n the last few years, the usage of AI chatbots has been increasing immensely across different sectors. An AI chatbot can present customer support in a new attire to the customers, and effectively improve customer satisfaction. Conversational AI has been successfully accelerating lead generation and lead conversion for businesses through personalized interaction with customers. 

If you run a business, irrespective of its size or nature, it is suggested that you start with a chatbot. In this article, we’ll emphasize the requirements of an AI chatbot for your business. 

So, what is an AI chatbot exactly? 

A chatbot is an AI-enabled software that can talk to your customers/prospects like a human being. Chatbots use the chat interface to interact with your customers in real-time. AI chatbots are developed with machine learning models and they can store conversational intonations within their database. 

Hence, an AI chatbot can effectively copy human reactions based on their conversations and react in the same way with other customers/prospects. Through conversational AI, businesses can communicate with customers in multiple languages and can offer immediate responses to their queries. 

Unless there is a complex query, conversational AI can handle customer queries seamlessly. So, to automate your customer support activities and to offer world-class communication support to the customers, an AI chatbot is absolutely necessary for your business. 

Need more clarity on this? Let’s discuss why your business needs an AI chatbot. 

1. Upgrade customer support 

If you’re planning to run a customer-centric business, you must concentrate on offering top-notch customer support. Suppose, you’re running an eCommerce store. Did you know that 83% of online shoppers require consistent support during online shopping?  

Customers need support regarding product navigation, purchase guidelines, payment issues, return and refund policies, and so on. Customers are no longer ready to wait for days to receive one email that addresses their problems. With an AI chatbot, customers can get a solution to their issues, an answer to their queries right away. 

AI chatbots automate the entire customer support activities of a business. If you enter certain FAQs within a chatbot, it easily provides responsive solutions to the customers. In fact, conversational AI can resolve up to 80% of customer queries by itself. 

2. Perform pro-active interaction with your customers

AI chatbots are responsible for providing pro-active interaction and 24/7 live support to the customers. Conventionally, businesses are known for engaging in passive communication with their customers. They respond to customers’ queries but they hardly initiate conversations with customers. 

Through conversational AI, you can break this stereotype. AI chatbots allow you to connect with each customer and make sure that you indulge in a personalized conversation with them. If your business is targeting the millennials and gen-z, direct and interactive conversations is the only way out. Conversational AI can reach out to the customers through WhatsApp for Business. AI Chatbots focus largely on customers’ comfort and help you in strengthening your brand’s presence in the market. 

3. Generate Leads and Drive Sales and Appointments

Prospects are always looking for an advanced level of personalization from your brand. With an AI chatbot for business, you can encourage an extreme level of personalization. AI chatbots can ask required questions to the prospects and guide them toward the relevant products and services offered by you. Hence, generating leads and converting those leads is pretty easy for an AI chatbot. 

One major facility of an AI chatbot is that it can identify useful leads and also suggest unqualified prospects. This feature of conversational AI can be a great help for your marketing team. Based on these insights, you can align your marketing strategies and spend time only on those leads that have a high potential to convert. 

4. Save Excess Costs 

Investing in conversational AI is much more affordable than having a team of customer support executives. AI chatbots have omnipresence in different channels and they can resolve customers’ queries through WhatsApp for business, Facebook Messenger, and other social platforms apart from your website. 

With AI chatbots, you can free-up employees’ time and assign them meaningful tasks. In this way, you can avoid incurring excess employee costs and avoid frequent errors caused by employees. 

Final Words 

We hope now it’s clear to you why investing in conversational AI is a must for your business. AI chatbots like Konverse can upgrade your customer support activities, engage more customers, and reduce excess costs spent on customer support. Konverse has this bonus feature of scoring your leads to find out their propensity to get converted. 

Hence, with an AI chatbot that distinguishes between qualified and unqualified leads, it becomes easier to target the right group of customers. Do you still have a question on the advantage of AI chatbot for business?

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