i, I am Kiva! Your bot assistant for today!’ is a good start to a conversation. Isn’t it?

With AI Chatbots, the customer experience becomes conversational as the bots have a voice. Fascinating, isn’t it? To have a bot assistant talk back like a human agent?

Well, conversational AI has reached that stage where consumers love talking to AI Chatbots. Research says that 1.4 billion consumers use messaging apps and they are very much willing to talk to AI chatbots.

So, when your AI Chatbot is an important customer touchpoint and it represents your brand, it is good to create a bot persona – a persona that will engage customers immediately and with whom customers will love conversing. 

In this blog post, we’ll give you 5 quick tips to create the right personality for your AI Chatbot. But before we get into the tips & tricks, we want to tell you how and where to get started. Let’s start, then!

Where to Start From?

When you are trying to implement an AI Chatbot, we understand that you may not have anything in mind as to how your AI Chatbot will be, what will be the conversation flow and how your bot will interact. 

So, to get started, here’s what you can do!

1. Get Some Inspiration

“You can look anywhere and find inspiration.”- Frank Gehry

Be it an enterprise or a small start-up, they can have AI Chatbots creating an amazing first impression. So, look for brands, big and small to draw inspiration from. 

Take, for example, The Edit, a record shop that had a turnover of $1 million in 8 months and these sales can be attributed to its AI Chatbot. Thanks to the amazing chatbot that sent alerts to customers regarding album recommendations that were available with the store. 

You can also have a look at the brilliant AI Chatbot implemented by NatGeo Genius – a TV Show that highlights the lives of figures like Albert Einstein or Picasso. The Facebook page of the show has a messenger bot that converses using the featured genius’s voice. 

Enough inspiration? If not, have a look at these amazing 5 WhatsApp chatbots and get inspired!

2. Research, Research & Research! 

Whether brands admit it or not, there are a few archetypes under which most personalities can be categorised. 

But if you’re a brand that wants to speak your target audience’s emotional language, then this is good news!

The archetypes reflect the brand personality and hence, you can align better with your target audience. 

For example, Lego’s Gift Bot – Ralph has been built based on its Creator nature. The AI Chatbot refers to the person you’re buying a gift for as ‘the builder’. Further, it uses creative images and puns to keep the conversation going. 

Got the idea?! Similarly, you can develop a creative AI Chatbot personality that can align itself with the target audience. 

3. Go by the Persona Method

Often used by marketers, there’s this tool that can help you with identifying your audience. Through this method, you can create a fictional personality that portrays your ideal customer. 

Using the Persona Method, here are the 5 elements that you can consider when creating your AI chatbot. 

  • Name – Give your AI Chatbot an interesting name.
  • Description – Create a background for your AI Chatbot that can include its job, interests, etc.
  • Photo – Your bot’s image
  • Problem – What does your AI Chatbot struggle to understand or help with?
  • Goals – What goals your AI Chatbot wants to accomplish when assisting customers?

This creative process gets you to create a clear profile of your AI Chatbot. So, you can give it go, no?

4. Make a Connection Between Your AI Chatbot and Your Brand

If you’re new to the bot building game, use the wisdom that you often received at school – “Write what you know”. 

Use this as a guideline to create your AI Chatbot’s personality. For example, identify the words that you use when your brand is communicating to the target audience. Then create a bot personality that fits this language. 

Though your AI Chatbot may not be able to impress all humans, it is always a good strategy to align with the brand’s language.

5 Amazing Tips to Create the Right Personality for your AI Chatbot

While your bot’s persona will say about its interests, motivations, hobbies, etc. the personality of your AI Chatbot will define the way it interacts with your customers. 

So, you’ll have to ensure that you create the perfect persona and personality, right? Let’s have a look that the 5 tips that you can implement while creating your AI chatbot. 

1. Align the Persona with Your Product 

Choose a bot persona that compliments your product range. Here, market segmentation helps a lot. You can build your bot’s persona according to the market segmentation data that you have gathered. 

For example, if you’re a brand that sells toys, your bot’s personality should be aligned with your brand. A creative & fun bot is what will represent your brand well. 

However, if you are a B2B company and your AI Chatbot is going to have a genuine target audience like business owners and professionals. Then, your bot’s conversation with the customer has to be professional with notes of seriousness. 

So, according to your target market and brand persona, you can create a perfect personality & persona for your AI Chatbot.

2. Remember the Region and Its Nature

What’s in the regional nature? Be very sure about that. The region you operate in influences your business to its very core. 

Your target audience and their preferences will also be largely influenced by the regional nature. So, know it well and build your bot accordingly.

Suppose, your region audience has a large number of teens. Hence, it is better to create an AI Chatbot personality that loves to talk and uses the gen-Z language. ‘Hey! What’s up? This is Charles’ will sound much cooler to the audience than ‘Hi, I am Charles. How are you?’

3. Choose the Right Amount of Seriousness & Humour

An AI Chatbot personality should never be all-serious or all-humour. A perfect blend of both is what it takes to make the conversation interesting

While you can use an all-humour AI Chatbot for a target audience within the age group of 10-16 years, when you have a mature audience, a serious tone is preferred. 

However, by serious we do not mean going all technical with only information and no fun at all. This will make the conversation boring. So, when you are addressing a mature audience, humour with a touch of serious tone and behaviour does the work.

4. Define a Gender for Your AI Chatbot

This tip works great when you’re a brand that targets either male or female consumers. 

Here, if you create a gender-oriented AI Chatbot persona and personality, the effect of it may largely influence the audience. 

Suppose, you are a men’s clothing brand and the theme for your brand has a masculine feel to it. Here, aligning with your brand persona, create an AI Chatbot with a masculine vibe. On the other hand, if you’re a female skincare brand, then create a bot personality that emits feminine vibes.

So, with gender neutrality concepts taking hits on business, creating a gender-oriented AI Chatbot will rather be effective for your brand.

5. Choose Between Static and Learning AI Chatbot 

A dilemma indeed! 

Brands often get caught up in making this choice of whether their AI Chatbot should be Static or of a Learning nature. So, let’s trying helping you out.

The AI Chatbots of Static nature is mostly used by educational institutions, healthcare systems, etc. as these organisations prefer offering limited information (that’s scripted) and nothing more than that. So, static chatbots say nothing out of their scripts.

On the other hand, the AI Chatbots of Learning nature gain knowledge from interactions with users. These chatbots adapt and improvise to become better each time they interact with an individual. 

These AI Chatbots are generally preferred by brands that solely focus on user interaction. The bots will not only respond to queries but will also save time and effort.

So, choose the one that goes with your business!

Want to Try Out AI Chatbots?

Well, AI Chatbots have taken the business world by storm. Mainly, after everything went digital, brands are trying their best to implement AI Chatbots. 

If you’re such a business that’s looking forward to the implementation of Conversational AI, we would suggest dropping by the Konverse AI platform. 

The no-code bot-building platform has AI solutions just in place for your business. So, take a tour and schedule a demo with us!

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