I chatbots are a must for enterprises that prefer staying connected with their customers and prospects 24/7. Chatbots were introduced at first with the simple idea of engaging leads and customers. But looking at the present scenario, we can safely say that AI Chatbots do much more than just keeping customers engaged. 

AI chatbots have been doing pretty well in different industries. In fact, by 2022, conversational AI can help businesses in cutting down $8 billion annually. Also industries like banking, healthcare, etc. where customer interaction is the primary activity, AI chatbots have been showing tremendous results. 

In the upcoming years, the popularity of AI chatbots will only rise. We’re listing here some cool chatbot ideas that may go a long way in 2021. Let’s find out. 

1. FAQ Chatbots 

Customers often have common and repetitive questions about your products and services. Prospects also prefer asking questions before they try out your products. Is it a good idea to give the same idea 100 times? If you offer this responsibility to your customer support executives, they can skip some information, unintentionally. 

Here’s why. They are humans. They are bound to get irritated to repeat the same answers over and over. The result can be reduced chances of lead conversion. 

But, what if you use an AI chatbot? An FAQ chatbot will never get tired of answering the questions of customers. It will offer the optimum solutions each time without skipping any valuable information. With an FAQ chatbot, you can list all necessary questions so that your prospects and customers can easily find out the questions they have and they can get the appropriate answers. 

Also, conversational AI provides you the freedom to add fun conversations. It doesn’t have to be formal conversations every time. You can automate fun and conversational responses on your chatbots so that customers and leads can remain engaged. 

2. Lead Generation Chatbots

Lead generation is the ultimate aim of your business. Over the years, so many tools have been developed that can generate leads and demands instantly. And, now you can easily do all that with an AI chatbot. AI chatbots can generate, nurture and convert leads by engaging prospects and customers. 

Lead generation becomes easier for AI chatbots because of their multi-app integration. Whether it is WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, or any other channel, a lead generation chatbot can be integrated with all these platforms and it can easily initiate conversations to keep the prospects hooked. 

With a lead generation chatbot, enterprises can perform the following activities: 

  • Nurturing leads and redirecting them to different landing pages 
  • Guiding prospects to find suitable answers 
  • Scheduling calls and appointments with prospects 
  • Offering insights on prospects to convert valuable leads 

Regular opt-in forms are not nearly as effective as an AI chatbot when it comes to lead generation. With an opt-in form, you ask your prospects to fill-up their name, contact details and that’s about it. But, what guarantee you have that they’ll fill in those details? 

The case is different with an AI chatbot. With conversational AI, you can send a welcome message to the website visitors, you can offer them useful instructions, product recommendations, etc. Also, you can offer your customers discounts, coupons, etc. Basically, a chatbot can generate and convert leads without sounding overbearing. 

3. Survey Chatbots 

Most companies add pop-up surveys to their websites. The primary purpose of these surveys is to investigate customers’ requirements so that a brand can align its products and services accordingly. But, the truth is that only 2% of customers actually complete these survey questionnaires online. 

A survey bot can keep track of what the customers have purchased and it can share the feedback link with the customers using WhatsApp for Business or any other messaging app. Due to the real-time interaction using conversational AI, survey bots make the survey process much more entertaining. Survey chatbots are conversational channels that can collect customers’ feedback by initiating natural conversations. They are highly interactive and hence effective for your business. 

Hence, by using a survey AI chatbot, you can drive more sales and appointments than you can imagine. 

4. Hospitality Chatbots 

The hospitality industry is a huge global sector with a large range of personalized services. Hence, needless to say, that hotels, restaurants, and tourism agencies are in dire need of AI chatbots. Most people book hotels, flight tickets, and other itineraries online. With AI chatbots, the travel and hospitality industry can enjoy utmost customer engagement and support when it comes to completing bookings, appointments, etc. Did you know that 90% of hospitality businesses have reported faster resolution of customer complaints using AI chatbots? They also experienced a huge boost in the number of online bookings due to this. 

 To make your customers’ travel experience more unique, you can add different types of AI chatbots like booking bots that would handle only booking and scheduling activities, planner chatbots that can assist the tourists in planning their complete trips, and obviously personalized promotion chatbots that can send various offers and discounts to customers to maximize the sale. 

5. Appointment Chatbots

Ever wondered how your enterprise can be benefited if you set-up an appointment chatbot? One of the most critical solutions enterprises face is scheduling their appointments. Businesses need to attain meetings with prospects, employees, customers, investors, and so many other stakeholders. If these meetings are not scheduled properly, you can end up appointing different meetings on the same day or at the same time. And the result? A complete mess! 

