ealth is Wealth and today’s customers are taking it seriously. 

As more consumers are making their physical and mental health a priority, AI Chatbots are helping them to be healthier. 

Chatbots are connecting people to the right services when needed through streamlining reminders, appointments and through automation of wellness programs.

There are various aspects of consumers’ life that chatbots cover. Be it physical or mental fitness, or even their capability to build and maintain relationships. Even on self-improvement journeys, consumers rely on chatbots for accountability and guidance. 

Chatbots are even treading the human territory of feelings and empathy. You can see conversational AI in action like Google Assistant & Siri. They have become trusted friends of many consumers. 

Taking this growing interaction between consumers and chatbots as cue, the health & wellness industry has plunged into using AI chatbots for managing its activities.

There are countless chatbots developed for assisting doctors, nurses, patients and their families. For instance, Phablecare.com uses Konverse AI WhatsApp for Business or WhatsApp Business API that allows caregivers and doctors to access all patient information relevant to the treatment. Also, integrating WhatsApp for Business with third-party tools, healthcare businesses can record and access patient’s medical data to provide the right care, especially in case of emergencies.

Moreover, chatbots are being used for better organization of patient appointments, management of medication, providing first aid during emergencies and even offering solutions to simple health issues. 

Digging deeper, we have identified in what other ways can the health & wellness sector benefit from AI Chatbots. So, let’s get started!

10 Benefits of Health & Wellness Chatbots

The health & wellness sector is surrounded by a lot of questions. Customers are generally paranoid before they can trust a brand. 

So, how does chatbots help here?

With chatbots, you can quickly overcome obstacles, drive sales and appointments and provide customer support with perfection. 

Taking a closer look, we have identified these amazing benefits:

1. Booking Doctor’s Appointment 

Booking your appointment with doctors has become hassle-free. With chatbots you can speak like you would to an assistant. You enter the details in a series of chats and book an appointment according to the slot obtained.

You also get the chance to search for a physician based on your needs while booking an appointment. It’s fascinating how all this can take place just in a conversational AI interface.

Earlier, patients were needed to call up directly at the hospital to book an appointment. This, at times, results in deferred appointments and even their cancellation.

Quick responses, accuracy minus the successive phone calls and frustration. Chatbots quickly dissolve issues and get the work done.

2. Reduced Wait Times

A survey report suggests that 68% of consumers like how quickly chatbots respond to their queries. Customers type in a question and they get their answer within seconds. Since, in medical situations, time is crucial, people do not like to keep waiting.

Employing chatbots enable immediate response and solutions to issues. Hence, it’s a lot better to quickly get your queries addressed through chatbots than wait for email replies or phone calls. 

3. Address FAQs

Chatbots are amazing at resolving generic issues and addressing queries. Many clinics and hospitals have transformed their FAQs section into a chatbot that features on the home page of their website.

This bot is responsible for answering queries and providing a 24/7 live support. You can easily find the answers to your general questions. For example, information on payment tariffs, documentation required for the check-up and many more.

It’s basically a one-stop destination for all your general queries. You no longer need to search for information or call up health and wellness centres and waste your precious time.

4. Enhanced Customer Service

Chatbots take your customer service to the next level. The limitation of live agents is that they can only handle a limited number of customers at a time. As customers increase, so does live agents and of course, the costs increase as well.

With chatbots, you do not have to think about this limitation. They can handle multiple customers at a time. AI Chatbots are built in a way that they can manage thousands of queries simultaneously. 

So, if you’re a healthcare service provider, consider implementing chatbots. They’re a great tool for enhancing your customer service at affordable costs without compromising on quality.

5. On-Time Medical Advice

Yes, you are reading it right!

A well-employed chatbot can provide timely medical advice too. For example, NHS launched an app to reduce the burden on their helpline number. Now, people can simply chat with the Chatbot to get their medical advice.

Like, if you have misread the prescription and are confused about your next step, then ask the chatbot without wasting any time. You’ll get the advice on what to do next.

6. Medication Reminders

Doctors find it quite challenging to get patients to take their medications as recommended. A study suggested that almost 50% of patients do not take their medications properly or forget about it altogether.

Here, chatbots can be of great help.

Chatbots are popular in the health and wellness sector for daily reminding patients about taking their medications. The patient needs to write down the details of medications like what to take, when to take etc. The chatbot directly can send a reminder each time the patient needs to take the medicine.

So, doctors and caregivers can easily instruct patients to get a chatbot to remind them of their medications.

7. Huge Cost Savings

As you have read through the above points, you probably have got an idea of how useful chatbots are in the health and wellness industry. They are experts at handling so many tasks. This is a massive cost cut for business. But how?

