hy do businesses prefer live chats? Because it’s fast, convenient and efficient.

But that’s not all! Live chats take over when issues can be no longer resolved by AI Chatbots. 

Though AI Chatbot is an amazing tool to manage customers, it has its limitations.

AI Chatbot addresses general queries and FAQs, but it’s when the issue gets complicated, live chats come into the picture.

The benefits of live chat stretch far beyond. It makes communication with customers seamless and boosts the entire customer support experience adding a personal touch to the conversation.

In addition, you get to know your customers better.  That’s definitely going to leave a great impact on your sales.

According to Zoho, 67% of B2C and 66% of B2B businesses use live chats for customer support. You can use live chat on websites or on apps like WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, etc. for providing customers with 24x7 live support.

The live chat trend is here to stay. So, the sooner we find out its advantages, the better. 

Let’s find out the top 10 benefits of live chat.

1. Boost the Productivity of your Customer Support Team

Managing customers isn’t easy. Multi-tasking can often lead to errors. The reason being, Humans getting confused while handling too many customers simultaneously.  

To prevent juggling with several customers at once, adding live chats can be beneficial. While the support staff handles a customer, live chat can keep the others engaged. 

Live chats alongwith AI Chatbot can also resolve up to 80% of customer queries. For repetitive questions or FAQs, they are the best option for you.

2. Increases your Brand’s Credibility

Live chats build transparency and hence, you can earn the trust of your visitors. 

Let’s talk about the issue of cart abandonment here…

Consumers may leave the chosen products in their carts, knowingly or unknowingly.

It may seem to them that there is a complex checkout or high delivery costs or maybe they’re willing to explore some more.  

As a result, the cart abandonment issue has risen. It’s one of the biggest challenges that online businesses face today. Consumers leave before completing their purchase due to unexpected costs or complicated processes.

So, how can live chats help here? 

By adding live chats on your website, you can be assured that the uncertainties no longer exist. Consumers can easily ask about the processes and related costs that arise and get their queries immediately resolved.

Hence, live chats on websites make your brand more reliable and trust is strengthened through maintaining transparency.

Visitors can instantly ask for assistance and prevent cart abandonment issues to a great extent.

New businesses can build their brand image through live chat services or even by using WhatsApp for business.

Hence, you can say that adding live chat on websites basically gives visitors the feel of sales agents at brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers get consistent guidance and that helps in converting visitors to customers conveniently.

3. Increases Sales and Conversions

According to the American Marketing Association, businesses that use live chats have witnessed a whopping 20% increase in conversions. 

Also, reports by eMarketer suggest that businesses have seen a 35% increase in purchases after using live chats.

While potential customers visit your brand website, they may have few questions about your service or your product. With a live chat service, you can answer instantly while your visitors are still browsing your website.

Additionally, you can connect better through live chats and understand customer needs and expectations from the brand.

Engaging customers and guiding them at the right time enables them to make quick sales decisions. Through live chats, you can deliver visitors delightful customer service. The outcome being, customer conversion rates as well as retention rates will be optimized.

4. Live Chat Improves Website Experience

As live chat statistics indicate, 79% of consumers prefer live chats because of instant responses received.

Live chat on websites improves the overall customer experience as they can immediately get answers to their queries while they’re still browsing. 

Customers tend to drop their purchase idea if they’ve to wait long for responses to their queries. Live chats prevent the need to stop browsing to send an email to the customer support team.

Data shows that around  73% of consumers are satisfied with live chat experiences. With live chat, prospects are 4.6 times more likely to convert into customers.

Live chat on websites makes a positive impact on customers as they search for products or services. Customers feel comfortable with the readily available assistance. 

With live chats, you can guide customers, help them navigate, and easily find out what they’re looking for!

5. Removes the Barrier of Language

Global businesses can have this amazing key benefit from live chat service. Most live chat software has multilingual capabilities. Potential customers from anywhere can use the live chat service. It translates languages, back and forth, in real-time to make communication easier.

Think of an AI chatbot that speaks in your local language. Won’t that be amazing?

Your customer communications will definitely hop to the next level if you have an AI chatbot equipped with 40+ languages.

With such a powerful feature, you can increase your global outreach as well as increase your lead conversion rate.

Speaking in the customer’s local language will also add a personal touch and give potential customers a feeling of importance instantly. In the very first attempt, you’ll be able to connect well with the prospects and that’s definitely a bonus point for increasing your sales.

