ave you ever considered WhatsApp as a lead generation tool for your business? As much weird as it may sound, this is a fact. An integration between WhatsApp Business API and AI Chatbots can work as a significant lead generator platform for your business. 

WhatsApp is much more than a simple messaging app. Only a few brands have been able to exploit the immense potentials associated with WhatsApp. Nevertheless, these are the brands who’re making lump-sum amounts through apt WhatsApp marketing strategies. 

It’s never too late to do the right thing, isn’t it? We’ll help you with some ace lead generation strategies to strengthen your WhatsApp marketing game. 

Let’s dive in.

What is WhatsApp Lead Generation all about? 

Lead generation is all about identifying and connecting with more potential customers. If you’re not aware, you should know that you can generate significant leads and convert them into customers using WhatsApp. 

One may question, why WhatsApp? That’s a valid question considering the numerous platforms available in the picture that is considered as better lead generators. However, WhatsApp shines brighter than these platforms in terms of comfort and flexibility. As a marketer, you should always stick to the platform where your prospects feel most comfortable. To be honest, WhatsApp is one such platform.

Why is WhatsApp Lead Generation worth Giving a Shot? 

WhatsApp’s popularity is immense among users. No matter which customer group you target, one common factor can always be their fondness towards WhatsApp. It is one of the most active messaging apps with 2 billion+ users worldwide. Majorities of WhatsApp users are highly dedicated to this platform. They’re not switching to another messaging app anytime soon. 

Did you know that WhatsApp has cloned Snapchat’s “Stories” feature and named it “Status”? Yes, that’s correct. But that’s not all. Once WhatsApp cloned this feature, a large part of SnapChat’s customer base switched to WhatsApp almost instantly. This gives proof of users’ dedication and loyalty toward this app. 

WhatsApp’s foundation is instant messaging. That’s the very reason why the adoption of conversational marketing comes easily to WhatsApp. With the integration between WhatsApp and AI Chatbots, customer support becomes more convenient. In fact, Morning Consultant’s reports suggest that 80% of SMEs are making the most of WhatsApp and Chatbot integration to generate leads and sales. By offering your prospects the solutions they need through WhatsApp, you can onboard them effortlessly.

5 Tips to Generate Leads with WhatsApp for Business 

Once you set-up your WhatsApp for Business Chatbot, generating leads can be simpler. Here are some cool lead generation strategies that you can try. Let’s dive in. 

1. Use your WhatsApp Bot Link in the Email Signature 

If you’re an experienced marketer, you probably already have an email list with your prospects’ contact details. All you have to do is use this list strategically so that you can initiate conversations with these prospects via WhatsApp too. Including your WhatsApp Business Bot link can be a smart way to grab your prospects’ attention. 

This is a proven way to scale prospects and attract them towards your business operations. Using your WhatsApp Bot link as a Call To Action (CTA) button also helps. These are the ways to invite users in connecting with you via WhatsApp. 

2. Share WhatsApp Bot Link on Social Media and Run Facebook Ads

Apart from including the WhatsApp Bot link within your email signature, it can also be a good practice to share the WhatsApp Bot link on different social platforms. The WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Business. Hence, running Facebook Ads within a WhatsApp conversion is also possible easily. 

3. Use WhatsApp QR Code to Generate Leads

Lead generation and conversion of those leads into sales can become pretty easy with WhatsApp QR Codes. So, it’s a must that you generate your own WhatsApp QR code. The QR code needs to have proper commands so that it can direct your prospects to the WhatsApp Bot. A smart marketer will attach images of the products/services with this QR code. 

That way, while scanning your QR code, a user will be directed to your landing page to view the product/service you’re planning on selling. Some brands also attach printed advertisements with QR codes so that prospects can know about your product and the purchase process can be handled by your WhatsApp Bot.

4. Keep Dropping Triggers 

One of the common tendencies of users is to leave a conversation or transaction in the middle to start doing something else. However, the advantage of the WhatsApp Bots is that it can drop frequent triggers to prospects through automation so that the prospects can re-engage in the same conversation. 

You can do the same with WhatsApp Bots to bring back customers where they left a conversation. If you remind your prospects about latest information, etc. they’re bound to come back to complete a task or to restart a conversation. This is a smart way to generate more leads.

5. Develop Engaging Contents 

There is a reason why they say “Content is the King”. Even though you’re trying WhatsApp marketing, your content should speak for itself. For example, you can tell your prospects an engaging brand story, ask some fun questions to keep them glued. With great content, generating and converting high-quality leads becomes easier. 

Final Words

Opting for a conversational Bot like Konverse can be one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to generate leads. WhatsApp marketing and lead generation are still underrated. WhatsApp can be an effective lead generator because prospects are most comfortable in using this tool. 

If you know how to apply the right WhatsApp marketing strategies at the right time, generating leads and converting them into stable customers will not be a big deal. Try to be as specific as possible and address the pain points of your prospects. That’s the best way to crack a deal. 

Still, having doubts? Not sure about how WhatsApp works as a lead generator? Schedule a Demo with us. We’re here to help!

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