I Chatbots emerged from the darkest corners of the human mind when the world needed them the most!

Though upon innovation, AI chatbots were not so popular, now the fast-paced human lives call for this amazing technology to handle stuff.

For businesses like yours, there are so many tasks to be ticked off the checklist and at times it’s overwhelming. Isn’t it?

Here’s where automation comes in. Automation with AI Chatbots not only saves your time but also saves the precious time of your customers. The result?

Happy customers!

So, integrating chatbots with your WhatsApp channel isn’t a bad idea. With 100 billion messages being exchanged over WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular messaging apps currently.

This blog will tell you how you can build a smooth conversation flow for your WhatsApp chatbot. So, read till the end if you want to know if WhatsApp chatbot is worth investing in!

Should You Invest in a WhatsApp Chatbot?

If you are reading this, then probably you are considering a WhatsApp chatbot but you’re yet to decide on it.

So, if you’re seeking some suggestions, then take them from us. WhatsApp is an important platform for you if;

  • You are looking forward to enhancing customer support and experience
  • You want to scale your business and establish strong customer relationships.

Considering that you’re looking forward to doing both, that is, scaling your business and improving customer experience then you have a lot of work coming up. From offering recommendations to sending reminders, alerts, you have to do it all for strengthening your customer communications.

So, how can you provide customer services 24*7? How many live agents will you need for handling say 1000-1200 customers per day? How much will that cost?

Huge calculations, eh? That’s why automation is necessary here. Automation will save your days by handling several chats simultaneously. Faster response, higher efficiency, and cost-effectiveness – automation has to offer you so much.

With WhatsApp automation using chatbots, you will get;

  • 24*7 assistance in customer support
  • Efficient managing of chats simultaneously
  • Saving of hiring costs
  • Quick resolution of customer issues
  • Lead generation support


Can Designing a WhatsApp Chatbot be a Challenge?

Bots have been around us for quite some time now. Luckily, we have got sufficient design possibilities that support the building of apps, website chatbots, etc.

Several elements make our work easier like quick replies, buttons, and auto-fill fields. Ever since we have got our hands on these UI elements streamlining conversations has been simpler. As a result, we can develop a smooth UX or user experience.

Building WhatsApp Chatbots can be a little different than website bots or any other bot. There are certain limitations related to the WhatsApp interface as it doesn’t allow buttons and quick replies (but menus are always welcome instead of buttons!).

If you compare WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, you’ll see that the latter offer fancy features like product carousels. However, the UX of WhatsApp is purely based on text.

Though there are possibilities of these specifications changing in the future, for the time being you have to design your WhatsApp Chatbot using text inputs.

However, the text-driven UX does not stop you from using emojis, images, etc. to make your bot conversation livelier. All you need to do is get back to the basics of bot building and focus on simplifying the exchange of messages. Plus, remove the mistakes and you are all set to prevent any bad experience that may ruin your day!

Begin with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp chatbots cannot be integrated with any and every WhatsApp account. You will need to get a WhatsApp Business API solution first and then you can get started with your WhatsApp bot.

It is through WhatsApp Business API that businesses get to be available on the platform as a verified WhatsApp Business account. With WhatsApp Business APIs, you can integrate chatbots, CRM systems, live agent dashboards, etc. to make your customer support more efficient.

So, to get started with WhatsApp Business API, you need to get a WhatsApp for Business solution provider (WhatsApp suggests the same to businesses!).

Several platforms are currently helping businesses register with WhatsApp Business. Among these platforms, one such platform is Konverse AI.

Konverse has an easy and simple way of doing things. The platform provides WhatsApp Business API solutions and you can definitely take a tour to know more.

5 Tips to Design the Perfect WhatsApp Chatbot Conversation Flow

When you build your WhatsApp chatbot for the WhatsApp Business API account, you need to ensure that the conversation between your chatbot and customer goes down well and smoothly.

Conversation design, being the core of WhatsApp Automation, needs special attention. The way you design the conversation flow decides how well your bot will understand customer needs, their queries, what to respond to, etc.

In short, conversation flow design helps you boost the UX (user experience) and gradually level up your business.

Here are 5 tips to follow when designing the conversation flow for your WhatsApp Chatbot.

1. Try Creating Multiple Chatbot Flows

To make your conversation design more efficient, build multiple flows to get your users to the end goals which may be a form for your leads or purchase from the brand.

