he Ecommerce industry has revolutionised shopping experiences for individuals forever. People can purchase any item from the comfort of their home, at any hour of the day! However, with the growing number of companies in the ecommerce sector, brand loyalty and sales are directly dependent on customer experience.

When it comes to improving CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores, AI chatbots have proven to be a frontrunner. Not only are chatbots good at engaging website visitors and understanding user intent, they also provide consistency, speed, and convenience. With Konverse AI, as your bot-building partner, you can deploy chatbots on your website without coding!

Why are AI chatbots becoming an integral part of eCommerce businesses?

Naturally, CSAT scores can be improved through a combination of efforts instead of just using AI bots. However, the additional benefits that come with AI bots for the industry is at the moment unparalleled by other technologies.

Listed below are some features that come along with AI chatbots that make them an ideal fit for ecommerce websites:

1. It’s conversational!

Ecommerce bots can be trained to engage users in conversation to further understand user intent, generate leads for the sales team, and collect essential feedback. Conversational AI bots are excellent at reducing cart abandonment issues, as they target solving customer issues quickly and efficiently.

In March 2020, 88.05 percent of online shopping orders were abandoned, i.e. not converted into a purchase.

2.  Enables access to support anytime, anywhere (literally!)

Ecommerce bots are a 24X7 service for the website. Your prospects and customers can use the chatbot for recommendations, delivery updates, or ask issue related questions at any hour they find convenient. This functionality allows your website to provide seamless service to valued customers and reinstates positive interactions.

3. Helps keep your prospects close and customers closer

AI bots can be used to study user intent, this enables your inhouse sales team to reach out to a more targeted sales interaction and improves conversion rates in manifolds. Ecommerce bots can also be used to send reminder notifications to customers timely, this encourages users to return to your website for more.

Konverse AI’s conversation starter feature is quick to engage users at the right moment. This presents to be an added advantage for brands. 

4. Personalize experience

As Ecommerce bots can be NLP powered, your bot can learn from experience about a customer's taste and interest. Therefore, this enables the bot to curate personal recommendations for every customer. Personalized experiences are valued and have shown to accelerate sales and improve CSAT scores.

Note: AI bots are excellent at reducing running costs for a business. Bots overtake day-to-day tasks such as sending delivery updates, answering standard questions, booking appointments and so on. Therefore, businesses can increase profits by reducing manpower, investing in multiple channels, and usage of multiple softwares.

5. Minimize errors

You can expect your customer interactions to be error free once you have deployed a well-programmed chatbot. Human errors are a possibility as live agents often handle multiple tasks at a time and it may prove to over-burden the representative. On the other hand, AI bots are consistent, and do not cause errors as they strictly follow what they are programmed to do. 

Chatbot Limitations

Like every technology, AI bots have their limitations too. However, these limitations can be tackled easily with simple solutions.

1. Cannot solve complex customer issues

AI bots learn from experience, however this also means that it cannot tackle situations it hasn’t experienced before. The simple solution to this, is to transfer bot conversations to live agents with user consent.

Konverse AI’s Users & Teams feature allows you to transfer bot conversations to the team most appropriate to solve customer issues. For example, if you have a sales team and a separate team which oversees post purchase issues. The Users & Teams feature will allow the bot to route the conversation to the right in-house team depending on the customer query. 

2. Requires Training and Script-writing

Humans require training too before working independently in an organization. Bots are required to be trained at every step and be given probable outcomes of situations too. The best way to ensure you are deploying bug-free, efficient bots is to select a bot-building platform which is ready to aid and serve every need for your bot-building process.

Why choose Konverse for your Bot building process?

Konverse AI is a platform which has mastered CUIs. Listed below are some features which are exclusively found on  Konverse platform. These features along with assistance from professionals is bound to make your bot-building process quick and easy.

Conversation Starter

The conversation starter feature is key for ecommerce bots. AI bots can be trained to study user intent and start a conversation accordingly. This enables users to reach their desired content quickly and it allows businesses to collect feedback, boost conversion rate, and improve their CSAT score. 

Accelerating sales is a combination of efforts but what matters most is approaching prospects at the right time.

Ecommerce bots are precisely successful at accelerating sales due to this reason. Not only does the chatbot trigger relevant conversations, it is also proactive, quick, and gives users a perfect balance of participation and independence while they explore your website. 

CRM Integration

Konverse presents the opportunity to integrate all your existing CRMs into a single platform. This makes achieving goals systematic and organized. Organized work stations enable us to study steady progress and notice shortcomings immediately. 

Growing businesses are required to achieve daily goals. Your Konverse account produces automated graphs and daily reports (according to customizable metrics) to help you gain insight on your progress and so on. 

FAQ Training

Ecommerce bots are required to be trained to handle standard customer queries. With Konverse AI’s FAQ training mode, you can easily train your bot to answer some of the most common questions, prepare it to carry out simple tasks such as displaying delivery status, product stock and so on. 

The FAQ feature comes with suggestions that have been tried and tested on customer bases. The suggestions allow you to quickly cover all standard customer queries in a jiffy. 

Note: The small talk feature in your Konverse account enables your AI bot to engage customers in conversations which feel natural and gives a human-touch to your bot. Enabling small talk feature is optional. 

Team Routing

Konverse AI’s team routing feature enables you to transfer bot conversations to your preferred sales rep with user consent. 

Transfering conversations to live agents timely is a key aspect to improving customer experience. Konverse also allows its dashboard to be used by multiple sales reps and one can also track live agent performance as per requirement.

Users & Teams feature on Konverse holds a key aspect in routing of bot conversations to live agents. The feature enables the bot to transfer conversations to the most appropriate team depending upon the customer query. 

Other Channels and Technology

While AI bots are excellent for sales acceleration, it is important to be of other alternatives which may serve your purpose better.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is exclusive for brands which check some standards provided by WhatsApp commerce manager. This channel allows you to engage customers on their favourite messenger app and complete purchase processes in a single platform.

With Konverse AI as your partner, you can set-up your WhatsApp Business API account easily and avail professional help to maintain and use the account efficiently.

Voice Assistance CUIs

Voice assistants are gaining popularity as it enables users to directly talk to their devices. Voice assistants can be trained to respond to sounds and have proven to be an asset when used right. Schedule a demo with Konverse to know more. 

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