usiness owners are often unable to decide if they need a chatbot or not!. If the same question crosses your mind, let us tell you something. The market is extremely competitive in the present times. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an oldie in the business sector. 

Your competitors are always coming up with something more innovative. To stay in the game, you must not leave any stone unturned. AI chatbots have emerged for the past few years and with each passing day, their popularity is only increasing. AI chatbots have changed the concept of customer support entirely. 

If the benefits of conversational AI for business are not clear to you, here we’re to help. Here’s why you must include an AI chatbot within your marketing strategy. 

1. Automate Customer Support with WhatsApp for Business 

If you think chatbots only work on your website, you’re living under a rock. Well, you can easily integrate AI chatbot with WhatsApp for Business account using WhatsApp Business API. With conversational AI, automating the responses to common customer queries has become effortless. 

Most customers are comfortable with WhatsApp and you can easily resolve up to 80% of customer queries using WhatsApp for Business. Most of the time, customers ask common questions over and over. There’s no need to employ manual resources in answering the same questions over and over. Instead, add conversational AI to automate these responses

If there are complex questions that an AI chatbot is unable to answer, it can always be assigned to the experts. This way you can free up the time of customer support executives so that they get time to do something more meaningful. 

2. Generate and Nurture Leads using Conversational AI 

One of the most important aspects of businesses is the generation of leads and also nurturing those leads. AI chatbots are a major source of information. You can easily use this information about your prospect to design a more effective marketing plan

For example, by referring to the information provided by the AI chatbot, you can always create personalized messages to entice the prospects. Hence, conversational AI has a major role to play when it comes to generating and converting leads. Chatbots can remind prospects about an incomplete purchase, drop triggers, inform about discounts and gift vouchers to convert them into regular clients.  

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction with High-level of Customization 

Chatbots can take customer satisfaction to the next level with the utmost personalization. For example, with an AI chatbot in the picture, your customers won’t have to visit your website every now and then to know about the latest products and services. They can go to WhatsApp and start a discussion

Chatbots always follow a customized approach and that is the reason why customers prioritize them over email suggestions. Customization is the key to improve customer satisfaction. AI Chatbots are efficient in sending personalized product suggestions, reminders, discount vouchers to the customers. Chatbots also provide 24/7 live support and drive sales and appointments for your brand. 

4. Enhance the Power of Email Marketing with AI Chatbot

Email marketing is a tried and tested tool. Conventional businesses are too comfortable with email marketing and they might be hesitant to switch to AI chatbot for business instantly. However, with conversational AI, you have a way out. 

AI chatbots can enhance the power of email marketing. These two channels can be easily combined to entice the prospects. For example, you can add a “Send me an Email” button in WhatsApp for Business or a “Connect over a chat” button in the emails you send out. That way, users will get two notifications at once. This means a prospect or a customer is now connected with your brand in different ways. 

5. Conversational AI can Help you with Omnichannel, Interactive Marketing 

AI chatbots are not limited to your website. With conversational AI, your customers can access diverse information from any possible channel including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp for Business, etc. This omnichannel presence is extremely important for any business. There is hardly any other tool that can provide an omnichannel presence to such a large extent. 

AI chatbot for business is also concerned about interactive marketing. With AI chatbots, you never have to worry about passive marketing. Start an interactive marketing campaign and get complete help from AI chatbots in the process. AI chatbots can increase your outreach and help you connect with the maximum number of potential customers. 

Final Words 

Including an AI chatbot can do wonders for your business. A conversational AI platform like Konverse can help you to generate more leads, convert those leads to customers and retain those customers with top-notch customer support on website, mobile apps & WhatsApp for Business. 

Have you considered including an AI chatbot in your marketing strategy yet?

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