any new marketing tools and tricks have been creating buzz for next-gen marketers. But do you know what is the oldest mode of marketing that is still going strong? Yes, it is email marketing! 

Did you know that by 2023, the number of email users will grow to 4.3 billion? And that’s basically half population of the world! If you’re a new-age marketer, you should try to balance between email marketing and the latest marketing trends like social media marketing, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. to ensure success. 

Another technology that has been grabbing quite a few eyeballs lately is AI chatbots. 55% of customers are comfortable with chatbots for instant response. Chatbots can take customer service to the next level, help in generating and nurturing leads, and also cut down operational costs by 30%. 

Since the popularity and effectiveness of AI chatbots, as well as email marketing, are immense, why not make a combination of both? 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can combine conversational AI and email marketing to make the most of both. Let’s get started! 

5 Not-so-Obvious Strategies to Combine Email Marketing and AI Chatbots 

1. Use Conversational AI to Segment your Email List 

Gone are the days when a long and unsegmented email list will do the drill. These days, email marketers spend a lot of their time segmenting their email lists. These email lists are created based on the individual needs of a group of subscribers. 

If you segment your email list based on the target subscribers’ preferences, it is easier to provide the right customers with the right benefits. In fact, segmented email marketing campaigns have resulted in up to a 760% increase in revenue

Now the question is, how conversational AI can help you segment your email list? 

Well, AI chatbots can interact with your customers in real-time and collect the following specific information through natural conversations: 

  • Customers’ demographics 
  • Customers’ location 
  • Customers’ purchase history 
  • Customers’ website behaviors 

Conversational AI can collect all this information without sounding pushy. Hence, you can easily create your buyer persona with these datasets and accordingly build different email lists aligned with your customers’ personalities. 

2. Collect Email Addresses and Build your Email List with AI Chatbots  

What is the first step to run a successful email marketing campaign? Well, collecting the email addresses of your prospects/customers. You collect their email addresses, you build an email list and then you start sending emails! 

With an AI chatbot by your side, growing email lists can become much easier. In fact, one of the most effective email marketing tips that ever worked for us was to use conversational AI for growing our email list. 

Unlike pop-ups and opt-in forms, users are more likely to interact with chatbots for query resolutions. Hence, AI chatbots can easily attract users with their conversational nature and collect their email addresses effortlessly.  

Nevertheless, we also suggest you maintain a non-salesy nature. You cannot just ask for their email address as soon as they enter the website. You should create triggers to drive their interests toward your website. Once the interest is built, then only you can pitch them to subscribe to your email newsletters through your AI chatbots. 

It is a smart way to offer lead magnets like eBooks, courses, videos, guides, etc. through AI chatbots and asking for email addresses from the visitors in this process. 

3. Use AI Chatbots to send Direct Email Notifications 

Did you know that you can send email notifications directly from your AI chatbot dashboard? Yes, that’s correct. In fact, with an effective AI chatbot platform, you get the freedom to send automated welcome emails, product recommendation emails, and so on. 

This means your email marketers can customer service executives can spend lesser time sending email notifications to your long list of contacts. Instead, they can spend time writing emails that actually matter. 

4. Give Some Choices to the Email Subscribers 

You know what, the choice of communication channel should be in the hands of the customers. For example, generation X may be fond of emails. But when it comes to the millennials and gen-Z, they’re more likely to engage with AI chatbots. 

Hence, you cannot assume a communication channel in advance. You need to understand what the customers might prefer and interact with them through their desired channels. Or else, you may end up annoying the customers. 

You can offer your customers multiple choices and ask them to choose. This can make them feel valued and more fond of your products/services. This strategy will also ensure that all your well-drafted emails are not ending up in their spam boxes. 

5. Follow-up with the Leads Generated through Chats 

AI chatbots never sleep. They’re offering you 24/7 live support and they can easily initiate a conversation at any point in time. A smart marketer will take notes from these chats, and will follow up with the leads. 

Hence, with conversational AI, it is very easy to find out which leads are interested in your products and services. Accordingly, you can build your email list, segment the list, and engage with your prospects. 

AI chatbots help you identify the leads who are interested in your products. You then send personalized emails to these leads. And BAM! You convert a lead into a customer. It is that easy! 

Hence, for your sales/email marketing team, AI chatbots are nothing short of an asset! 

Konverse can Help you! 


Combining conversational AI with email marketing can actually prove to be impeccable for your brand. Konverse offers efficient multilingual AI chatbots, 50+ app integrations, and personalized industry-specific solutions. 

So, email marketers out there, what are you waiting for? Book your free trial today

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