he buzz in the market is that Facebook messenger and chatbots together make a killer combination. They hit the sweet spot of perfecting customer experience, multiplying revenue, and growing your business.

But, what’s the catch? 

Well, that’s a good question to ask when everything sounds dreamy. 

The catch lies in how you implement the killer combination. This article is a quick peek into the vast world of marketing with Facebook chatbots. 

Key takeaways from the article: 

  1. What are messenger bots and how to build one? 
  2. What are the different types of chatbots? 
  3. What can you expect from a chatbot for your growing business? 

The Ultimate Engagement Expert: Messenger Chatbot 

Facebook introduced chatbots in the year 2016 and there now exists more than 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger. The huge number of chatbots only speaks for it’s popularity, convenience and their permanency on online platforms. 

Chatbots are essentially a step towards automating sales. They can converse with customers in real time, resolve issues, provide personalized recommendations, collect leads, and more. Once you learn how to build one for your company, the possibilities with chatbots are endless! 

5 Easy Steps to Build a Messenger Chatbot

Step 1: Find a suitable platform to build your chatbot without coding.

Note: Konverse AI specializes in helping you build no-code chatbots for your business. You can head over to the Konverse page for a quick demo

Step 2: Choose the type of chatbot you wish to deploy on your facebook page. NLP chatbot or Rule-based chatbot. 

 Step 3: Start structuring the script for your chatbot. This step is crucial as it decides your chatbot’s persona. 

 Step 4: It’s time to test your chatbot! Conduct multiple tests to ensure your chatbot does not face dead ends and runs perfectly each time. 

Step 5: Once you’ve followed through the steps, your chatbot is ready to function in the real world. 

You can deploy your bot on Facebook messenger by embedding the bot. The final step may sound complex but is easy to do through a bot-builder platform.  

Konverse AI is one such no-code bot-builder platform. On the platform, all you have to do is copy-paste the website script. This will make your bot available on the website. For deploying the bot on facebook, choose Channel from Konverse Settings and set up your preferred platform. 

Introducing Different Types of Chatbots

Chatbots come in several types depending on their design and functionality. All of these types can be deployed in Facebook messenger. So, just pick the one ideal for your business! 

Chatbots based on Design 

NLP Chatbots

NLP chatbots a.k.a AI chatbots simply use natural language processing to function. Once trained, your chatbot will learn from new experiences. Your bot will be able to converse with humans, study their buying intent, alert live agents, and keep your customers engaged. AI bots are recommended for medium to large businesses. NLP chatbots are a powerful tool when it comes to personalizing customer experiences to the next level. 

Rule-based Chatbots

Rule-based bots follow a particular set of rules laid out by the builder. This implies that your bot will converse with customers within a set conversation path. This may be through yes or no questions or multiple option based questions. Rule-based chatbots are recommended for small to medium size businesses. These bots are powerful when it comes to solving standard problems. 

Chatbots based on Functionality 

Lead Generation bots

 Lead generation bots are excellent at accelerating revenue growth. Lead bots generally collect customer contact details in exchange for discount codes, promo codes, personalized offers and so on. 

Customer Support bots

Customer support bots generally deal with customer issues and feedback. Naturally, there are a myriad of problems your customer may experience. So, customer support bots offer the best solution to solve standard issues efficiently. This fast tracks your live agents to solve the more complex and unique problems effectively. 

eCommerce bots

eCommerce bots ideally cover all the grounds, from customers stepping into your page till the time they checkout. These bots can engage customers, provide personalized product recommendations, give inventory updates, provide delivery updates, fast track payment transactions, process returns/refunds, assist with shopping, and so much more! 

Recruitment bots

Recruitment bots are ideal if you’re looking to hire talent through Facebook. Although, recruiters generally opt for LinkedIn or other platforms for recruiting candidates. Facebook provides an equally diverse platform to find potential employees or collaborators. A recruitment chatbot improves candidate-brand communication for initial screening processes, saves time and lowers the burden on your recruitment team. Bots can also collect candidate details and resumes! 

‘Messenger bot’ and ‘Business Growth’ are synonyms

It’s natural to question the kind of growth one can expect when making an investment for their business. To answer this vital question, listed below are some key aspects in which you can see guaranteed growth once you deploy a messenger bot.

Increased Brand Visibility

Messenger bots can pop-up and begin conversations with any user on your page. This is bound to encourage users to spend more time learning and interacting with your brand. Messenger bots also win hearts due to their unique personality depending on the creator. This builds traction for your page and boosts your customer base too. 

Looking for inspiration to create a superb bot persona? Read: 5 Facebook Messenger Bot Inspirations You’ll Love!

Increased Sales

The best quality in messenger bots is its consistency. Messenger bots can be persuasive, and can work consistently towards a fixed goal. Chatbots are also a great way to boost your sales as they function 24X7. So your brand is open for business at any hour of the day, literally! 

Better Lead qualification and sales funnel boost

You may have a talented sales team but their talents are a waste if they do not have leads to follow. Messenger bots excel at collecting warm leads, studying buyer intent and attracting large groups of prospects. However, all of it strictly depends on how you design your messenger bot. 

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience has taken the top-shelf in the list of surviving the market. Messenger chatbots are ideal as they reduce wait time, provide quick solutions, encourage interaction, and most importantly provide a personalized experience to your customers. This plays a key role in how your customers view your brand and the kind of relation they share with it. 

Increased Efficiency and Team Morale

One of the most important positions taken up by messenger chatbots is to complete mundane tasks consistently and continuously. Collecting customer emails, feedback, answering basic questions are important but a big setback for your in-house teams. It generates a sense of burden and boredom. So, a messenger chatbot can be trusted to solve all the basic processes while your in-house teams focus on the complex aspects of your facebook business page!

Looking to dive deeper into the world of Facebook and Chatbots?!

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