echnology has become an integral part of our lives. We have automatic cars, Elevators, computers, even our lights can be controlled by AI technology! So, it only makes sense for technology to be integrated into the education system. 

While most believe in traditional education, the reality is that children living in this world need to be tech-savvy and learn how to use technology safely. Therefore, educational institutes are ideal to introduce students to technology.

Integration of technology with education not only allows children to be better prepared for the real world, but it will also enhance skill-based learning. 

In fact, research suggests that eLearning increases retention rates by 25 to 60 percent. And the Edtech industry is expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2027.

For the benefit of the reader, this article has been divided into 2 parts. 

  • The first part discusses the benefits of Edtech for students and a list of Edtech tools that have proven to be the most effective. 
  • The second part discusses the benefits of Edtech for the Institute itself and a list of Edtech tools that will boost institute growth and quality of service. 

Part 1: Students and Edtech

Innovative learning through audio-visuals and easy access to study material is the future for all students. Edtech tools allow students to learn at their own pace and encourage interactive skill-based learning. While traditional education focused more on theory, modern-day education encourages students to apply their knowledge in the real world. 

Integration of technology with education results in the following: 

  1. Students can enjoy personalized learning
  2. Edtech encourages students to interact and improve class performance 
  3. Students find it easier to clarify doubts and stay up to date with their curriculum when assisted by Edtech tools
  4. Edtech tools encourage community building within students and the institute. 

The Most Effective Edtech Tools for Growth & Learning

List of Edtech Tools for Innovative Learning

Minecraft Education Edition 

Minecraft Education Edition is a sand-castle game where students get to interact with the environment in a non-linear way. The goal of this game is to survive - acquire inventory, build, and explore.

Is Minecraft educational?

Yes, we can consider Minecraft as educational because it boosts collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, direction, and other life skills. Along with life skills, Minecraft also complements maths, reading, writing, business principles, and history learning. 

In short, what Minecraft can impart to students cannot be provided through textbooks. It makes learning fun and interesting.


Peardeck can be integrated with Google slides to create innovative and unique presentations. This is an interactive presentation tool that can actively engage students in social as well as individual learning. 

Peardeck can train learners to make professional presentations which is a much-needed skill for most occupations. 

Peardeck allows the addition of engaging elements to your slides such as audio and gifs to enhance your presentation content. 


TED-Ed videos are educational and spark interesting classroom discussions. These videos are excellent for improving a student’s soft skills. One can use TED-Ed videos to expand their knowledge as it’s filled with a variety of inspirational and enriching academic material.  

The TED-Ed platform allows users to look up any Ted Talk educational video or lessons. The platform also allows users to create custom discussions and questions. You can also use the platform to distribute the lessons privately or publicly and track their impact on the student or an entire class.

Google Jamboard

A classroom without a blackboard is incomplete! Naturally, Jamboards play the role of a blackboard in virtual classrooms. Google jam board comes with a variety of features thus enabling teachers to help their students visualize concepts and grasp knowledge faster.

You can use Google Jamboard to make your virtual classes more interactive, seamless, and engaging. 


Udemy is a great choice for students who are quick learners. Through Udemy videos one can learn life skills to professional skills! Having access to Udemy can also be treated as a library facility as it houses every possible academics-related video for Students to learn from. 

Part 2: Institute and Edtech 

The dependence on Edtech is inevitable for Institutes as technology revolutionizes learning. Institutes are expected to be quick and efficient. Immediate responses, quick to resolve customer issues, and providing quality education have become necessities. 

Integration of technology with Institute systems results in the following: 

  • Improved customer-brand relation 
  • A quick registration, enrolment, and student induction 
  • Manage students and employee data easily
  • Improved conversion rates and revenue generation

List of Edtech tools for Efficiency


Konverse is a conversational AI platform and its Edtech chatbots are one of the best tools you can use for better learning and ease of the process. 

Konverse Edtech chatbots can multiply student engagement, replace the long & boring forms with conversations, assist teachers in grading the students, automate student onboarding, etc. 

Check out more about Konverse Edtech bots here

To build an Edtech bot, you need to follow the following steps: 

Step 1- Sign in to your Konverse account using your verified Email and Password.

Step 2- Select the box with your company name on it.

Step 3- Click on the Dashboard and opt for ‘Bot-builder’.

Step 4- Select the ‘Story builder’ option and start designing the conversation flow. You can choose from several conversation nodes (text, images, cards, quick replies, etc.) as you desire.

Step 5- After you have designed the conversation flow. Choose the ‘test bot’ option from the ‘Bot builder’ drop-down list. This option allows you to try out the AI chatbot before its implementation!

WhatsApp Business API 

WhatsApp Business API is an excellent platform to use while staying connected to parents and prospects. WhatsApp has one of the highest open rates. Thus, it ensures conveying your messages in the right way.

WhatsApp Business API accounts are officially verified by WhatsApp. It comes with various features that make it a great asset for business profiles. With WhatsApp Business API, you can deploy Edtech chatbots, use the message template feature, and the WhatsApp catalog feature. 

Google Classroom

Setting up Google classrooms within your institute domain allows your institute to provide official drives and spaces for Teachers and students to exchange study materials, conduct class tests, and collect assignments on time. 

Google classrooms also come with features that make online or distance learning a great experience for your students. 


Canva is a great tool to use when forming posters, newsletters, or banners for official institute purposes. Canva provides a great variety of templates to create professional announcements quickly and easily. Canva templates can add creativity to professionals. It allows users to reflect Institute style and brand image and convey noteworthy information through its graphics. 


Moodle is an exam platform that will allow your institute to conduct official exams smoothly. Moodle disables several features such as cut, copy, paste when a user is attempting a paper on the platform. These small features ensure that the exam is conducted fairly, devoid of unfair means. 

So, Which Edtech Tools Are You Getting?

Edtech tools can make the entire learning process seamless. Your students and teachers can interact, have fun, and learn in the process too. 

Edtech tools can definitely help you enhance your services. So, analyze what your requirements are and get the tools that are a perfect fit for your business. 

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