For example, if you want to enhance your customer support or manage and schedule appointments, prioritize patient care, you’ll need more employees. More employees mean further hiring and training which incurs huge cost.

With chatbots, you need not incur these costs. Developing and employing chatbots come comparatively cheaper and you can get so many things done at a time. A study by Juniper Research forecasts that in industries like retail, banking, e-commerce and healthcare, chatbots will be responsible for saving costs of over $8 billion per annum by 2022.

So, lower costs and higher efficiency. Absolutely amazing, right?

8. Improved Communications and Patient Engagement 

Conversational AI is the perfect tool to keep patients engaged, especially in the post-treatment phase.

The post-treatment phase is often ignored but it is equally important as scheduling appointments, diagnosis and setting reminders for medications. Patient engagement chatbots can help the health and wellness centres to check on the patients’ well-being and track their vitals frequently in the post-treatment phase.

They can also remind them about taking their pills and push them to take care, preventing the chances of any relapse. The outcome – A wholly recovered patient and less-burdened staff with spare time to take care of critical patients.

Additionally, chatbots can support not only the patients but also the staff. For example, if the employees have queries about any specific process within the organisation, they can interact with the chatbot. If the chatbot is set up linked to training videos and relevant materials, the staff can easily access and resolve their queries. 

9. Patient Feedback

Feedbacks tell you how you’ve worked. Without feedback, how will you make your services exceptional?!

When you offer healthcare services, it’s essential to take patients’ feedback to understand the level of your service.

Chatbots are great at collecting feedback. Patients may not be interested in filling out survey forms.  So, if you employ a chatbot to collect patient feedback it will be much easier. Patients can chat with the bot, answer the questions related to your service or rate the overall experience. 

10. Automated Billing and Payments

With chatbots, generating invoices and making payments, especially in the health and wellness sector has become easier. Sending invoices individually and keeping a track of payments can be really exhausting, time-consuming and costly as well. Hence, chatbots are the best option here.

For example, you can programme a chatbot to send an invoice and collect the payment after the patient had the session with the doctor. This will significantly reduce administrative costs.

How can Conversational AI Support the Health & Wellness Sector?

It won’t be wrong to say that Conversational AI or Chatbots can be the one-stop destination for all health and wellness solutions.

They are useful for multiple tasks and hence, can provide immense support to ensure enhanced quality of service.

What we cannot miss out on is the multilingual capability of AI Chatbots. Multilingual chatbots can chat with customers in their local language. This ensures better understanding and makes customers comfortable. The bottom line being improved interaction with customers, higher conversion and better retention.

So, here, we list a few ways in which Conversational AI can support the health and wellness sector.

1. Remote Pre-Diagnosis Comes Easy

With chatbots, you can give customers easier access to remote pre-diagnosis. With the pandemic locking them within the four walls, you can use Conversational AI like WhatsApp Business API to offer customers with relevant information on health and wellness. You can take bookings through chatbots, call an ambulance, set medication reminders and what not. Additionally, post-treatment you can offer tips for leading a healthy life.

2. Boost Customer Loyalty

When it comes to boosting customer loyalty, Chatbots are your best friend. The heath and wellness sector are generally complicated and patients are required to overcome long queues, waiting times to schedule an appointment. With AI Chatbots, you can simply eliminate these barriers and provide a smooth service to customers.

Moreover, chatbots can support you in making improvements. They can collect patient feedback on service and you can make the necessary improvements to ensure enhanced customer loyalty.

3. Chatbots provide 24/7 live support

Whatever the time, chatbots are always active. You can provide customers with a 24/7 live support with chatbots. They can use the services of your organisation to get their queries related to medications, diets or symptoms addressed.

So, with chatbots, you can increase customer engagement and interaction. Consequently, customers will surely make return visits to the company website!

4. Widen your reach to wellness resources

With health and wellness chatbots you can get better access to wellness resources. You can get fitness tips, support on skincare & haircare, information on vitamins, health and dietary supplies and so much more.

Create Your own Health & Wellness Chatbot with Konverse

With Conversational AI providing so many support functions, why not get a health and wellness chatbot?!

Konverse is the destination where you can get all the solutions to a high-performing business. From its WhatsApp Business API to health and wellness chatbots, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Konverse's chatbots can make your business fast and super easy. From fast and smooth appointment booking to sending patient reminders on medication and their visit to doctors/ wellness coaches, 24/7 live support, faster access to resources, calling an ambulance and collecting customer feedback, our chatbot does it all. Additionally, you can significantly reduce your operational costs and boost customer engagement.

So, if you’re planning to add an AI chatbot to your business, you can always schedule a demo with Konverse. We’ll help you learn more about Chatbots, their functions and how chatbots can take your health & wellness business to the next level.

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