everal brands embraced chatbots after Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Messenger chatbots. But the channel remains underused.

Currently, there are around 400k bots on messenger helping brands to capture more leads, close more sales, hire talents, and save bucks through automation.

In short, Facebook messenger chatbots offer a wide range of functionality that is yet to be discovered.

A Facebook messenger marketing chatbot can create a direct impact on your revenue. How?

They can generate and nurture leads, grow contacts, increase brand awareness, run contests, take orders, and whatnot!

An awesome Facebook messenger bot in function is Domino’s Pizza messenger bot. Whatever the query, the bot can solve it within minutes, be it in the messenger inbox or the brand’s Facebook page. Also, it can take orders and help you with order tracking as well.

Surprisingly, such a smart chatbot for Facebook messenger is easy to build. It’s not rocket science.

With no-code bot-building platforms like Konverse AI, you can build bots on messenger and let them help you achieve higher business growth.

We’ll tell you how you can build your Facebook Messenger chatbot with Konverse. But before that, let’s see why you must build one!

Why Should You Get A Facebook Chatbot?

‘I already have a well-staffed customer support department, deploying bots seems pointless’.

If you are caught up in such thoughts, then you must definitely know about the immediate significant uses of a Facebook chatbot.

  • Being available 24/7 – even beyond business hours when your staff aren’t at work.
  • Making basic information easily accessible to customers, increasing their convenience.
  • Reducing the workload of your customer support staff, enabling them to look into complicated matters.

Besides these benefits, let’s see what more Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you with.

1. Grow contacts and capture leads

With chatbots for Facebook, you can interact with anyone at any given time. Auto responses from chatbots help you interact with the audiences on your content. Thus, your bots can capture the user as a contact. Also, you can use click-to-messenger ads on Facebook and grow your contacts.

2. Qualify leads

Your Facebook messenger chatbot can identify high-intent prospects simply by having a friendly conversation. Your bots can ask the prospects a few questions, get to know about their likes and dislikes, and find out what they are looking for. This is an important process to qualify leads that your Facebook bots can carry out easily.

3. Share insider information via Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Everyone looks for special treatment. A VIP list of sorts, maybe?

With Facebook chatbots, you can keep customers updated on your brand’s insider information.

Send them an update about your new product launch or store opening. Let them know that the first 100 customers are going to win gifts. Make them feel important.

4. Create interactive and engaging Facebook chats

Facebook messenger is the right place to showcase your brand’s personality. Create the Facebook messenger chatbot such that it becomes your brand’s voice.

Not sure about building the right personality for your bot? Read more about it here.

Develop a chatbot script that makes the conversation human-like – more fun and interesting. The higher the engagement, the higher the chances of conversion. So, build a bot that can communicate just like a human assistant.

5. Personalize conversations with Facebook Messenger chatbots

Facebook messenger bots are connected to Facebook users. Hence, they know their names. Thus, sending customized content becomes easier.

Also, chatbots can optimize the buyers’ journey by recommending them products based on their preferences.

6. Boost sales & retain customers

Messenger has better open rates than emails. While email open rates are stuck at 5-10%, the Facebook inbox has an average of 70-80% open rates. So, sending promotional messages via Facebook Messenger chatbots is definitely the perfect option.

Offer exclusive deals, send out discount coupons, and exclusive invitations for the rewards program to ensure higher engagement and better sales.

Also, using your Facebook messenger chatbot, you can offer add-ons and increase upselling, and run promotions to retain customers as well.

Check out how you can boost sales with a Facebook chatbot for advertising.

7. Collect customer feedback

Facebook Messenger chatbots can save your customers from long boring feedback surveys. You can now ask for feedback and reviews with easy survey designs through chatbot conversations.

A simple survey bot on messenger can run the survey in minutes and get your customer reviews quickly.

8. Automate updates

What can be better than automation to save time?!

If you have customers connected to you via Facebook messenger or they have asked to receive your updates, you can keep the Facebook chats going.

You can integrate your Facebook messenger bot with other business applications to make the customer experience more seamless. Your chatbots can then send notifications like appointment reminders, and event updates to your customers via messenger bots.

9. Embed drip content in Facebook chats

How about making your eBooks and guides available to a wider audience?

To do so, you can use your Facebook chatbot. Send drip campaigns or automated messaging sequences to Facebook users and encourage them to download the useful content.

Personalize these Facebook messenger chatbot drip campaigns for maximum results.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can open a sea of opportunities. They can significantly contribute to your business growth.

10. Fix bottlenecks

Perhaps you may have pending customer queries and negative review posts that await replies. Here, your Facebook Messenger chatbot can be of huge help.

They can respond to queries and comments immediately without wasting a minute. Furthermore, Konverse chatbots can also route a Facebook chat to a live support agent if the customer demands it.

So, let’s have a look at how you can build these amazing tech wonders to scale up your business.

Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Konverse AI

Before you begin building your chatbot for Facebook messenger, you must choose a no-code bot-building platform like Konverse AI.

The platform is super easy to use. You can build custom bots without any coding knowledge. All you need is the right chatbot script to create an amazing Facebook messenger bot.

First off, make sure you have a Facebook business account. You can always ask the Konverse team to help you out with the process if you are brand new.

Then, follow these steps to build your own Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Step 1: Konverse sign-up

Sign-up with Konverse before everything else. You simply need to fill in your basic details and you’ll be all set to begin.

Step 2: Start building your bot with Story Builder

Enter the Konverse Dashboard. Click on Bot Builder and then choose story builder to kickstart your Facebook bot building process.

Step 3: Design the conversation

Customize your chatbot conversation. Keep it aligned with your brand’s voice and personality.

Start by clicking on ‘Add’ and choose options as per choice from the drop-down menu - text, image, cards, video, etc. Create the stories using the different nodes and plugins available to make your bot conversation more interesting.  

Add texts, menus, quick replies, buttons, etc. to ensure the user’s convenience in responding to your customers. Choose the ‘+’ sign to add texts and thus, carry out your conversation design.

Want to design a captivating chatbot conversation? Here’s how you can do it.

After you are done building the flow, save it.

Have a look at this bot-building tutorial to ensure a better understanding.

Step 4: Test the Bot

Test the bot before deploying it. Tweak if necessary.

Step 5: Publish the bot

The final step is to publish the bot on Facebook messenger. Deploy the Facebook messenger chatbot and monitor its performance.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Messenger chatbot in action.

Konverse AI offers the analytics dashboard wherein you can access the bot performance information like an average conversation, bot messages, incoming messages, session time, fallback rate, etc.

With such detailed analytics, you can easily ensure improvements in your Facebook messenger bot performance.

Reach out to the Konverse team and get started with your Facebook messenger chatbot building.

You can also sign-up and download our eBook on building bots for free!

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