Nippon Paints Success Story About Boost in Traffic & Qualified Leads!

Read how the partnering up of Nippon Paint & Konverse AI shot-up the company’s traffic, accessible customer analytics, and growth in leads.

Nippon Paints Success Story About Boost in Traffic & Qualified Leads!

One of the best clients we have worked with is Nippon Paints India - the largest paint and coatings manufacturer in Asia. Nippon Paint is a Japan-based company that has been in India for over a decade now.

After over ten years in the Indian market, Nippon Paint has now become a household name with its perfected products focused on innovation and eco-friendliness.

The Issue Faced by Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints wanted a way to track and control all of its dealers/customer conversations happening over WhatsApp Business.

For instance, what messages were being sent, how many responses were received, how many bounced off, and such other information.

The company also wanted to improve the communication channels and offer customers an automated and enhanced experience.

How Did We Help Nippon Paints?

After researching conversational AI platforms for months, Nippon zeroed down to Konverse AI.

Within 3 weeks Nippon chatbots went live across different platforms. The implementation was done in no time to ensure that the company had access to all its customer conversation analytics.

Yay! We Helped Nippon Paints Skyrocket its Traffic

As the bots went live across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Nippon Website, the company witnessed a significant boost (25949 visitors) in the number of users on their conversational platform. The enhanced customer journey and ease of communication led to 56k conversations within 4-5 months.

Nippon Paints’ Growth in Digital Marketing!

Further, Nippon got access to customer analytics that helped the company acquire more leads. With chatbots on 24/7 duty, the company also experienced 1500 leads flowing no matter the time.

All in all, with Konverse AI, Nippon Paint could customize their customer journey. With the easy-to-use no-code bot builder and amazing after-sales support, Nippon Paint could achieve its customer service goals.

Business Impact


Boost in visitors traffic




Boost in qualified leads
Nippon Paints Success Story About Boost in Traffic & Qualified Leads!


Paints and Coatings

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Customer support, lead generation, traffic growth


Web, WhatsApp


Digital Marketing

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