f you’re an individual living in this world, one can guarantee that the tech industry has played a role in your life. You may have some experience with Edtech as a student, a parent, a teacher, or perhaps someone who works in an educational institute. 

If you’re wondering what falls under the category of Edtech, and how it affects your life; you’ll certainly find your answers here. 

Key takeaways from the article are as follows:

  1. What is Edtech?
  2. Why is Edtech considered a booming industry? 
  3. How do students, teachers, and institutes benefit from Edtech? 
  4. What role does WhatsApp business API play in education?

What Is Edtech?

The term Edtech comes from the amalgamation of two words, Education and Technology. Naturally, as the term suggests Edtech includes every form of technology that is currently playing a role in the education system. Chatbots, the internet, and some platforms are the key players in fast-tracking the education system. 

Students can now enroll and enquire about courses from the comfort of home. Institutes have a faster and more organized database to manage student, employee, and course details. Teachers can view their schedules, generate feedback tests, and study student progress through AI-generated analytics. Technology has revolutionized our education system.

Why Is Edtech Considered A Booming Industry? 

The Edtech industry started in the early 20th century with mechanical teaching machines and now the Indian Edtech industry has a net worth of  US$ 750 million as of 2020

The numbers prove that the industry is growing. The post-covid situation suggests that the Edtech industry is setting the standards for the new normal. 

The reasons behind such rapid growth and adoption of Edtech tools are multiple. Automation of Educational institutes has given rise to personalized student and teacher experiences, it gives proactive learners flexibility with time and pace of learning. Overall Edtech tools have improved learning processes and accessibility to education. A study shows that Challenge-based gamification in e-learning can improve educational outcomes by as much as 89.45% (IJCS).

How Do Students, Teachers, And Institutes Benefit From Edtech? 

The Edtech industry plays a crucial role for mainly three parties - Students, teachers, and institutes. Therefore, to gain a better perspective of how one can benefit from automation, let’s discuss the following user personas. 


Students and Parents are usually on the hunt for the best courses, educational institutes, and a wholesome learning environment. Naturally, an institute that makes their search easier is more likely to gain students. 

Students perform better with Edtech tools. Here's how;

Edtech tools enable distance learning

Technology has enabled students to enroll in courses that normally would be out of reach. Given the pandemic, distance learning has increased and it presents to be a viable option for many students. Distance learning also increases the number of seats available for a course as sessions can be recorded and viewed according to convenience. 

Edtech keeps students updated and on schedule

With the help of AI chatbots, students can be sent reminders for assignments, classes, or other extracurricular activities. These notifications have contributed to student discipline and increased attendance. 

Updates are also essential for institutes that house a large number of students as messages are easy to send and have a higher open rate than other forms of communication. 

Edtech allows students to analyze their progress

AI tools can produce graphical statistics of exam performance. Thus, these analytics can be used by students to identify their strengths and shortcomings. Identifying knowledge or skills gaps is a key aspect of quality education. 

Students have access to educational amenities at any time

Due to improvements in technology, students can now access books, notes, and practice papers through the internet. Not only does this encourage self-improvement, but it also enables every student, irrespective of their capabilities, to learn at their own pace. 


Teachers are the core determining factor for the quality of education. Edtech tools are excellent at assisting them to improve their work quality. Wondering how? 

Here it is!

Edtech tools automate standard procedures

Teachers are usually burdened with correcting individual mark sheets all year round. They are also required to keep notes of class performance, Assignment grades, and grades scored by each student throughout the session. For a human, this often proves to be a tedious task, especially due to the teacher-to-student ratio. 

Edtech tools can be used to reduce the burden on teachers. Assignments and class tests can be auto-corrected. Once you feed data into the system, Edtech can also calculate grades for you.

Edtech enables the quick transfer of knowledge

Edtech tools encourage innovative teaching. Teachers can now use images, presentations, and videos to explain theories and concepts to students. Not only does this boost student-teacher interaction, but it also creates a more wholesome teaching and learning experience.

Edtech tools can also be used to circulate notes and other study material.

With Edtech tools, teachers can assess the progress of their students

Edtech tools not only present individual progress reports but also analyze overall class performance. 

These analytics bridge the gap between student and teacher miscommunications. Education is a time-consuming process that requires skill and patience. Edtech tools, over time, have made education an easier process as it reduces the unnecessary burden on teachers and students. 


One of the biggest challenges institutions face is maintaining a large number of data. You can overcome this challenge with the help of sophisticated Edtech tools designed to organize and maintain bulk data. Integration of the education system with technology can revolutionize learning experiences overall.  

Institutions grow faster with Edtech tools. Here's how;

Edtech tools multiply revenue

Edtech tools can be used to drive in more traffic and improve conversion rates. An institute may choose to use its Edtech tools in building strong relations with prospects through timely notifications and messages. 

Edtech tools improve institution ratings

Edtech tools improve response time, make processes systematic and keep your customers updated on ongoing events or activities in the institution. These small notifications play a huge role in the user experience. Therefore, institutes that use Edtech tools tend to have better ratings due to their efficiency. 