If you want your agents to communicate in multiple languages, you can make it easier with the Konverse platform. It will allow your agents to communicate in multiple languages from the same dashboard.

With the amazing benefits that live chat provides, it won’t be wrong to say that it has become an essential ingredient for the success of multinational businesses.

6. Live Chat is a Time Saver

Maximum productivity in less time is the key to grow a business successfully. Busy consumers expect quick responses to save time and process things faster. Live chat is a savior here.

Live chat can help to cut down on response time. Make a ‘before and after live chat’ comparison to analyze the response time spent on resolving customer issues. You’ll be surprised how significantly live chat reduces the time spent on replying and resolving customer queries.

An analysis of 85K chats by Zopim suggests that, on average, an agent spends less than 23 seconds to reply to customer queries. For resolving the queries, the maximum time is 42 seconds.

So, if you compare email reply time with that of live chats, you’ll see how well it saves your and your customers’ precious time.

7. Live Chat Provides Competitive Edge

The demand for live chat is on the rise. We can’t remember any forecasts of its decline. Most customers prefer to resolve their queries through a live chat service. The bottom line- Live chat has a reputation for efficiently engaging customers. Hence, businesses using it, get an advantage over their competitors.

A Survey suggests only 9% to 14% of company websites have their live chat functionality ready and operative. So, it suggests that either your competitors are unaware or they haven’t yet discovered the value of live chat service.

In today’s competitive market, there’s no place for bad service. Consumers are quick to switch when it seems too complex. Here, live chats ensure an ultimate customer experience.

Customers’ experience of your brand serves as a primary competitive advantage and live chat gives you the chance to serve customers well. You can personalize your responses, resolve issues quickly, save time, etc. to provide customers with a wholesome experience.

Undoubtedly, live chat is a premium tool for today’s businesses. It is highly useful and advantageous. So, businesses must give it a shot.

8. Boosts Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are an asset to a business. 

Once customers get the taste of quality and an overall good experience, they make up their mind to come back to the brand. Live chats can help you build a base of loyal customers. 

It’s no surprise that live chats remove several barriers of the conventional sales channel and hence, result in high satisfaction levels. 

With live chats, queries are resolved faster, assistance is readily available, transparency can be maintained thereby earning customer trust, etc. All in all, live chats create a seamless experience for visitors. 

Whether you use live chat for sales, customer support, or both, it provides a flexible and speedy experience for customers. The result- Customers are motivated to make return visits!

9. Live Chats Help Highlight Key Customer Issues

Gathering information is an arduous task, right? With live chat, it becomes a bit easier.

This is one of the key benefits of live chat. The chat records can assist you to identify the common issues that customers face. Pinpointing the repetitive issues with the support service can lead the way to develop creative solutions to these problems.

With data being the most essential and desired thing in the technologically advanced era, live chats can provide you with vital information. You can gather relevant customer details like name, location, email, and even customer preferences.

The collected data can help you build customer profiles and you can then offer them special personalized treatment. For example, knowing the customer's email id can help you inform them of special offers, or knowing their location can help you answer if orders are shipped to the specific area.

Not just these, you can integrate your live chat data with another business tool. You can extract important data and provide it to your sales team to help them follow up with the lead.

Well, in short, you can take your business a notch higher with live chats!

10. Cut Down Your Marketing Costs and Boost your ROI

If you think you have wasted funds on business marketing, sales with no major impacts then you probably should consider the benefits of live chat. Building a live chat service, its maintenance, and scaling is cheaper than any other communication channel.

Emails and calls have been the main channels for customer communication. But these require time and resources to sustain the setup. Troubled lines, wait times, etc. add to your frustration.

Live chat tools, on the other hand, are comparatively easy and cheap to implement and maintain. You get a host of added advantages minus the frustration.

Live chat enables managing multiple queries simultaneously, saving time, labor, and of course, money. In short, live chat does have a higher ROI. It’s cost-effective and you reap higher returns.

As customers are getting more and more comfortable with live chats, why not make optimum use of this major and super important communication channel?!

Final Takeaway

Well, we are pretty sure that knowing the benefits of live chat has sparked your interest. Now, if you’re looking for a perfect conversational AI platform to reach out and engage customers in a better way, we would recommend Konverse to you.

With our AI chatbot and conversational platforms, you can grow your sales, increase customer engagement and offer instant customer support.

All you need to do is take a step towards Konverse to provide your customers with the best of experiences!

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