ave you given a thought about employing a Facebook Messenger bot yet? 🤔

If not, then start thinking about creating a Facebook Messenger bot.


Because Facebook Messenger bots are ruling the marketing space of several brands.

Facebook messenger bots are making it easier for brands to make their customers’ journey hassle-free and perfect.

Personalized recommendations, automated fast response, quick problem-solving, and so much more. Within seconds, your messenger bots can engage prospects, schedule help, and ultimately contribute to higher sales 😲.

Facebook messenger bots have never been so much in the news. And now is the best time to quickly hitch a hike in the messenger bot wave.

Messenger bots can revolutionize your marketing strategies. So, we created this amazing post!

From this blog post, you will get a few of the best Facebook Messenger bots whose ideas are simply steal-worthy!

So, let’s get started with the list of most inspirational Facebook Messenger bots!

Top 5 Facebook Messenger Bots

1. Dominos – Place orders at Lightning Speed

Facebook messenger bots are extremely good at assisting customers through the ordering process. Your Messenger bot makes it easy for you to enable customers to make purchases without any human intervention.

Domino’s Pizza makes its ordering process absolutely hassle-free with its chatbot. The bot assists the customers throughout the ordering process. It provides customers with three options to choose from – Place an Order, Track Order, and Customer Support.

With Domino’s messenger bot you can;

  • Start an order;
  • Pick your favorite pizza option; and
  • Add to order

What’s fascinating in Domino’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot is that if the customer is making a repurchase from Domino’s, the bot asks if they would like to place the same order.

With these features, Domino’s Messenger bot stands out to be one of the most helpful bots that accelerates ordering. Plus, it makes the entire process smoother.

2. Bonito Designs – Manage Customer Queries via Chat

Did you know the average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats is 87.58%?

Then, why not employ bots for better customer satisfaction?!

Bonito Designs is an award-winning start-up in India that helps you design stylish homes. Its  Facebook messenger bot helped the company redesign their customer service partnering with Konverse AI

Conversational commerce took the company’s customer service a notch higher. Their Facebook Messenger bot made managing customer queres easy, fast, and efficient. 

Moreover, the Facebook bot made it possible for Bonito Designs to generate leads through social media campaigns. 

The FAQ feature by Konverse was used to train Bonito Designs’ Facebook messenger bot. Through this feature, we equipped the bot with all possible customer queries. 

The result?

24 hours quick problem solving the amazingly efficient bot. Plus, Bonito’s Facebook messenger bot collects basic information from customers in case they aren’t able to resolve the issue.

This information is then passed on to a customer support agent so that they can resolve the query when they are back online.

So, Bonito’s Facebook messenger bot attends customers even beyond business hours, thus, satisfying customers a lot more!

3. Surveybot – Reduce Friction related to Customer Feedback

Customers love when they feel important and surveys are a great way to make them feel so. But it’s quite a task to make customers fill out a survey form.

With Surveybot - a 4 years old company creating chatbot surveys,  your customers can fill out the survey without having to visit any external links. It allows you to send your customers surveys after completing a purchase, registration, etc.

When your customer is in Facebook messenger, you can send them requests and surveys through Surveybot. The bot reduces friction drastically.

Also, instead of emails and pop-ups, you reach out to customers through a more personal medium.

Create a survey with Survey bot and share the link with your customers through Facebook messenger.

Simple and easy, right?

4. Sephora – Making Scheduling Appointments Easy

If your business offers appointments then make Facebook Messenger bots your assistant!

AI chatbots can easily book appointments without involving any customer support agent.

At Sephora - a French multinational personal care and beauty products brand, its Facebook Messenger bot schedules the in-store appointments for makeovers, facials, etc.

Similarly, if you are in the healthcare or hospitality sector, you can schedule appointments, book hotels, make reservations, etc.

With Sephora’s Facebook Messenger bot, you can book a service after responding to a series of questions asked by the bot. Sephora’s bot asks a few questions to ensure the selection of the right location and service for you.

So, the next time you want to book an appointment at Sephora, don’t go about hunting for the brand’s contact. Simply visit Sephora on Facebook and quickly book a service through its bot.

