s brands began to take WhatsApp for Business seriously for enhancing customer experience, the demand for WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp bots have increased manifold.

With this surge of demand for WhatsApp in business, there’s no way you haven’t heard of WhatsApp bots yet. 

Today, several chatbot providers rule the market as they make it hassle-free and simple to get started with chatbot support on people’s favourite messaging platform – WhatsApp. These platforms, with little coding or no coding at all, build WhatsApp bots that can be your team’s best friend in handling customers. 

However, if you haven’t yet heard of WhatsApp bots, then let’s tell you more about them with some inspirational examples.

Why Consider a WhatsApp Bot?

AI Chatbots are everywhere. Whether you’re visiting a website or Facebook Messenger, AI Chatbots are there to proactively help you in finding out what you want. 

Businesses are becoming more inclined towards implementing AI Chatbots as studies suggest that 69% of customers prefer using chatbots due to their prompt and simple responses. Moreover, 56% of customers prefer AI Chatbots over making long calls to customer support.

This growing demand for AI Chatbots and their utility in business has driven their growth all the more in this pandemic period. 

Now, coming to WhatsApp Bot, you may be well aware that WhatsApp is the most used messaging app. FYI, in 2020, WhatsApp declared that it has reached a milestone of 2 billion active users in a month across the globe. 

So, what on earth can be more beneficial than using WhatsApp to grow your business?! 

This is exactly why WhatsApp Bots are here for. They quickly respond to customers, resolve standard queries and make the overall customer experience seamless. 

Though we have said why you should consider WhatsApp Bots, unless you get some real-life examples, you’ll still be in doubt whether or not to implement them. 

But before we get right into the examples, let us give you a brief overview of how to create a WhatsApp Bot.

How to Create a WhatsApp Bot?

Though creating a WhatsApp Bot is another story, we thought of giving you an outline mentioning the steps that you need to carry out. 

So, to get started with WhatsApp bots, here’s what you need to do at the very beginning of the process. 

1. Set the Purpose

What do I need the AI Chatbot for?’ should be the first question. This will give you the answer as to what your chatbot will do.

It may be a WhatsApp bot for customer service or it may be for guiding new employees into the organisation. 

So, with a clear definition of purpose, you can move ahead in the direction of proper planning. 

2. Get access to WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is where WhatsApp chatbots can function. 

In the free WhatsApp Business App, you can use the integrated chat tools to set an automatic welcome or pre-set quick replies. 

But chatbots function in WhatsApp Business API where you can get flexible setups to use for your small or large business.

Today’s chatbot providers like Konverse AI offers easy and hassle-free access to WhatsApp Business API. With the help of our WhatsApp for Business solution, you can easily stay connected with your customers while providing them with amazing customer service.  

3. Decide on a Chatbot Partner

Choosing a viable and reliable chatbot partner is important to ensure that your WhatsApp bot is exactly what you want. 

If you’re searching for chatbot partners, we would suggest dropping by the Konverse AI platform. Konverse ensures seamless integration of your bot with WhatsApp, Facebook and your website, of course. 

4. Develop a Chatbot Persona

The fun part of building an AI Chatbot is giving it personality. Give your chatbots a personality that goes with your brand. 

Create a WhatsApp bot that’s friendly, smart and worth remembering. Set the right tone for the conversations, give your bot a name, a warm welcome note and create the bot in a way that’ll attract the audience. 

For example, Hello Fresh has a bot named Freddy that has a personality matching the HelloFresh brand. 

Also, set a good welcome message that will create a superb first impression. For example, HeyPatch Assistant offers the right welcome to its customers, immediately driving engagement.

5. Start with Building the Bot

Building a bot is quite easy as no-code bot-building platforms like Konverse AI have come up. With these platforms, there’s no need to know even the basics of coding. 

For WhatsApp bots, you can simply use a rule-based structure with basic keyword recognition and numbered menu. You can write the chatbot scripts in a way that will make the conversation with the bot interesting and fun. 

6. Test & Fine-Tune

Before you present your brand-new AI Chatbot to customers, make sure to run tests on the bot. This will ensure that your bot behaves exactly the way you want it to. 

You can open your WhatsApp and start interacting with the WhatsApp bot to see if improvements are required. Check if there’s an out of place emoji or there’s something amiss that you can add. 

Once you’re fully satisfied talking to your bot, get the ball rolling!

7. Start your Promotions

WhatsApp for Business can be complicated when it comes to being found.

Like on websites, your customers will not be able to see a live chat window on WhatsApp or they’ll not even be able to search for a business on WhatsApp. Plus, you can’t even reach your customers proactively. 

So, to bridge this gap, you need to promote your bot on other platforms so that your customers can find you on WhatsApp. 

For example, you can add a WhatsApp button on your website for customers to reach you directly. Or you can also provide your WhatsApp number as a footnote or at other customer touchpoints.

