion rate, and build a loyal customer base. 

If you’re wondering how to multiply sales, you must start with an AI chatbot. Chatbots have a broad outreach and they’re much like a polished customer service agent for your company that can drive sales and appointments effectively. Let’s find out the five ways to drive more sales with conversational AI. 

1. AI Chatbots help in Lead Generation 

Most businesses are dependent on high-quality leads. Hence, simplifying the process of lead generation is a must for most businesses. The benefit of an AI chatbot here is that it can connect with potential customers through multiple channels including WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, and so on. Hence, an AI chatbot can multiply your lead generation process by picking information on different groups of people. 

Let’s take an example here. Whenever you’re interacting with your customers through WhatsApp for Business or Facebook Messenger, the person’s contact details will automatically get recorded. Through conversational AI, a conversation can be easily initiated to know more details of the prospect like email address, etc. 

In the next step, you can add the email address of this prospect to your email marketing list and pitch the prospect through an email marketing campaign. If everything goes well, this lead can easily convert into a regular customer. And you know what’s the best part? An AI chatbot doesn’t have fixed working hours, unlike your sales and customer support executives. An AI chatbot offers 24/7 live support to make sure leads are generated and nurtured regularly. 

2. Conversational AI can Boost-up Lead Conversion Rate 

If you’re impressed with an AI chatbot’s lead generation skills, wait till you learn about an AI chatbot’s ability to convert the generated leads. Did you know that on average, websites and eCommerce sites have up to a 40% bounce rate? With an AI chatbot, the prospects can get 24/7 live support and thorough assistance throughout the purchase process. This is an advantage for your business. Even when your customer support executives are on leave or asleep at night, the AI chatbot will continue to put effort into converting the generated leads. 

3. AI Chatbot can Attract Customers’ Attention with Coupons 

Do you know what is the tried and tested formula for boosting up sales on your website? It is to offer coupons and discount vouchers. This is a strategy that hardly goes wrong. By the end of 2021, the expected number of people using digital coupons will reach 145.3 million. Hence, to drive sales and appointments to your site, you must encourage the implementation of coupons and vouchers. 

While it is difficult for the customer support agents to pursue the buyers in using coupons and digital vouchers, an AI chatbot is pretty efficient in this. AI chatbots can notify and remind customers about the coupon codes, loyalty points, discount vouchers, etc. regularly. Conversational AI can easily nudge buyers with regular information on discounts and concessions. In fact, with conversational AI, you can easily create a buzz around the latest discount sessions to entice new leads. 

4. No More Shopping Cart Abandonment with Conversational AI 

If you run an eCommerce business, you’re probably aware of the “cart abandonment” issue. 75.4% of customers abandon products in their carts globally and they leave a purchase process unfinished. This is a missed sales opportunity and could cause some great losses to your brand. 

If you choose automation and opt for an AI chatbot, you can easily recover this issue in up to 20% of cases. Sending emails to customers doesn’t always work. With an AI chatbot for business, you can drop triggers and send reminders to the customers regarding their abandoned products. 

If the customer has forgotten about the product, he/she is very likely to return back to the cart to complete their purchase. By adding conversational AI to your existing business strategy, you can generate up to 10X more revenue. 

5. Get Better Control Email Marketing Campaign with AI Chatbot 

Running a well-planned email marketing campaign always pays off. By adding an AI chatbot, you can take your campaign to the next level. Suppose a visitor clicks on your website URL from your email. When he/she will reach the site, you need a guide to take them through. Also, don’t just wait for the visitor to give you an overview of the entire website. 

Start sending targeted messages the moment a visitor reaches your website with conversational AI. Your bot applications can help the prospect develop a basic idea of the products and services you have on offer. Offering the visitor some additional information, pricing details, etc. may also help in the quick conversion of the lead. 

Final Words 

An AI chatbot like Konverse can help you stay ahead in the competition in terms of generating more leads and driving higher sales. From generating leads to nurturing and converting those leads, Konverse can do it all. 

Automate with an AI chatbot and you’ll see the difference.

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