uess who’s winning the race for helping businesses acquire leads?

WhatsApp it is!

Studies suggest that more than 5 million businesses actively use WhatsApp for connecting with customers and prospects. As many as 80% of small businesses think that WhatsApp has enabled growth in their business.

But why?

The moment WhatsApp came into existence people were thoroughly impressed by the smooth messaging service. Everything else like emails, SMS, and especially calls took a backseat and WhatsApp had all the attention.

Today, this amazing messaging platform registers 1 million new users every day and there are 1 billion daily active users. So, with these whopping statistics, who wouldn’t use WhatsApp for business growth?!

From lead generation to marketing, customer service, businesses are using WhatsApp in multiple ways. Plus, WhatsApp Bots are on the horizon to become the next big thing!

Before we get into the details, let’s tell you what information you’ll come across as you read this blog…

  • Actionable insights on using WhatsApp Bots for Lead Generation; and
  • WhatsApp Bot Examples to Take Inspiration from

So, we promise, it’s going to be a quick read and your takeaway will be ideas for your business. Let’s get started!

5 Ways to Use WhatsApp Bots for Lead Generation

Christina Milian (Forbes) said, ‘I think chatbots are the future of engagement between a fan and a brand or celebrity' and we think the future is now.

AI chatbots are already on the rise with the ongoing pandemic compelling businesses to go digital. Since, WhatsApp has become quite the popular star for business growth, implementing WhatsApp bots is the next thing that businesses are looking up to.  

So, if you’re planning to implement a WhatsApp bot for lead generation, then these actionable insights might come in handy.

1. How about Q&A sessions?!

WhatsApp Bots are a natural fit for Q&A. Imagine the pain of your live agents when multiple customers are raising queries at the same time. That’s where AI chatbots play a defining role.

Your WhatsApp bot can easily handle multiple queries at a time and take in many inputs too. So, better the engagement, better the lead generation!

2. Leave the long lead generation forms behind

Your leads may often leave halfway due to the long and boring lead generation forms. Through WhatsApp Bots, you can quickly gather your lead’s data. 

Let your WhatsApp chatbot ask questions, engage customers through an interesting story or put forward anything that interests your lead.

3. Drop-off triggers work well

Your leads may drop off from a conversation mid-way due to some work or the other. Hence, the information they provide remains incomplete.

Re-engaging with such leads is a big deal with traditional forms, but WhatsApp bots can send a quick notification or a reminder asking the user to come back. If drop-off triggers are sent at proper intervals, the chances of increasing your conversion rates can be high.

4. WhatsApp chatbots are Never offline

Chatbots can go on 24/7, unlike human agents. So, when your sales team is offline, your AI chatbots implemented across channels (including WhatsApp) can look for leads.

Suppose, a prospect contacts you beyond your working hours on WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp bot will be readily available to respond to all of the prospect’s standard queries. Hence, engagement at the right time can qualify your leads!

5. Attach a lead magnet to your WhatsApp Bot

Not getting enough leads? Create a lead magnet for your WhatsApp Chatbot and welcome leads!

Lead magnets can be anything starting from giveaways, tutorials, coupons, to e-books, free trials, and quick surveys.

In Brazil, Hellman’s Mayonnaise used WhatsCook service as a lead magnet. WhatsCook connected people with chefs through real-time service on WhatsApp. Through these videos, the chefs help people to come up with innovative recipes with ingredients that are already available in their kitchen.

Hellman used the concept of combining automated response with live chat and this created the right impact on customer experience.

Get Inspiration from these WhatsApp Bot Examples

Ideas spark from inspiration. So, we thought of giving you a list of real-world WhatsApp bot examples.

1. BMW Munich

BMW Munich offers this special ‘Follow Now’ WhatsApp bot that helps customers to check their real-time repair status. While it works great for customers as they can check the repair status of their car easily, it also saves customer support from too many calls.

2. Women’s Best

Right now, the customer support team at Women’s Best is the happiest!

David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Women’s Best, says that the customer support team receives 70% fewer emails after the launch of their AI chatbot.

The Women’s Best WhatsApp Bot offers first-level support to customers. It asks customers for their basic details like name, country, language, and email. Then it quickly hands them over to its human colleague.

3. Holiday Pirates

The travel deals by Holiday Pirates are good news to customers and this good news is shared by the brand’s WhatsApp chatbot.

Customers get all information about flight prices, packages, and competitions. Plus, if any category is subscribed by a user, Holiday Pirates sends them personalized content like videos or images, etc.

While these are only a few WhatsApp bot examples, there’s truly no limit to what your bot can do for you. From responding to queries, collecting feedback, sending content to quick quizzes, qualify leads and so much more!

For more WhatsApp bot examples, take a quick look at these Top 5 WhatsApp Chatbots to Take Inspiration From.

How About Readying Your WhatsApp Bot with Konverse AI?

Could we interest you in planning for a WhatsApp bot to level up your lead generation process? We are hopeful!

However, building a WhatsApp Bot and implementing it could require some professional help. 

With the Konverse AI team, implementing a WhatsApp bot can become a cakewalk. For more information, you can also visit the Konverse Help Center.

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