Top 5 Real WhatsApp Bot Examples

1. Gamescom

Gamescom is an event company and organising events is not easy. Though companies try hard to get people updated on the events, there’s something or the other that gets missed out on. 

So, Gamescom came out with its event assistant bot which is one of the most amazing WhatsApp bots you can take inspiration from. 

The Gamescom WhatsApp bot has been developed to offer customer service on the go for the annual event of the company. It can tell you where to go, where to stay, how to arrive, events, rules, exhibitors and their lineups, etc. 

The conversational structure of the bot is simple and very much clear. However, we think Gamescom could have used images, gifs and videos to make the conversation layout more attractive. 

So, if you take inspiration from the Gamescom event guide, ensure to embed proper images, gifs or videos to make the conversational layout more attractive. 

2. Borosil

We aren’t bragging but Borosil’s WhatsApp bot developed by its chatbot partner Konverse AI is one of the most helpful bots we’ve come across.

Borosil is one of India’s oldest and most reliable glassware companies and the Borosil WhatsApp Bot is a new-generation bot that can guide customers through almost everything.

Borosil WhatsApp bot is there to help customers out with their queries and requests. In short, it assists you through the services of Borosil.

With this WhatsApp bot you can track request services like tracking your order, shipping status, payment details, etc. You can also ask for the bot’s assistance throughout your shopping experience with the brand.

All you need to do is choose your preferred button – ‘track order’, ‘service request’ or ‘need assistance’ and the bot will be ready to help you out.

The simplicity of Borosil’s WhatsApp bot is what we loved and hence, we added it to our list. What do you think?

Konverse AI Chatbot

3. HeyPatch

HeyPatch is an English learning app and the company loves innovation. So, we’ll mention two of their WhatsApp bots that can give you your bot ideas. 

The first WhatsApp chatbot we’ll tell you about is their WhatsApp assistant for the client companies’ employees. This WhatsApp bot introduces the teaching methods of HeyPatch and through it, the employees can easily book their first lesson.

This WhatsApp bot makes the onboarding process seamless for employees and as a result, HeyPatch can bring as many employees as possible on board, thus, driving their sales. 

The second innovation that HeyPatch adopted was micro classes by WhatsApp bots. These 5-minutes classes are driven by learners’ curiosities and the common mistakes that they make. 

Through this WhatsApp chatbot, learners receive a short challenge at intervals. It involves a playful conversation, integrating written and audio-visual enticements. Thus, learners play and learn new things through it. 

So, we believe this idea does spark some creativity. Right? Especially, if you’re in the EdTech industry, you can mould such an amazing WhatsApp bot according to your needs.

4. Kids DBX

Our next choice is Kids DBX, a Dubai-based company, that offers a variety of sports, learning and recreational activities for kids. They also organise camps, birthdays, offer coaching, etc. 

To improve customer experience and acquisition, Kids DBX developed a WhatsApp Bot that does two significant jobs – gather lead data and offer detailed information about all of Kids DBX’s services. 

This WhatsApp chatbot turned out to be the information hub of the company. You can get all of the company services information at your fingertips, along with:

  • Updating the info about your child
  • Learning about updates, activities, locations and dates for holiday camps
  • Becoming a referral partner
  • Requesting to hold a birthday party
  • Learning about sports coaching

Kids DBX WhatsApp bot can also route you to a live agent if the conversation requires it. So, the WhatsApp bot is pretty smart and it does much of the customer handling work. 

Plus, the Kids DBX bot collects information like contacts, preferences, etc. of potential customers. This helps the company to create well-targeted campaigns and take on a personalized approach while starting with their live conversations with the prospect.

5. Cepsa

Carrying a 100-years old history, as Cepsa, a Spanish oil production company, stepped into the digital era, it felt the dire need to transform. 

For Cepsa, undergoing a digital transformation wasn’t easy as the company employs over 11000 people. And for the company to be transformed in a true sense needed employees to be on board. 

That’s when Cepsa’s WhatsApp Chatbot came into the picture. This AI Chatbot was designed to become the internal employee guide that would help employees go through the digital transformation. 

Cepsa employees started with a chatbot conversation via WhatsApp and the bot offered them all the basic information they required. Starting from the style of work to current status, teams, events, work details, schedules for presentations, etc. 

All that it took for Cepsa to gradually adopt digitalisation was to develop a WhatsApp bot that could navigate employees easily through the process. With the WhatsApp chatbot, the way of working within Cepsa became more systematic and hassle-free.

Also, this shows how powerful a tool WhatsApp can be for your internal communications too!

Got Some Inspiration Already?

While we have given you a list of the top 5 you can see several other WhatsApp bots that are quite an inspiration. 

So, if we could motivate you to implement a WhatsApp chatbot, then schedule a demo with Konverse AI.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Konverse AI Help Centre to find the answers to your whats, whys and hows!

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