here’s no doubt that AI chatbots have become the marketing rage.

When 87.2% of consumers have neutral or positive chatbot experiences then why not incorporate a chatbot in your marketing strategy?!

Chatbots can be real assets if you follow the best practices in chatbot building.

Though there are several no-code bot-building platforms like Konverse AI, the most important thing is to create the chatbot using the best practices.

Once you deploy your bots, making improvements now and then is a never-ending process. You can keep tweaking your bot according to customer needs and experiences.

Today, we have listed ten chatbot-building best practices. Follow these and successfully get your bots to work.

Top 10 Best Practices in Chatbot Building

Here are the top best chatbot building best practices that can level up customers’ experience with your brand.

1. Set Objectives & Goals

Before you start building your chatbot, there’s some groundwork to be done. The first thing is to define clear goals.

What is the purpose of your chatbot? What role will it play in your marketing strategy?

Is the chatbot specifically for lead generation or customer support?

Get these answers first and then you can start your bot building process.

For instance, you can design a bot exclusively for customer support. If you are an EdTech institution, you can design a bot to help students access information easily.

2. Give your Chatbot the Right Personality

One of the best practices in chatbot building that you must follow is giving your bot the right personality.

Your chatbot should align with your brand’s values. When a visitor comes to your website, your chatbot would be the first point of contact. So, make sure the conversations reflect your brand personality.

To make the conversation engaging, use gifs, images, emojis, cards, etc. Hold on to a pinch of humor keeping the conversation flow natural and interesting.

All you need to do is strike the right balance between your brand image, chatbot persona, and chatbot purpose.

3. Proactive Greeting is a Must

Looking for an increase in customer engagement? Then, pay attention to the greeting message.

The greeting message sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. So, make sure to keep it sweet and warm.

‘Hey! How can I help you today?’ has quite the friendly tone that can set the customer interaction in the right direction.

Also, avoid making grammatical errors or typos in the first message (and every message thereafter!)

4. Embed Media Elements

Enrich your bot interactions with media elements. Only texts can get really boring. Konverse AI offers different nodes to customize your bot. You can use images, cards, gifs, buttons, videos, etc. to make the conversations attractive.

For instance, if your bot is offering a new prospect with product recommendations, images or cards will be much better. It will engage the prospect and also provide a better understanding of the product.

To know more about conversation design, get this Konverse eBook now!

5. Help your Customers with Cues

Make the bot interaction easy and convenient for customers. Tell them how to respond with the help of cues. When you make things easier, customers are more attracted to your brand.

Use quick replies, and buttons to make the conversation easy and interactive. Guiding the customers will result in prompt responses and better outcomes.

Check out how you can easily design your bot conversations to ensure better customer interactions.

6. Keep the Chatbot user-friendly

Chatbots can be complex beings. But that should not make customer conversations difficult. Keep your chatbot simple and friendly. That’s the ultimate chatbot-building best practice.

Use short and easy-to-understand language. Avoid confusing sentences. Make your bot respond in simple words, short and to the point.

Videos, carousels, cards, and buttons, can be very helpful in this case.

Here’s some more information for you on bot conversation best practices.

7. Suggested Replies are a Must

Suggested replies at the beginning of the conversation can guide the users towards their desired conversation flow.

Suggested replies are buttons that can make customers get into the flow of the bot conversation.

One best practice to follow is to add a button that allows your users to freely type in their queries.

Read this blog to make your bot-human conversations easy!

8. Use Fallbacks

Your chatbots are not perfect, just like humans!

At times, it may so happen that your bot may not be able to understand the customers’ input. It may be because the query is too complex or new to your bot. Or, your customers may type in a query that does not match the bot’s purpose.

Whatever the situation, make sure to program a fallback response in your chatbot. This is, undoubtedly, the best practice in chatbot building.

For example, when a bot does not understand the customer input, it can ask for clarification – ‘Sorry, I didn’t understand! Could you repeat that?’

If your bot is still stuck, enable it to redirect the conversation to a live agent.

9. Re-engage the Users in the Conversation

Keep the conversation flowing. Always re-engage the user when the conversation is nearing an end. Make sure to ask the users if they still need help with something.  

Konverse AI’s jump node helps in maintaining the conversation loop. Using this node, your bot can strike up another conversation as per users’ requirements or redirect them to the main menu.

Check out this tutorial to understand the jump to a story node.  

10. Track Analytics and Make Improvements

There is always room for improvement. As we said above, it is a never-ending process.

The best practice in chatbot building is to keep improving your bot. And you can do this by keeping an eye on the bot analytics.

The chatbot building platform that you choose must provide detailed analytics features to track your bot performance.

Konverse AI’s bot analytics is comprehensive. It shows the new users, total conversations, session time, incoming messages, and many more metrics to help you improve your bot. Check out the bot analytics in detail here.

Easy Chatbot Building with Konverse AI

Konverse AI makes bot building super easy. Its drag-and-drop bot builder ensures designing awesome conversations within minutes.

Here are a few easy steps to build a bot with Konverse AI.

  • Sign-up with Konverse. Provide a few details and the platform is all yours!
  • To start building the bot, click on bot builder and then choose story builder on the Konverse dashboard.
  • Create the conversation flow. Use images, gifs, videos, etc. Don’t forget to check out our blogs on conversation design before you begin writing your bot script.
  • After you are done with the conversation flow design, test the bot.
  • Make changes if necessary and publish on your preferred channel – WhatsApp, website, Facebook, Google Messenger, or Instagram.

The best thing about bot-building with Konverse is that you can easily customize your bots and get the best support from the team.

To know more, schedule a demo with us!

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