oing on a trip has always been fun, right?

But what about all the work right before it? From booking tickets to booking hotels, planning a trip calls for a lot of research.

You may end up calling multiple travel agencies, communicating via emails, reaching out to hotels, airlines and so much more.

While this can be pretty exhausting for you, it’s the same for the staff of the travel and hospitality sector.

With the amazing innovation of AI Chatbots, the travel and hospitality sector have got quite a unique opportunity to make their operations more efficient and hassle-free.

Conversational AI technology has revolutionized the travel and hospitality sector and as a result, the services of the industry have become more customer-friendly.

Here, we have listed 5 ways how AI Chatbots have revolutionized the travel & hospitality sector. Let’s get started!

5 Ways AI Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Travel & Hospitality Sector

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Seamless service always attracts customers, right? And there are so many possibilities with AI chatbots.

Bots can deliver a seamless customer experience and hence, hotels and travel agencies are employing them to enhance their customer experience.

Chatbots can offer 24/7 live support and hence, no matter the time your customers can be attended to. AI Chatbots can respond and resolve standard queries while they can also route the issue to an ideal customer support team if required.

So, aren’t they the perfect assistants?!


2. Witness a Surge in Customer Engagement

A higher rate of customer engagement is what AI Chatbots ensure. When you employ chatbots as a customer touchpoint, they prove to be the best as there’s no time boundary or frustration or even waiting time.

Chatbots are spontaneous. They instantly respond to queries, hold conversations simultaneously with multiple customers without getting irritated.

Anything else?

Yes. AI Chatbots can also assist you with bookings, recommend travel destinations or can provide you with special discount offers.

3. Save your Resources & Efforts

When you are overwhelmed with customer queries, that’s when AI Chatbots come to the rescue.

Often hotels and travel agencies get bombarded with a lot of FAQs and routine queries. And human agents can easily become frustrated responding to the same queries over and over again. Hence, there may be a decline in customer service efficiency.

With the introduction of AI Chatbots, these standard queries can now be handled easily without having to spend many resources. You can use a chatbot to instantly respond to FAQs resulting in reduced customer wait time and saving on long frustrated customer calls.

The routine queries can be easily resolved by chatbots while saving your human resources for more complex queries.

In short, handling customers become pretty effortless with AI Chatbots.

4.  Get Access to a Treasure Trove of Data

AI chatbots record the users’ data which can then be used to identify common customer queries, issues within the system, and accordingly, improvements can be done.

Also, with the help of these records, you can know your customers better – their travel history, most liked destinations, purchases, preferences etc.

All in all, these data records offer a 360-degree view of customers and this can be used to offer a more personalised experience for customers.

5. Experience Boost in Sales

If you’re still planning to employ chatbots, then knowing that they can speed up your sales might help you in decision-making.

AI Chatbots are sales boosters. They can assist customers throughout the buyer’s journey and ensure that customers move seamlessly from awareness to the stage of conversion in the shortest possible time. Thus, they provide the opportunity to increase your revenue.

Through enhancing customer experience, AI Chatbots makes sure that the customers are well assisted and that they stick to the brand in the long run.

The Winning Example of Edwardian Hotels

While we know that you’re pretty clear about chatbots and how they can help a travel & hospitality business to grow, we have the success story of Edward - the AI Chatbot at Edwardian Hotels.

Edwardian Hotels implemented AI Chatbots and offered them to their guests. They use the services of the chatbot by sending a text message ‘Edward’. So, Edward can give visitors a tour around the hotel, restaurant, bars and also manage their complaints.

The brand utilises chatbots to its advantage to offer guests the perfect customer experience, thus, retaining loyal customers.

Edward – the multilingual bot has helped over 28000 guests from almost 99 countries in 59 languages. It handled customer requests within minutes collecting all the praises and appreciation from guests. Overall, implementing Edward – The Chatbot Edwardian Hotels did witness a 10-15% surge in rooms' service sales.

Upscale Your Business with Konverse

AI Chatbot is an amazing source of benefit for businesses in the travel & hospitality sector without a doubt. They can help you take your business to the next level.

So, if you’re planning to implement chatbots anytime soon, we suggest the Konverse AI Platform. With Konverse travel & hospitality bots, you can be assured that sales will increase and customers will get a better experience with your brand.

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