usinesses love to be updated on statistics. No?

Numbers somehow work better. It states the exact facts and you are convinced about the information.

Coming to WhatsApp, when did you last use it? Yesterday? Or perhaps, a few minutes ago?

Most people are likely to use WhatsApp at least once every hour. Whether it’s catching up with an old friend or texting a new client, WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform. 

So, this blog is for businesses who are planning to use WhatsApp for business. Plus, for those who have already started using it. 

Are you in any one of these categories? If yes, then read on to keep yourself updated with the latest WhatsApp statistics.

Our WhatsApp statistics can answer many of your questions. It will give you the reasons why you should consider WhatsApp for Business. 

So, let’s get started with the WhatsApp Statistics!

1. Billions of Users on WhatsApp Can Open Up New Possibilities 

The first reason why you should consider WhatsApp for Business is the number of users on WhatsApp.

As of March 2020, WhatsApp had two billion active users per month. Looking at its growth over the decade, we think it must have increased by now (2021).

WhatsApp is now competing well with popular social media platforms like Instagram or even Facebook (though Facebook isn’t a competitor really!) if we consider the number of users. It makes a great platform for reaching out to potential customers.

What makes WhatsApp more attractive is its ease of use!

WhatsApp statistics say that people across different age groups have been using the channel. It has become a comfort zone. So, if you start reaching out to customers in their comfort zone, the results are going to be better. No?

The entire process of shopping comes to a single messaging platform and there’s no problem communicating with the brand. What can make a customer happier than such a smooth service?!

2. Increasing Smartphone Usage makes WhatsApp a Viable Option

Smartphones are everywhere. If not, you may keep guessing where these devices haven’t reached yet!

As far as online shopping is concerned, what we found is that it has grown ever since the onset of eCommerce. 

In 2020, thanks (or no thanks! 🙄) to the pandemic that online shopping increased by leaps and bounds. Over two billion people purchased products and services online and e-retail sales exceeded 4.2 trillion US dollars globally

From these whopping sales, most of it takes place through mobile phones compared to other devices like desktops and tablets. It’s not surprising though but 68% of website visits come from mobile phones, 29% from desktops, and 3% from tablets. And coming to online shopping, here’s what we found on the online shopping traffic for the fashion, travel, and retail industry.

  • Fashion Industry – 76% Mobile and 24% Desktop 
  • Travel Industry – 55% Mobile and 45% Desktop
  • Retail – 67% Mobile and 33% Desktop

All of these statistics point towards the huge traffic coming from mobile phones. And WhatsApp, being the most comfortable mobile application, is easily accessible to customers. So, why not take advantage of this accessibility to make your business visible to millions?!

To boost your brand’s WhatsApp statistics, make the channel your primary customer support platform. Once you leverage the benefits of WhatsApp for business, sales can literally pour in!

3. Availability of WhatsApp in Different Languages is a Plus

Another cool WhatsApp statistic that you must know about is that WhatsApp is available in 180 countries catering to the local crowds in 60 languages. This gives you a great opportunity to eliminate the language barrier and reach out to more target customers. 

Especially, if you are a global business, WhatsApp for Business can work wonders for you. Think about the customers’ delight when they come to know that your brand communicates in their local language via WhatsApp. That can be pretty comfortable and convenient for customers. 

So, as you plan to spread your wings beyond national boundaries, WhatsApp will offer you the perfect platform to do so!

4. WhatsApp Texts have Higher Open rate than Marketing Emails  

Emails are the first way to get connected to a customer. Businesses still use email marketing extensively to reach out to leads.

Did you know that an email has an open rate of 56% and a WhatsApp message has an open rate of 99%?

While email marketing has its set of advantages, if we consider open rates, WhatsApp messages have the highest open rates. So, once you have sent a text on WhatsApp, you can be assured that your customers will read it. 

So, the interaction on WhatsApp proves to be more effective than other forms of communication. 

India, being a growing market, 84% of small businesses here believe that WhatsApp has helped them in maintaining customer interaction. Plus, 80% of the small businesses believe that WhatsApp is boosting their overall growth. 

5. Conversations over WhatsApp might Increase Conversion Rates

You may have noticed the frequency of people using WhatsApp. They may be messaging a contact, now and then or responding to messages at an hour’s interval. 

Though you know the frequent use of WhatsApp messaging, you might be amazed looking at the bigger picture. Every day, more than 65 billion messages are exchanged over WhatsApp by people, including that last text you sent your friend about the meet-up today!

Today’s customers demand instant replies and prompt resolution of issues. WhatsApp for Business makes it possible as it supports seamless two-way communication between brands and customers. Hence, this can result in higher conversion rates.