By getting yourself an appointment chatbot, you can avoid the possibility of any unnecessary mess. Here’s what an appointment AI chatbot can do for you: 

  • Making sure that there is absolutely no error in the scheduling process 
  • Offering 24/7 live support to the customers and prospects so that they can schedule an appointment/demo call at any time without waiting for the office hours 
  • Conversational AI can record everything on the virtual calendar so that you’ll get reminders at least 30-minute prior to the meeting 
  • An AI chatbot can speak multiple languages. Hence, your meetings with prospects will be more personal

6. Healthcare Chatbots 

One industry that will definitely be benefitted from an AI chatbot in the healthcare industry. In fact, now that pandemic has a solid grip over us, we need healthcare chatbots like never before. A healthcare chatbot can ease the jobs of doctors and can provide the timely support a patient needs. 

Apart from regular health problems, one of the major things a healthcare chatbot can help is with patients having mental health issues. These patients often hesitate to open up with medical practitioners about the issues they are facing. However, with a healthcare chatbot, they could easily share their deepest concerns. With conversational AI, therapy and counseling can become inhibition-free. 

Here’s what a healthcare chatbot can help you with: 

  • It can bridge the gap between patients and doctors 
  • An AI chatbot can reduce unnecessary waiting times 
  • With conversational AI, setting up appointments based on the patients’ condition becomes easier 
  • Also, during an emergency, a healthcare chatbot can offer critical information to the patients and their families 

Reach out to our Health & Wellness Chatbots to know more. 

7. Recruitment Chatbots 

Another unique AI chatbot idea can be related to a recruitment chatbot. Many startups struggle with managing their internal recruitment and workflow. The result is employee dissatisfaction and high employee turnover. To ensure that your enterprise recruits only skilled employees and manages them effectively, you must add a recruitment chatbot. 

A recruitment chatbot can automate the entire process of onboarding with conversational AI. It can schedule calls, interviews, and help out the new employees with the onboarding process and paperwork. With an AI chatbot, you can easily help out the new employees and interns with organizational policies and their respective job roles. 

8. Legal Chatbots 

Handling legal operations is an issue for most companies. There is so much paperwork involved that entrepreneurs often get frustrated. Have you ever thought about an AI chatbot that could ease out your legal operations? Well, a legal chatbot can help you with the following advantages: 

  • A legal chatbot can offer you a concise brief of a long legal document 
  • Visa applications, immigrant issues, etc. can be easily handled by legal chatbots 
  • A legal chatbot can set-up your meetings with an attorney and remind you of the aspects to be discussed 

9. eCommerce Chatbots 

Since so many online stores are being opened and so many of them are already dominating the e-retail industry, it’s high time that we speak about an eCommerce chatbot. Lead generation, customer retention, and customer service are probably the three most important challenges for any eCommerce business. An AI chatbot can handle these issues within seconds. 

Here’s why you must think of an AI chatbot for your eCommerce store: 

  • Conversational AI can automate your sales process. With fast sales execution, you can get assured of fast revenue growth 
  • An AI chatbot can send your customers personalized product recommendations based on their purchase history. It can nudge them with the latest offers, discount vouchers, etc. Hence, an AI chatbot can easily drive sales and revenue to your store 
  • One of the most important functions an eCommerce chatbot can do is resolving cart abandonment issues. Customers often leave things in their shopping carts and forget about them. An AI chatbot can remind them about these products and often become successful in completing the sales cycle. 

Note: Konverse’s eCommerce Chatbot helps with abandoned cart recovery and collects customers’ feedback for better insights. 

10. Customer Support Chatbots 

We’ll end our list with one of the most obvious chatbot ideas i.e. a customer support chatbot. Most enterprises are already aware of it since chatbots were designed primarily for handling customer service activities. 

Here’s how a customer service chatbot can upscale your business activities: 

  • It can resolve payment issues, return and refund issues within minutes. 
  • A customer support AI chatbot can offer 24/7 live support to your customers. Even though you’re asleep, a customer support chatbot can resolve customer queries and complaints 
  • Most customers prefer self-service these days. With an AI chatbot around, you don’t have to worry about things like navigation. Everything is sorted! 

Let’s discuss more AI chatbots with Konverse 

So, what are you planning to do here? What kind of an AI chatbot do you want? You can build your conversational AI platform with us. Schedule a demo to discuss this further. 

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