2. Keep the Texts Short

Except for your best friend, nobody likes reading long texts over WhatsApp! So, avoid writing letters and drive the conversation by asking straightforward questions.

‘Yes/No/Maybe’ questions are classic. Plus, you can add questions that can be answered using Okay/Not Interested. Other than this, keyword-driven questions can also work wonders. These questions feel like freedom but their suggestive nature narrows down the response of your customers. For example: Would you like to continue or go back to the main menu?

3. Add CTAs when Closing Conversations

WhatsApp Chatbots are there to boost your business, right? So, when building the bot, make sure that you don’t leave any conversation open-ended. Use Call-to-actions or CTAs like ‘purchase now’ ‘go back to the main menu’ ‘continue’ etc. This will help you improve the user experience.

4. Admit Fallbacks to Make the Conversation more Interactive

It’s a fact that your WhatsApp chatbot cannot solve 100% of the customer queries. Though chatbots can respond to the standard FAQs quite easily and promptly, you’ll always need the live agents to handle the critical issues.

When a chatbot is unable to resolve a query, it is called a chatbot fallback. So, when you design a fallback, make sure you don’t write a very common response like ‘sorry! I cannot help you with this question'.

Instead of ending the conversation, make it more interactive by providing customers with the options like going to the main menu or offer sub-menus where from they can choose and navigate to their desired information.

5. Keep the Human Takeover Natural

Since AI chatbots have their limits, there will be times when your WhatsApp chatbot has to route a conversation to a live agent. Hence, your work here is to make the handover natural so that it goes perfectly with the conversation flow.

Here, let the user know what is happening. So, enter certain phrases that will come in handy in such situations. For example, ‘Hey Jane! I am not qualified enough to solve this issue. Give me a second to connect you with my team of excellent customer support agents!’

At Konverse AI, chatbots can solve up to 90% of customer queries. But when the situation demands, they can also route the conversation very smartly to the ideal live agents.

3 Quick Reminders Before You Build Your WhatsApp Chatbot

Several platforms offer services for chatbot building. But that might not work for your WhatsApp Business account. You are required to purchase a WhatsApp Business API solution from a conversational AI platform like Konverse that also helps you with the integration of WhatsApp Chatbots.

How to Build Your WhatsApp Chatbot with Konverse AI?

Well, we hope you have got some idea about the conversation flow design. In this section, we’ll share with you the steps to creating a simple WhatsApp Chatbot.

Since, you’ll have to get a WhatsApp Business API first to create and integrate a chatbot, let’s assume here that you have enabled your WhatsApp Business API on Konverse AI.

As soon as you get your API, you are open to accessing some amazing features that Konverse has to offer like pre-built templates, multilingual chatbots, dashboard analytics, etc.

So, to get started with building a WhatsApp Chatbot;

  • First, click on bot builder on the Konverse Dashboard
  • Select Story builder and start with your bot-building task
  • Click on ‘Add’ and choose any option from the drop-down menu like text, image, card
  • Type in your text, add a menu instead of quick replies or buttons, and save.
  • This way you can design the conversation flow by choosing the ‘+’ to add texts.

FYI, the Konverse AI bot builder automatically takes in the text sequence when building a WhatsApp Chatbot. So, you do not have to spend much time thinking about the difference between building a website bot and a WhatsApp bot.

Note: To know more about the steps of building a chatbot with Konverse, check out the video tutorial here.

Pros Of Building Your WhatsApp Chatbot with Konverse

Though we have given you most of the information about the Konverse AI Platform, we would briefly like to share the pros that you will encounter when building your bot with us.

1. Konverse is a no-code bot-building platform. So, you need not even know the ABCs of coding to build a bot on this platform. Technical and non-technical people alike will be able to create an AI chatbot like a breeze.  

2. You get access to several features like campaign manager, team inbox, contacts management, dashboard analytics. These features can make your customer conversation management easier and more efficient.

3. Since Konverse is an official WhatsApp Business API provider, you will get the latest features on the platform.

So, Are You Ready to Invest in a WhatsApp Bot?

Liked the idea of implementing a WhatsApp chatbot? Then give it a try!

We suggest you schedule a demo with Konverse AI to know more about WhatsApp chatbots. But before that, don’t forget to explore the Help Center for more information.

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