hinking of ways to grow your business? 🤔

Well, a massive audience of 1.3 billion is waiting. Want to tap?

Then create a Facebook Messenger bot and gear up for some Facebook chatbot marketing.

Facebook Messenger statistics have disclosed that over 20 billion messages are exchanged monthly between customers and brands. Currently, there are over 300,000 Facebook Messenger bots engaging customers now and then.

That means, if you start with Facebook Chatbot marketing, you can tap into the massive customer base that’s out there.

So, why wait?! Let’s hop right into the details of Facebook Messenger bots and Facebook Chatbot Marketing!

7 Ways to Help you Get Started with Facebook Messenger Bots

The best thing about Facebook Messenger bots is that they are super easy to use. All you have to do is partner with a no-code chatbot builder like Konverse AI.

At Konverse, we not only make building chatbots easy, but we also offer features that help in training the bot as well.  

For instance,

  • FAQ– This feature suggests questions while training the bot. It helps you cover as many customer queries as possible.
  • Conversation Starter- This feature helps the bot to detect visitors with high-buying intent. Once identified you can reach them out proactively for higher conversion.

There are several features that Konverse offers. All you need to do is explore Konverse AI.

Once you partner with an awesome bot-builder, get started with your Facebook Messenger Bots using any of these 7 ways.

1. Automate Q&A, it’s Important!

It is the simplest yet one of the most useful ways to use a chatbot.

AI chatbots can handle customer queries efficiently.

Find out what customers ask you about the most, train the bot accordingly and implement them. You’ll be amazed how your live agents’ workload gets halved.

Start with creating a simple chatbot to respond to queries like;

  • What is the status of my order?
  • What is your customer care contact number?
  • What are your business hours?
  • How to place an order?

2. Try out Sending Messages for Better Engagement

Depending on what type of brand you are, send weekly or daily messages to customers using Facebook Messenger Bots.

For example:

  • A bookstore might send out the weekly list of best sellers
  • If you are a fitness brand or mental health app might send daily positive mantras in the morning
  • A fashion brand can send out weekly fashion tips to customers

3. Take Orders

Your Facebook Messenger bots can make the ordering process seamless. Your customers can directly place an order over messenger and get their confirmation updates too.

For example, Pizza Hut’s Facebook Messenger subscribers can place their orders through the app. They can complete the entire order without visiting any other external links.

4. Play Quizzes, Conduct Polls & Surveys

Conducting quizzes and contests are fun ways to engage customers.

Your Facebook Messenger Bots can easily conduct quizzes and get insights about your customers. Like, if you are a restaurant, you could ask, ‘what’s your comfort food?’ or ‘your favorite cuisine’, etc.

Further, surveys and polls are also great ways of gathering insights about customers.

Spotify- the music streaming service provider, does it really well. It often asks its listeners – ‘what kind of music are you looking for?’ and provides a few options like Popular, Featured, Mood, Genre, etc.

5. Announce New Blog Posts or Send Latest Content

Let your customers know what’s new. Tell them about a recent blog post by sending a quick promotional message via the Facebook Messenger bot.

You can also send them short updates about new ad content. But be careful not to bombard them with everyday messages.

It might overwhelm your subscribers!

6. Send Out Reminders

Sending reminders is like walking the extra mile.

If you have an upcoming event like a webinar or trade fair, use your Facebook Messenger bots to send out reminders to customers beforehand.

You can also send out reminders about the upcoming Black Friday Sale or any other big sale event so that they do not miss out on it!

7. Send Coupons & Special Offers

Customers are super happy when you offer them special deals 😍.

So, send exclusive coupons, offers, or promo codes to customers via Facebook Messenger bots.

For instance, for new customers, you might offer them free shipping or 25% off on their next order.

You could also send them a discount offer a few days after they have made their purchase. Suppose, a customer buys a 60-day supply of cornflakes. Use your Facebook Messenger Bot to send customers a 20% discount message 45 days after the purchase.

How About a Few Facebook Chatbot Marketing Tips?

If you are planning to start Facebook Chatbot Marketing, then just do it! ✅

There’s a huge opportunity for you to connect, engage, and take leads through the sales funnel using Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing.

Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your Facebook chatbot marketing game.

1. Don’t Be Boring!

Make sure your Facebook Chatbot Marketing engages customers easily. Keep the conversations simple and use a friendly and personable tone.

Start with ‘Hi friend! How can I help you?’. Ask for basic customer details like name, contact or email, interests, issues, etc. Further, use the customer’s name for the rest of the conversation to add a personal touch.

2. Ace the Facebook Chatbot Marketing Game with Campaigns

As a business, you need to make your presence felt. Be consistent with your chatbot marketing campaigns.

Send your subscribers discount messages, promotional content over Facebook Messenger. Not many eCommerce brands do this. So, take advantage of the opportunity and get instant access to your subscribers.

3. Make Sales and Provide Tracking Details

Your Facebook Messenger bot can sell products directly through the app. Your customers can complete their purchase on Facebook itself without visiting any external links.

Your bots can recommend products, show catalogs, and assist customers to make purchases. Thus, you can take your Facebook Chatbot marketing the to next level.

You can also provide order tracking details to customers using your Facebook Messenger bot. Automate shipping updates, tracking details, and send updates to your customers.

In short, with your Facebook messenger bots, the possibilities are endless. Complete payments, connect with brands, promote, and whatnot.

4. Grow your Subscribers’ List

Your audience should be growing. So, don’t just rely on emails.

Send stock updates, tips, behind-the-scenes clips, offers, product demos, alerts, and much more through the Facebook Messenger bot.

You can integrate Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing and emails into your eCommerce marketing mix.

This way you will have multiple platforms to work with. Hence, you can engage better, connect well, and ensure enhanced marketing through various channels.

Ready to Implement Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing?

If you haven’t yet planned about integrating Facebook Chatbot marketing in your marketing mix, then give it a thought.

Facebook is here to stay. The platform has globally connected people and it has millions of active users.

So, it’s a good idea to use Facebook to your advantage. Boost visibility, sales, and engage better with customers.

Regarding Facebook Messenger bots, we are here to help you out 😎.

Any questions?

Take a tour of the Konverse AI platform or schedule a demo with us. To know more, you might also visit our Help Center.

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