hatsApp for Business is trying hard to remove any gaps between a customer & business today, across the world.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms. No matter your age, whether young or old, everybody is on WhatsApp. Starting from a school going kid to a non-techie aunt, everyone loves WhatsApp.

And the reason lies in the fact that it is super simple for anybody to use.

With WhatsApp, users can share pictures, videos, audio files, location contact and even transfer money within minutes. Communication couldn't have been any simpler than this.

However, the requirement of a business is different than just two people messaging. They need to send a similar message to a large number of users while modifying just a few parameters or filling the slots. WhatsApp Business API allows you to send approved templatized message to a larger group of audience by integrating WhatsApp API into their platform.

Having said that, what is also required by a business is a call to action.

The effectiveness of any business messaging to their customer is measured by how much users are interacting with their notifications sent, either by Email or SMS or for that matter WhatsApp. But many may ask, wasn't it available for players in the Travel Industry or Ticketing or Airline Industry?

Of course, it was, however, it was just a beta release for few players across the world. And the good news is here, WhatsApp for Business has opened these notifications for all the businesses. At Konverse.ai, we frequently consult our customers on selecting the right message types to reach out to their customers.

What is Template Messages in WhatsApp?

While we're sure a lot of you reading through this article might already be knowing about Template Messages, for the majority, we'd like to take a step back and explain "What is Template Messages in WhatsApp"?

Template Messages or Notifications (HSM - Highly Structured Message) by WhatsApp allows a business to initiate a communication with users without having to create message format for every outgoing notification. Template messages are a way to restrict businesses from flooding users inbox with unwanted notifications. Also, WhatsApp takes a cost to send these notifications.

On the other hand, session messages are part of a conversation in which user initiates by sending a message to business. Both user and business can exchange 'n' number of messages without any restriction. These kinds of messages give you all the flexibility like sending a text, videos, pictures, location, etc. Conversation messages are free of cost.

WhatsApp Media Interactive Template Message

What are WhatsApp Media Templates & Interactive Templates?

In short, WhatsApp Media Template or WhatsApp Interactive Template messages are messages with some added elements to it. Like you can send a document (pdf), or image or video files even add a call to action or quick reply.

Think of an email, where you can embed a video, can add attachments, send pictures and with all that, you can add a call-to-action button. In simple words, take all that features that you like about Email notification and add a high open-rate to it, and the result is WhatsApp Media & Interactive Template notifications.

WhatsApp Interactive Message Template
WhatsApp Interactive Message Template (pic credit: WhatsApp for Business)

WhatsApp Media & Interactive Message with Konverse AI

If you're using WhatsApp for Business via Konverse.ai then you can start today. There is no additional cost, apart from the notification charged by WhatsApp. Talk to us to enable the same for your business today.

And for those who're still thinking about whether WhatsApp for Business should or shouldn't be part of their customer engagement strategy, must book a slot with us to understand how your business can benefit from this. Also, it's time may read our "Top 10 Reason to use WhatsApp for Business API".

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