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Never before, segmentation has been this easy! Build customer segments and design unique solutions for their needs easily with Konverse.
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Make every Conversation Contextual

Get a birds-eye view of how your customers are interacting with your brand right from your dashboard and customize user journey to make the conversation more personal.

Proactive Support made easy

How about assisting your visitors proactively? With proactive chats, ensure that your visitors are fully assisted while they browse through your website. Respond to queries, ask them questions or offer recommendations.

Don't focus on building, focus on growth

Segments are amazing to send targeted content to contacts who have something in common. Konverse offers a selection of pre-built segments that you can use to send your targeted campaigns easily.

Need more, create your own Segmentation

Custom segmentation lets you build segments that are unique to your customer needs. You can focus on several aspects like industry-specific segmentation or client customised segmentation and design the perfect solution.

A platform to help you drive business growth

Show your customers that you care for them, empower your team to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly and create a great first & lasting impression.

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