onversational marketing is all about sales acceleration!

According to Whisbi reports, 68% of customers use a bot or live chats over long phone calls or forms 🤩.

However, for sales acceleration, you must use the winning strategy of combining both AI chatbots and sales representatives. Both AI chatbots and sales representations must be efficiently employed to get an overall boost in sales.

This blog is all about sales acceleration and achieving it by striking the right conversation with the right prospect, and providing the best customer experience. And all you need to do is rely on Konverse AI, its features to know who your qualified leads are. Plus, to provide them with the best-personalized service.

So, keep reading to know about the best sales acceleration strategies with Konverse AI 😎

Best Sales Acceleration Features by Konverse AI

We aren’t exaggerating but Konverse AI does offer multiple features that are a must-employ for sales acceleration. Have a look at the features and what you can do by employing them.

1. Build Conversations based on Customer Segments

Segmentation is easier with Konverse. With this feature, you can build custom segments and target lists according to customer needs and preferences. All in all, you will be able to provide custom solutions to provide the best customer experience.

2. Personalize Chats with Customer Data

Personalization is power. Konverse AI chatbots are experts at collecting customer information. This information can then be used for sending personalized messages during a conversation, emails, customized offers, and so much more. With Konverse, there’s so much you can do with your eCommerce bot.

3. Smart Conversation Routing with Users & Teams

Konverse bots are trained for smart routing of conversations. Though the bots can solve up to 90% of customer queries, at times, a sales representative is needed. At such times, the bots admit fallouts and route the conversation to the ideal customer service agent.

With the Users & Teams feature, you can create separate teams for handling specific issues. For instance, a team for tracking orders, another for refund issues, etc. This helps to route the conversation to the perfect team considering the customer query.

4. Automate Customer Feedback

As we have already mentioned, Konverse does provide access to customer information. The information in the chat records can then be used for sending customers personalized feedback surveys via different platforms like websites or WhatsApp for Business.

5. Conversation Starter

Now with the help of AI, you can know about your visitor’s buying intent. If high intent is detected you can strike a conversation right away to convert the lead.

For example, a visitor navigates through the ‘laptops and tablets’ section on your website. Through AI, you will be able to know if the visitor has a high buying intent. If yes, then & there, your eCommerce bot can pop up and start a conversation – ‘Hi! Can I interest you in showing the latest laptop models?’

In the pop-up chat itself, your bot can then offer product recommendations, provide specialized offers, and seal the deal! 😎

Top 7 Sales Acceleration Strategies Using the Konverse AI

Now that you are well aware of the best features available with Konverse AI, let us throw some light on sales acceleration strategies.

Sales acceleration comes as a result of building, nurturing, and growing connections. The faster you identify the best leads and qualify them, the more chances you get to convert and retain them.

Integrating your eCommerce platform with a conversational marketing platform is the best way to give an overall boost to your sales. And who else can be better than Konverse AI?! 😃

Here, are seven sales acceleration strategies that you can undertake once you have decided to integrate with a conversational marketing platform.

1. 24/7 Generating & Qualifying Leads

AI Chatbots are those representatives that can be available at all times and simultaneously across different platforms. Once you integrate with a conversational marketing platform like Konverse, you can get the benefit of being available 24/7 to your customers.

Regardless of the time, your eCommerce bot will be available across platforms like website, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. to respond to the customer queries.

Plus, Konverse bots can be trained to solve 90% of the standard and complex queries. So, they can easily handle customers most of the time without human intervention.

2. Speed to Capture Leads in No Time

This strategy stands on the notion that the quicker the response, the more connections you can create.

Identifying the lead and striking the conversation at the right time is so important. Why?

Because the time you get to engage or interest customers is limited. It is a short-lived opportunity since customers lose interest real soon. So, the lesser time you take to respond the more engaging it is for the prospect.

Here, it is the employment of AI chatbots and a live agents’ team that can help you speed up the process efficiently.

The Conversations starter feature by Konverse is of great help here. With this feature, you can respond to hot leads within seconds and connect them to live agents if required.

Plus, with the Shared Team Inbox and Analytics features, you can track the bot conversations. Hence, your live agents can assist whenever needed.

3. Real-time Conversation Routing

Real-time routing might seem less important but once you start focusing on sales acceleration, you will know its role.

If the right prospects are not connected to the right customer service team, all your efforts might go in vain.

So, as soon as you identify the right lead, your live agents can jump into the conversation and engage them on the spot.

With the Conversation Starter feature, it becomes so much easier to take up conversations with the leads and engage them right away.

4. Nurturing Opportunities Throughout Customer Journey

Once your buyer is actively involved in the sales funnel, at every step you have the opportunity to provide them the best customer experience.

It is by maintaining a consistently good customer experience that you can make a difference. So, use the resources at your disposal and make the customer journey worth remembering.

Offer shopping assistance, provide recommendations and maintain communication throughout the buyer’s journey.

Train your eCommerce chatbots to send reminders about their abandoned carts via emails or WhatsApp notifications. This will also help in reducing the cart abandonment issue.

5. Personalization is the Key

Delivering personalized content is the key to winning customer hearts. Whether it’s a simple, personalized welcome message, or a personalized discount offer it does add to customer satisfaction.

With Konverse integrations and from bot conversations, you can get hold of customer information. Use this information to send personalized emails, messages, feedback forms, etc.

Plus, with the help of AI, you can get to know the customer’s buying pattern, their interaction on web pages, etc. This information can then be used for developing personalized marketing solutions.

6. Connect Fast with Conversations and Forms

Forms are brilliant for gathering prospect details. But nobody likes filling out long boring forms. Often prospects get bored and they do not end up filling out the entire form.

However, with Konverse integration, you can embed forms into your bot conversations. With your eCommerce bots, you can take customer details with the help of engaging conversations, and even quizzes.

You can also consider sending short forms via WhatsApp to initiate conversations. However, ensure designing the bot conversations interestingly. This will ensure better engagement.

7. Feedbacks for Improvement

Customer feedback are important. They not only help you to improve but also add to customer satisfaction.

So, once the customer journey ends with the purchase, don’t forget to send a quick feedback survey via WhatsApp. You can also let your eCommerce chatbots initiate customer conversations and engagingly take their feedback.

These feedback surveys will get you some brownie points in delivering the perfect customer experience.

Gear Up to Experience the Best with Konverse AI

Conversational marketing has opened up hundreds of possibilities. Just by aligning your marketing, sales, customer experience strategies, you can target more, engage more as well.

The strategies that we have listed are crucial for adding more opportunities up to your marketing pipeline. Plus, eliminating the friction in the buyer’s journey will offer a seamless customer experience.

So, partnering with Konverse AI seems like a good idea. Right? 😉

Need help? Schedule a demo (get the 14-days free trial) with us and for more information visit our Help Center.

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