FYI, messaging a lead after an initial conversation can shoot up your conversion rates by about 113%. About three or more texts can result in as high as 328% increase in conversion rates

Besides the global WhatsApp statistics, we also have an example - GlobeAir, a private jet operator in Europe. The company witnessed a 27% increase in sales after posting their WhatsApp for Business contact on the brand website. 

Trust is very much related to communication in online shopping. The more you stay connected to customers, you enhance your customer’s shopping experience. And WhatsApp provides you with the best possible way to keep the interaction with your customers going. 

So, WhatsApp messaging done right can keep your conversion rates booming!

6. Chats are Taking Over Good Old Phone Calls

The phone rings. Your customer service agent picks up and the conversation starts ‘Hello! How may I help you today?’

This is just the start of the conversation and nobody’s sure how long it might continue. 

But several customers today have really saved your live agents from such long phone conversations. 

According to a Facebook Messaging Survey by Nielsen, 67% of consumers suggested that they prefer and expect to use the mobile messaging apps for chatting with businesses in the coming years. Plus, 53% of the survey respondents said that they would shop from brands with direct messaging services. 

What more can be said of using WhatsApp when consumers demand chat over calls and 80% of WhatsApp messages get seen within 5 minutes of sending

So, WhatsApp statistics say that the app has 99% open rate. Plus, 80% of messages seen within 5 minutes of sending makes the platform one of the best for businesses. 

7. WhatsApp Chatbots are the Next Big Thing in Business

AI Chatbots have captured consumers quite well. Over 67% of consumers globally used a chatbot for customer support in 2019

As of 2020, AI Chatbots became all the more prominent and 1.4 billion people used chatbots across several industries on a regular basis

Plus, what’s more interesting is that the bot-only conversations have an average customer satisfaction rate of 87.58% which is not bad at all. 

So, here’s another reason why you should go for WhatsApp for Business. WhatsApp for Business allows you to integrate WhatsApp chatbots.

These AI Chatbots can not only reduce your customer service costs by 30% but can also make your customer service seamless. 

So, overall, having a WhatsApp Business API can get you to the vision that you have built for your brand

But we know you are stuck with a few questions about getting started with WhatsApp Business API, integrating AI Chatbots to the platform, and making it all work.

So, to reduce your stress we have detailed a few must-know things about WhatsApp Business API in the next section. Keep reading!

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business API

After all the WhatsApp statistics that you read, isn’t it the best idea to connect with a WhatsApp Business API solutions provider? 

Several platforms can provide you with WhatsApp Business API solutions. But we would recommend exploring Konverse AI

Konverse makes it easy to implement WhatsApp Business API

With your WhatsApp Business API being set up, you can build and integrate an AI Chatbot into your WhatsApp channel. 

Besides, Konverse AI offers you a lot of WhatsApp Business API features wherein you can use the Konverse Dashboard to send WhatsApp Template Messages for approval, work with campaigns, monitor customer interactions and analyse your live agent, bot performance through the dashboard. To know more on this front, check out the help center of Konverse AI

How to Build a WhatsApp Chatbot?

The good news is that you don’t have to know coding (not even the basics) to build a bot. For example, Konverse AI is a no-code bot-building platform where you can easily build your bot and integrate it with your WhatsApp Business API. Here’s how:

  • The first thing you need to do is sign up with Konverse. Take the 14-days free trial here. No credit card required.
  • Once signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Verify and sign in to your Konverse account
  • Click on your company name icon on the Konverse dashboard and select bot builder to access the Konverse Bot Building platform. From the side panel, select story builder and you can then start with your bot building process
  • Click on the ‘Add’ button to start the conversation flow. Design your Chatbot conversation flow using images, text replies, quick replies, cards, etc. Read our blog on designing a perfect WhatsApp chatbot conversation flow to ensure smooth customer-bot interaction.

Note: Keep adding the text blocks and click on save to auto-update the bot

  •  Click on the bot builder icon and select ‘Test Bot’. Test Bot lets you have a conversation with the bot before making it live on different channels.

Following the 👆 steps will get your chatbot ready to be implemented across different channels. Once your bot is ready, follow the steps 👇

  •  Implement the bot on your WhatsApp Business, choose ‘settings’ from the left-hand side panel of the Konverse Dashboard.
  •  Choose the ‘Channels’ icon and set up your WhatsApp Business API details. Your bot will be ready to take over your customer service on WhatsApp.

To know more on bot building with Konverse, see our tutorial on bot building here

Wrapping Up

With all the compiled WhatsApp statistics, you now know that the platform is a powerful one when it comes to marketing. 

WhatsApp Business API has been adopted by most businesses to stay connected to customers. And it has yielded successful results. 

So, chalk out a plan, schedule a demo with Konverse and let your WhatsApp chatbot roll in!

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