ndia vs. Pakistan matches are always lit🔥!

It’s ancient history that a match between these two has grabbed eyeballs.

We witnessed such an exciting match (T20 World Cup 2021) on the evening of 24th October!

We know you had the fireworks ready to cheer the victory of the Men in Blue. But then, it was a day for the Men in Green!

So what? It’s just the beginning!

Team India will bounce back just like our AI Chatbots do!

Need some more insights on this?

Then, let's dive right in!

1. AI Chatbots Admit Fallout

Chatbots are not all-knowing. While Konverse bots can resolve up to 90% of customer queries, there’s 10% that still needs to be managed at times.

AI Chatbots are experts at responding to complex FAQs. But when there’s a critical issue that needs a human intervention, a live agent always works better.

In such situations, AI Chatbots accept fallouts – ‘Oops! I am not sure how to help you with that. Hold on and allow me to connect you to my friend!’

The bot then routes the conversation to the perfect live agent for further handling 😎.

2. AI Chatbots Connect Customers to Right Agents

Konverse bots are super-smart. After accepting the fallout, they don’t walk away. The AI Chatbots route the customer conversation to the right live agent.

With the Users & Teams feature on the Konverse Dashboard, you can now create multiple teams and sub-teams. For example, you can set up different teams for specific issues like refund, order status, order tracking, etc.

So, when the bot routes the conversation, it connects the customer to the perfect team based on the query.

3. AI Chatbots Bounce Back to Service!

So what if there was a fallout?! 🙄

Our bots never give up.

They route the conversation to the live agents and continue with their work.

The bots remain active 24/7 across all platforms –Website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and much more.

AI Chatbots multitasks like no other! They resolve standard & complex queries instantly. Plus, they can easily manage several customers across different platforms simultaneously.

Be Like Konverse AI Chatbots!

If bots can keep the show going, why not we?!

So, are you ready to cheer India on 31st October? 🤨

With high hopes and the same enthusiasm, let’s get prepared for the fireworks again!

PS: Don’t forget to check out the Konverse platform to see your business winning too! To know more about us, schedule a demo soon! 😃

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