With Edtech, institutions can provide more flexible courses

Students nowadays hope for a more flexible course where they can choose their major subjects and minor subjects independently. With Edtech, allocation and guiding students to choose subjects ideal for their future goals is easy and more importantly accurate. Edtech tools feel less intrusive and encourage students to engage and clarify their questions. 

Edtech tools make standard processes quick and systematic

Edtech Chatbots have made standard processes easy. They no longer require multiple forms. Users need not re-enter their details time and again. These small changes in the standard process make it feel less taxing and time-consuming for users. 

What Role Does WhatsApp Play In Education?

WhatsApp, as we know, is one of the most popular messaging platforms across the world. It is estimated that a person spends an average of 28 minutes on WhatsApp daily. Therefore, WhatsApp is the ideal platform for institutes to stay connected with their students, teachers, and prospects.


Use cases of WhatsApp Chatbots in the Education Sector

Lead generation

Your customers and prospects are more likely to engage in one-to-one conversation over any other form of communication. With WhatsApp, you are more likely to generate leads as students will exchange their numbers and Email addresses with the institute. 

WhatsApp also has one of the highest open rates compared to other platforms and Email. Therefore, any information passed through WhatsApp is more likely to be read by your prospects and customers. 

Lead qualification 

Generally, businesses collect prospect details through forms and profile them under a certain category of customers. With WhatsApp chatbot, Lead qualification is automated and less intrusive for users. This intuitive WhatsApp Edtech tool can personalize user experience and detect user intent through basic questions. 

Dynamic communication 

Many a time, consumers are not willing to engage with a business due to circumstances. However, businesses which stay connected to customers are more likely to convert them at a later stage.

With WhatsApp, you can generate message templates and deploy Edtech bots to keep your prospects in touch with minimum effort on your part. 

This small step can boost conversion and revenue rates for your business. 

Improved customer relations 

Consistency and timely interactions are key factors in building a strong customer-brand relationship. WhatsApp can be used to build trust with your customers.

Sending regular updates, asking queries, solving their issues quickly play a role in customer satisfaction. Therefore, institutes that use WhatsApp tend to build more trustworthy and approachable relationships with their customers.

Re-engagement and customer retention 

Institute Alumni are often forgotten by institutes. However, you should keep Alumni engaged as their achievements are likely to be a reflection of the quality of education provided by your institution. 

Alumni are also more likely to enroll in different courses in your Institute if given the opportunity. Therefore, with WhatsApp Templates and Chatbots, you may reach out to an old Alumnus who is looking for their next degree. 

Enrolment, Application, and registration processes 

Chatbots built for the Educational and Development sector can prove to be the best mode to register and enroll students. Once the institute has received student applications, they can continue to keep registered students updated on the next step or other details. 

Not only is it more convenient to communicate through WhatsApp, but it is also quick and efficient. Your existing CRMs can be integrated with your chatbot platform and therefore, all data collected will be transferred to your system in real-time. 

Support Services and FAQs

Students and Parents appreciate transparency from their institutes when it comes to information. WhatsApp chatbot is a robust and active form of communication to keep your customers informed. 

Chatbots can be trained to solve standard issues too. However, if your bot runs into a complex issue it will hand over the matter to a live agent with user consent. 

Reminder Notifications and Announcements

Educational institutes are an active hub for cultural events, fests, talent hunts, and so many different activities. To ensure your students are aware of ongoing events on campus, Institutes can inform through WhatsApp quickly! 

Extracurricular activities

Through WhatsApp, your institute can regulate official clubs which conduct extracurricular activities within the campus. WhatsApp Chatbots can register names under clubs a student wishes to be a member of and eventually, official WhatsApp groups can be created! 

This encourages a well-regulated set of clubs within the institute which encourages students to be more creative and build innovative thought processes. 

Sign-ups and Cancellations

Institutes generally conduct webinars with limited seats regularly. Students can make use of the Institute chatbot to book seats in webinars or other events. Registered students can also be sent reminder notifications automatically.

Easy access to study material

Your WhatsApp channel can be used as an official Institute library. Students can be provided with download links to various study materials. This ensures that every student has adequate access to knowledge and increases their learning scope outside classes as well.  

Grow and strengthen your community

Humans are social beings, naturally, they want to feel like they are part of a community. Through WhatsApp chats, your institute can build a wholesome community experience which is extremely essential for a healthy learning environment. 

Encouraging students to participate and build relations within the institutes also generates a feeling of ownership and pride towards their institutes. 

Attain feedback easily 

WhatsApp Chatbots are masters at engagement and collecting quick feedback from your customers. You may choose to collect feedback from your students, Parents, and employees regularly. This ensures your institute maintains a certain standard and quality of education. 

Looking To Set Up Your Edtech Chatbot On WhatsApp?

To set up a chatbot on WhatsApp, your institute will need access to WhatsApp Business API. 

With Konverse, you can explore a variety of options, set up your account, and build your chatbot tailored to your needs. 

So, are you ready to try out WhatsApp chatbots for Edtech?

Here are three reasons why your Institute should set up a WhatsApp Business API account and employ a chatbot right away

  1. Increase Institute Credibility 
  2. Make institute processes more user friendly
  3. Boost Institute reach, growth, and revenue influx 

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