ne thing common to all  humans is that we love a good story. Stories have the power to engage, captivate, connect, and most importantly it has the power to form solidarity. What if you could use the power of storytelling to encaptivate your prospects and customers?

Well, truth be told, you wouldn’t be the first brand to tell a story. Most renowned and successful companies have been doing it for years. Apple and Ford are on the list.

However, the incredible side of stories is that no matter how many stories exist in the world, Humans are always hungry for a newer one. So, one can conclude that brand storytelling is a good method to boost CSAT scores and certainly can be achieved by any brand.

Another key aspect of storytelling is the direct correlation it has with accelerating sales. 

Brands which follow the idea of ‘ compelling storytelling’ are essentially selling more than just a product or service. They are selling an experience. Naturally, Humans are more likely to opt for options which provide more at the same value. Would you buy just a car or would you buy a car which is a symbol of luxury at the same price? The good news is that brands do not need to bear additional costs to sell experience. 

Brand stories shape your company, it allows your brand to be much more than just a company that sells products or services. Through brand stories you can gain customer loyalty and unite prospects with your brand due to shared values.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  – Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

Brand Storytelling Through AI Chatbots

Brand storytelling through AI chatbots could be one of the least explored paths but that’s mainly because it’s new. No-code bot building platforms can make their case about bots being effective storytellers because the bot has the power to engage with website visitors instantly.

87.2% of consumers rate their typical chatbot experience as within the range of neutral to positive. Such statistics are a clear indication towards positive user interaction that translate to higher conversion rates and better sales. However, chatbots can be made easily with platforms such as Konverse AI but how you tailor the bot will ultimately make the final impact.

What would brand storytelling through a bot look like?

Bots often feel like an expressway for prospects or customers to find the right content, product/service recommendations, and reach out to customer services for assistance. This presents the perfect opportunity for your brand to showcase it’s values, ideas, and set an example for the brand style. 

Bots can be given personas, human-like characteristics, and feel.  Naturally, tailoring your AI or rule- based bot to continually put out the brand style is an effective and easy method to create brand awareness.

To build your story and present it to the world is an art. Not everyone is born to be a storyteller even though all of us have a story to tell. To ensure your story reaches people there are a few things that must be kept in mind.

This article talks about the different aspects of brand storytelling under the following sub-headings:

1. Brand Voice

2. Story outline

3. Allow personalization

4. Spread the story

Brand Voice

While the story is the main highlight, who tells the story sets the tone for it. So, you need to begin with building a character, give the character a vibe, feel, and humanize your storyteller. Your storyteller need not be a real human, it could be a bot, a cartoon character, or any other form.

The point of the storyteller is to empower the story it tells. If your character is well-developed, it will certainly add spice to the story itself.

Story outline

Once you have personified the storyteller, it’s time to decide what your brand story will be. The story needs to be easy to grasp, short, well structured, and preferably with a brand value to share. Your story is unique to you and your brand. However, it should be relatable for your target customer.

Note: Your brand story can evolve and change over the years depending on the narrative and changes within the company. This is an excellent way to keep your loyal customers on the loop.

For example, Apple sells the idea of ‘innovation’ through it’s brand story. Jonhson’s baby sells the idea of  ‘mother’s care’

Your brand may even tell stories about the country it originated from.

Amul India is a company which has existed for many years in India. They capture significant incidents occurring in India through their advertisements and storyteller Amul girl ( The girl with blue hair in the advertisement below) This gives Amul the persona of India’s storyteller.

Source: sports.ndtv.com

About the Ad: Amul released this advertisement to celebrate India’s wrestlers during the olympics. Wrestling is one of India’s most celebrated sports.

Allow Personalization

Personalization of brand story can come in the form of immediate prospect interaction or highlighting brand interactions with some of it’s customers. This may take form in interactive sessions with bots accessible to all customers, your brand may choose to tell customer success stories on it’s website, or even use it as a form of advertising.

This allows your prospects to be a part of the brand story and further propagate the brand style to their contacts and so on.

People have a high tendency of talking about situations, people or even brands which made them feel special or heard. Your brand can gain popularity through the spread of words from one individual to another.

Customer success stories also lay the foundation for success rate and accelerating conversion rates for the company.

Spread the Story

Spreading the story Is a key aspect of brand storytelling which most companies miss out on. Your story should be heard in all your advertisements, company events, website and so on. Most companies confine their brand story to the about us section of the website.

Your brand story needs to be heard or it may fade away with time. To build connections, one needs to ensure their quality of story is top notch but the story will fail if it doesn’t reach people. So, ensure you are continually putting out the values that your brand sells in every opportunity you find.

Brand stories can be spread through online contests, website bots, and other methods of advertising.

What can Konverse do for your Brand?

Konverse AI is a no-code bot builder platform which specializes in improving CSAT scores, accelerating sales strategically and automating existing CRMs with AI bots and other CUIs. These are achieved through the following features: 

  1. Build AI bots/ rule-based bots on Konverse easily without coding!
  2. AI generated daily reports and graphs to gain market insight. You can also study live agent performance on your Konverse account.
  3. Set-up internal and external communication channels for the organization with help from Konverse professionals. 
  4. Accelerate sales through AI bots which can analyze user intent and reach out to prospects proactively. 
  5. Keep prospects and customers informed through automated reminders and notifications from your Konverse account.
  6. Provide personalized attention and recommendations to customers through Konverse AI bots. 
  7. Collect customer feedback and prospect contact details for lead generation through bots.

With Konverse AI, you can stay up to date about new trends and technology in the marketing world through our resources. To explore more aspects of  Konverse platform, schedule a demo or try it for free!

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