or any business, one of the greatest sources of accumulating costs is customer support. Enterprises spend around $1.3 trillion globally on customer support every year. One of the easiest ways to reduce this spending is by switching to conversational AI. AI chatbots can automate your entire customer support activities and can also help in cutting down excess costs. 

AI chatbot for business is programmed in such a manner that it can offer quick replies to customers’ queries within nanoseconds. Also, the best thing about a conversational AI platform is that it is accessible with WhatsApp for Business

Without further ado, let’s start with the ways in which conversational AI can automate customer support for your business.

1. 24/7 Live Support with Conversational AI

Customers are no longer satisfied with conventional ways of communication. Despite running a business in the modern era, if you’re going with the old customer support options, you’re missing out on a lot of potential. Customer support through phone calls, emails, and text messages don’t work anymore. By embracing these tools you’re only forcing your customers to switch to the competitors. 

Customers these days demand immediate response and 24/7 live support from brands. Gone are the days when they would wait an entire day for an email response or stay in queues for hours to receive a response. Use conversational AI to automate the customer support operations of your business. The word “slow” is not even present in the dictionary of an AI chatbot for business. 

Unlike humans, chatbots don’t sleep or rest. They are available round the clock for the assistance of customers. Chatbots can send instantaneous responses to the common queries and FAQs of customers. In fact, unless there is a complex question, AI chatbots can provide feasible solutions to up to 80% of queries. So, why invest in manual customer support when you can easily build a satisfied customer base with conversational AI?

2. Generate and Convert Leads with AI chatbot 

Chatbots can handle customer communication extremely well. As a result, an  AI chatbot for business can easily become the lead magnet for your brand. Think this way. Suppose a prospect who has visited your website is chatty by nature and likes to collect information about new products and services. 

With conversational AI, you won’t need to assign a smart agent to help that prospect. The AI chatbot for business can continue the natural conversation with that potential client and can provide all the necessary information within seconds. Therefore, an AI chatbot can generate leads and also help in converting those leads into regular customers. 

Lead generation and conversion come naturally to AI chatbot for business because of its capability to initiate a conversation through different channels including WhatsApp for Business. With personalized conversation and support, leads can be easily converted into sales for your brand. 

3. Overcome Language Barriers with Conversational AI

A customer support team is supposed to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. When a prospect or a customer approaches a customer support executive, there should not be any language barriers. If the customer support executives are not versed with regional languages and customers/prospects are forced to interact in some standardized languages, it creates friction in communication. 

On one hand, it is impossible to hire people who know 50+ languages. On the other hand, you cannot allow the communication gap between your customers and customer support team to grow broader. So what’s the answer? Well conversational AI for customer support is the answer. AI chatbots learn on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and can interact with your prospects and customers in different languages and tones. 

Chatbots have vast resources to gather knowledge regarding customers’ queries and it is easier for them to deliver seamless customer service as compared to an individual. Chatbots these days are AI and machine learning-enabled and they are highly capable and trained for offering approximate answers to the customers. 

4. Drive Sales and Appointments to Multiply Customer Engagement

Most prospects and customers these days are highly technologically dependent and they prefer fast and immediate responses to their queries. Another thing that most customers enjoy is a personalized interaction. Marketers have been successful to drive sales and appointments by 20% using personalization only. 

With an AI chatbot for business, one can expect next-level customization. By making strategic application of conversational AI and WhatsApp for business, organizations can focus more on customers’ needs and requirements by generating personalized solutions. Therefore, you can expect the utmost customer satisfaction. This will not only result in greater lead generation but ensure that 80% of the existing customers are more likely to buy from your brand. Isn’t that a great advantage of adding conversational AI to your business? 

5. Cut-down Excess Costs of Customer Support  

Manual customer support is getting obsolete with each passing day. Upgrade to AI chatbot for business and WhatsApp for Business at the earliest and see the difference. Upgrading to conversational AI will result in up to a 30% reduction in operational costs. Mostly because, in that case, you won’t have to hire too many customer support executives. 

AI chatbots can easily handle common customer queries and up to 80% of customer complaints can be handled with automated responses. You’ll only need a handful of efficient executives who are trained to handle complex queries and challenges. Also, with the inclusion of AI chatbots for business, you can witness an increase in satisfied customers. That’s because customers will no longer need to wait for getting responses from your brand.

Final Words 

Before wrapping up, let’s talk about an AI Chatbot that you can easily opt for. We’re talking about Konverse, a conversational AI platform that can upgrade customer support, cut down operational costs, and help you provide 24/7 live support through WhatsApp for Business.  

Days are changing, business processes are improving. It’s high time you accept these changes and move forward. Adopting conversational AI can bring a lot of success to your business.

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