re you aware that AI chatbots usage increased by 92% in 2019

Hence, AI chatbots are considered as the brand communication channel with the largest growth. With the pandemic, compelling businesses to go digital, we are pretty sure that the usage of AI chatbots has doubled. 

Among the different types of AI Chatbots, currently, quiz bots are trending. 


Because they have an interesting way of engaging customers. Simply said, they make the conversation interesting and keep customers hooked. 

If you’re interested in engaging customers using fun ways like quizzes, this blog is a must-read for you. At the end of your read, you’ll get to know the most important things about quiz bots. Plus, how you can build a quiz bot without coding!

So, let’s start!

What is a Quiz Bot?

Quiz bots are here to replace your long, boring forms that you send customers to fill in their details. A quiz bot is used for engaging customers in traditional quizzes presented in a fun, conversational way. Quizzes involve customers answering your questions through a conversation instead of the static questions in forms. 

Top 5 Reasons to Use Quiz Bots

If you are confused about replacing forms with quiz bots, then let us give you enough reasons to choose quiz bots over forms. 

Here goes the list!

1. More Engaging

AI Chatbots can engage customers better than forms. Period.

Do you like filling out those never-ending forms?

No. Nobody does. Not even the shorter forms. 

Forms are static. Plus, they are often long and boring. So, filling them out seems like forever for customers. And we think you don’t want bore prospects, right?

So, switching to AI chatbots is a better option at any given moment. Quiz bots do not make prospects feel like the process is boring and time-consuming. The interactions between the bot and the prospect turn engaging as it takes place in the form of simple interactions. 

Plus, with quiz bots, you can use images, videos, GIFs, personalized messages, etc. during the interaction. Hence, you get brownie points for that!

2. Winning Combination 

The combination we are talking about is – Chatting + Quizzes.

People love both these elements. Quizzes are quite fun for people as it makes them feel confident. Plus, it allows expressing themselves without restrictions.

And online chatting is something we need not tell you about. We all love a quick online chat as we are used to conversing daily. It comes naturally to us. Thanks to WhatsApp for Business that we are now more comfortable chatting away our queries instead of making phone calls.

A quiz bot hits the right note by combining chatting and quizzes. And this winning combination is one of the strongest engagement strategies in business. 

3. Information Gathering

Quiz bots are not just entertainers. They are useful in collecting important information about your target audience. 

You can gain insights about your target audience with the help of a quiz bot and these insights can be used for lead qualification and scoring. 

For example, if you’re conducting a quiz on ‘what industry you operate in?’ you may ask the prospect ‘what type of AI Chatbot will you need the most?’ and such other questions. Their response will give you an insight into what their requirement is. 

Or suppose, you are a fast-food chain and you’re making a quiz for your audience. You could ask ‘which fast food you do love to gorge in?’ and offer a few options:

  • Burger
  • Pizza
  • Chicken with fries

With this question, you can know what most of the customers prefer. 

If you observe 95% votes in one of the three options, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to focus on marketing that specific item?

4. Boost Lead Generation

AI chatbots for quizzes can be a boon for lead acquisition. Quiz bots can increase customers’ curiosity and get their hands on customer information. 


By not revealing the quiz result. Immediately.

Several quizzes block access to quiz results. Customers can receive their results in their inbox only. So, email ids are a must.

You can apply the same strategy using AI chatbots. For example, you could start the quiz by asking the customer’s name and a simple introduction. Progressing further, you could then use the customer’s name to add a personal touch to the conversation. This will instantly make the customer comfortable and build a rapport. 

So, asking customers for their email ids, to send the quiz results, won’t feel invasive. You can ask for the information quite naturally, in a flow.

This increases their chance of providing their email id. Why?

Because they have already built an affinity with the awesome quiz bot and they have played the quiz. So, why not get the results as well?!

This chain of thoughts is quite common in customers. They are curious beings wanting to know their quiz results. And they give their email ids.

Voila! You have important lead information!

5. Increase Brand Visibility on Social Media

When you scroll through your news feed on Facebook, have you ever come across a quiz result being shared?

We think you did. And we have seen it too. 

Social media platforms are full of shares. Photos from vacation to informative posts and quiz results, people mostly share them on social media. 

So, after they have played a quiz with you, they might share their result. This is a great way of promoting your brand and attracting more leads organically. 

Steps Down the Quiz Bot Funnel

Several questions related to the quiz might be buzzing in your mind – How to drive leads to the quiz? What are the steps customers might go through in the quiz bot funnel? These questions are important. Because knowing the answers will help you improve your interaction with the leads. 

So, here are the steps of the quiz bot funnel.

Step 1

After your quiz bot is ready, you need to drive leads to the quiz. How do you go about that?

Here are a few ways you can try:

  • Consider posting social media ads
  • Share your quiz directly on social media platforms
  • Add a bright & catchy CTA to your website landing page. Let the quiz stick out on your website
  • Send the quiz to your prospects’ inboxes. Tip: Make the subject line such that it triggers curiosity.

The first step down the quiz bot funnel is done once you share the quiz with your leads.

Step 2

The second stage involves the lead landing on the quiz. Here, you must ensure that the prospect plays along. Hence, make the quiz effortless, interesting, and engaging from the very start. For example, you can create a perfect bot personality that interests the prospect. Plus, you can address the prospect by name for a personal touch. 

