hatsApp for Business is one of the most trusted platforms in the eCommerce industry. Since 2018 marketers have been investing heavily in this app to maximize their outreach. 

eCommerce marketing can reach new levels with WhatsApp chatbots. 

From sending personalized product information to resolving cart abandonment issues, WhatsApp chatbots can do it all. Here are the 5 reasons why the eCommerce industry must opt for a WhatsApp chatbot. Let’s find out then!

1. Maximize Lead Generation with WhatsApp Chatbot 

The first layer of any sales funnel is lead generation. Every eCommerce business needs an effective tool to assist them in the lead generation process. WhatsApp chatbot plays an important role here. You see, WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with a 2 billon+ user base. Needless to say, customers are most comfortable with this app. 

Hence, the possibilities of generating higher leads are much more with WhatsApp as compared to a regular AI chatbot. So, making better use of WhatsApp chatbot for lead generation is a must. When a prospect texts you from WhatsApp, you can easily get hold of their contact details. The WhatsApp chatbot can also help you with prospects’ locations, email addresses, and other information. Therefore, you can plan your marketing campaigns accordingly

2. Reduce Cart Abandonment Issue with WhatsApp Chatbot 

Increasing cart abandonment has become a critical challenge for the eCommerce industry. Customers often leave products in carts and don’t complete their purchases. As of 2019, the average global cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. This is a critical barrier in the way of revenue growth. 

Conversational AI can easily resolve this issue. With WhatsApp chatbots, eCommerce stores can easily engage the customers to complete their purchase. WhatsApp chatbots nudge the customers and remind them about the products they left behind. In majorities of cases, customers end-up completing the purchase. 

3. WhatsApp Chatbot is Highly Customer-centric 

eCommerce brands need to bond with customers at the depth. However, the pandemic has changed the dynamics of customer relationship to a large extent. While it’s becoming more and more difficult to interact with customers nowadays, WhatsApp Chatbots have made things a lot easier. WhatsApp for Business is a customer-centric platform and perfect for interacting with customers without annoying them. With WhatsApp Business API, you can provide a convenient eCommerce window to solve customers’ queries ASAP and browse products/services in a hustle-free manner. 

4. No Security Risks in Financial Transactions 

Providing a secured payment gateway is must for any eCommerce business. With WhatsApp Chatbots, you can make payments without any security risks or thefts. The end-to-end encryption feature of WhatsApp for Business and the automation benefits of an AI chatbot ensures that amounts are credited promptly from one account to another. The UPI linking feature within WhatApp chatbot has forced many popular brands to opt for WhatsApp Chatbots. 

5. eCommerce Stores can Cross-sell using WhatsApp Chatbot 

Conversational AI is ruling the customer support desks of millions of businesses. The reduced turnaround time and 24/7 live support facilities have helped AI chatbots master the customer relationship management. With WhatsApp Chatbots, eCommerce companies can also improve their marketing techniques. WhatsApp can help eCommerce enterprises in cross selling. With the multimedia attachment feature of WhatsApp, you can easily send images, videos, audio clips, contacts, documents etc. to prospects and customers. These are some innovative attempts from WhatsApp to entice customers with high level of innovation. 

Final Words 

Are you looking for a WhatsApp Chatbot at the moment? You can start with Konverse. This AI chatbot can help eCommerce companies in promoting their products, reduce cart abandonment issues and improve their lead generation game. This budget friendly AI chatbot for business can help you multiply your sales by minimizing the turnaround time.

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