5. prAna – Make Connections with Conversational AI

prAna is a sustainable clothing company operating since 1992!😱

Adapting to the digital times, we found prAna to be one of the best Facebook messenger bots. Its Facebook messenger bot keeps the customers engaged using a casual and friendly tone.

prAna’s bot establishes a connection with the customers immediately by making them feel comfortable.

prAna’s Facebook messenger bot uses emojis and casual words to lighten the tone of the conversation. From Hello Friend! , to using shoppin’ instead of shopping, prAna’s bot makes sure that the customer enjoys a relaxing conversation.

Lessons from the Top 5 Facebook Messenger Bots

1. To-the-point Conversations

Facebook messenger bots make shopping online quick and easy. So, a lengthy bot interaction can make customers lose patience.

Just like Domino’s AI chatbot that jumps into the ordering process and makes the purchase happen on time, you should try the same strategy.

Keep the conversation snappy and quickly take the customers to the purchasing process.

With the Konverse Conversation Starter feature, you can identify the website visitors with high buying intent through AI.

Once you know whether or not the prospect has a high buying intent and what they are looking for, you can proactively reach out with product recommendations.

2. Keep Surveys Short & Sweet

Customers are most likely to fill out surveys when they are short and interesting. So, design the survey in a way that engages them.

Keep a maximum of 3-4 questions. Provide multiple-choice questions, use open-ended questions to know customer opinions.

Make the survey conversational and use the responses to make your products and services better. So, show some value, make it easy for customers to provide their feedback.

Konverse’s no-code bot builder makes it easy for you to create a survey. You can use quick replies, choices, cards, images, videos, etc. to make the survey more interesting and fun.

3. Get your Facebook messenger bot to resolve customer queries

If you are starting with a Facebook messenger bot, train it for a better customer experience. Take inspiration from Bonito Designs and build a bot that simply responds to the point.

Here are a few things you should include:

  • Welcome message – Your welcome message is the first impression you create. So, make sure that it has adequate warmth to make customers comfortable. ‘Hey there! How can I help you?’ sounds good. Right?
  • Customer information – Ask customers what you want from them. For example, their email id, the preferred method of contact, etc.
  • Follow-up timeline – Make sure your bot provides customers with a follow-up timeline. For instance, let the customers know when you will respond– ‘My human friend will contact you within 24 hours'.

The FAQ feature by Konverse is pretty helpful when you are writing your chatbot script. The feature suggests questions like the ‘related search’ section of Google. It helps you to train the bot with every possible question a customer might ask. Hence, your bot will be able to handle customer queries 24/7 without human intervention. 

4. Connect with Customers Over the Right Channel

Sephora’s scheduling Facebook messenger bot made the booking process convenient for customers.

The brand witnessed an 11% increase in in-store booking conversion rates. Plus, Sephora was able to build stronger customer relationships.

The best part of Sephora’s Facebook messenger bot is that it did not change its booking process at all. Just by connecting with customers over a convenient channel like Facebook, Sephora reduced the workload of the in-store employees.

So, what do we learn from Sephora’s Facebook messenger bot?

  • Connect with customers over a channel that they prefer.
  • Streamline the scheduling process for the convenience of customers
  • Create an easy-to-interact strategy to ensure a perfect customer experience

With Konverse AI, you can employ your bots on WhatsApp Business API, website, Facebook Messenger, and much more.

5. Align the Conversational Style with your Brand

When you choose a conversational style for your Facebook messenger bot, make sure it fits your brand style.

For example, prAna is a casual clothing brand and its bot reflects a laid-back conversational style.

So, make sure you check out the tone of the conversation for your bot. Here are a few tips that might come in handy.

  • Choose between formal or casual tones. If you are an accounting or law firm, choose a more formal tone than a clothing brand or restaurant
  • Use a little humor to keep the conversation light and engaging
  • Make the greeting perfect. It sets the tone for the conversation.

Rush to Plan your Facebook Messenger Chatbot!

Facebook has approximately 1.93 billion daily active users.

Can you imagine the reach you will get through this platform? 😍

So, start planning your Facebook messenger bot.

How do you want it to be? What will the bot do for you? Will the bot be more formal or a little on the casual side?

Plan all of it and schedule a demo with Konverse to know more about Facebook Messenger bots.

For any details, you can also visit the Konverse Help Center.

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