Step 3

In the next step, the prospect takes the quiz. This step involves collecting lead information through the AI Chatbot. So, make sure that the quiz bot has a good and engaging chatbot script. Get the important lead information like name, email id. Plus, ask questions that can help prospects to learn something new with each answer. 

Step 4

The quiz is played and it’s time for results! You can send your prospects’ quiz results to their respective email ids (as you’ll already have the email address). Or you can show the results on the website AI Chatbot.

Tip: Remember to add a ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the quiz results. With such CTAs, leads can easily share their results and you can drive more traffic. 

3 Things to Remember Before Building a Quiz Bot

Before we tell you how to build a chatbot with a chatbot builder platform, there are three important aspects you must consider. 

1. Quiz Type

First, you should be very clear about what type of quiz you want to create. There are many ways to develop a quiz, such as;

Personality Quiz

When you want to determine your leads’ personality, a personality quiz comes in handy. A few examples of personality quizzes could be:

  • What kind of a marketer are you?
  • What type of leadership do you implement?
  • Which ice cream flavor best represents your personality?
  • Who are you in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Lead Generation Quiz

Lead quizzes are perfect for collecting new lead contact information. That’s the only purpose of a lead quiz. 

But why will leads take a quiz to offer personal information unless it’s fun and interesting?

So, the lead quiz requires more creativity as it has to be a fun quiz plus, you need to gather information too!

A few examples of lead generation quizzes could be:

  • What would be the name of a book based on your life?
  • What is your mantra for the month?
  • What could be your next Netflix binge-watch?

Knowledge Quiz

A knowledge quiz is all about testing your lead’s knowledge about a specific subject. A few different examples of knowledge quizzes could be:

  • How well do you know these Indian desserts?
  • Can you name these common marketing terms based on their definitions?
  • Can you guess the book by its cover?

2. Quiz bot Channel

Once your quiz bot is ready, you need to choose the channel where it will function. Konverse AI gives you the option of integrating your AI Chatbot with your website, WhatsApp Business API channel, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

To choose the perfect channel for your quiz bot, identify which channel your customers are most comfortable in. For some, it might be WhatsApp- the most popular messaging channel while for others Facebook and Instagram might be better.

So, choose the channel where the quiz would be effortless and convenient and implement your quiz bot there!

3. Quiz Elements

The quiz elements need to be determined after choosing a quiz type and channel for your quiz bot. 

Konverse AI offers you a variety of question formats to choose from for your quiz – 

  • Ask-type questions 
  • Text
  • Quick replies
  • Cards
  • Images & Videos
  • Buttons 
  • Picture Choice, etc.

Among these, you can use the best formats suited to the specific questions that you want to ask in the quiz.

How to Build a Quiz Bot with Konverse AI?

Now comes the actual task – building the quiz bot with a chatbot builder platform. Several no-code chatbot builder platforms are available currently. One of them is Konverse AI

Suppose you are building your quiz bot with Konverse. So, here’s how to build the chatbot without using even the basics of coding!

  • Sign up with Konverse. Take the 14-days free trial. No credit card is required. It will be on us!
  • Verify your email id and log in to your Konverse account. Select Bot Builder from the Konverse Dashboard.
  • Design your quiz bot. Use the different types of question formats and make the quiz engaging plus convenient. Take hints from this blog about designing WhatsApp chatbots.
  • After designing the quiz bot, select Test bot from bot builder.

The above steps will get your quiz bot ready. Once you are done, follow just one step to implement the quiz bot on the chosen channel.

  • Copy-paste the website script to make your quiz bot available on your website. And to implement on other channels, choose Channel from Konverse Settings and set up your chosen platform details like WhatsApp API.

Note: Keep saving the questions to update your quiz bot.

Now that you are clear about how to build a chatbot with the no-code chatbot builder platform-Konverse, here are a few tips that’ll come in handy.

  • Design an awesome welcome message. It will trigger the lead’s decision – ‘Yes! I want to take the quiz’ OR ‘No, it’s not that interesting’. So, make it catchy – add images, gifs, etc.
  • Add a name block. Ask and get the lead’s name. Thereafter, personalize the quiz using the name. 
  • Select the scoring system of the quiz. The easiest one is to set points against each option. Like, 3 points for choosing option A, 2 for B, and 1 for C.
  • Set the questions using buttons and assign the scores to each option using the Set Variables option on the Konverse Bot builder.
  • To make the quiz more conversational, add messages in between like ‘Great going, Joey!’.
  • Next, you are to show the quiz results. You can do so by sending the result to the lead’s email id. For that, you have to ask for the prospect’s email id before showing the results. Or you can display the result in the AI chatbot. At Konverse, you can do so by using the ‘Conditions’ option. This option will enable you to create different messages for different scores. 
  • Lastly, add a goodbye block. This will act as the share button for the prospect. Example: ‘Want your friends to play? Share the quiz!’

The Final Quiz Bot Ready to Rock

And that’s it! We have come to the end of the quiz bot-building process!

We hope most of your doubts are cleared regarding quiz bots. And now, you might consider having one!

To know more about bot-building on the Konverse Platform, take a quick tour of our Help Center. And for further queries, the team’s up and running! You may quickly schedule a demo with us.

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