Working with Entities

Entity represents object or term or synonyms that is relevant to your intents. Let us understand how to work with entities.

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Entities are elements in the text that your Bot is going to recognize according to the training you give it. Within a chatbot, an entity modifies user intent. Chatbot entities are connected to knowledge repositories so as to supply more personal and accurate responses on user search. An entity during a chatbot is employed to feature values to the search intent.

Entities can be fields, data, or text describing just about anything — a time, place, person, item, number, etc. Using natural language processing (NLP), chatbots can extract entities from entries that users type in order to turn around accurate recommendations and answers.

Knowing the difference between intent and entity is critical to using chatbots for customer service. Intent implies what the customer is looking for.

Intent and entities in chatbots are both essential to delivering what the customer wants and needs.

How to Create Entity on Konverse Platform-

  1. Hover on Bot Builder present on the side navigation bar
  2. Select Entity.
  3. Click on Create Entity
  4. Enter the Name and Type of Entity and start adding Example for particular Entity

Our platform allows you to enter multiple examples of the same entity with their synonyms. 

For e.g. Let the Entity name be Payment

Value- Payment | Synonyms- Pay, Bill, Amount, Money

Value- Card Payment |  Synonyms- Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa Card, Amex

Value- Payment Methods | Synonyms- Gpay, Google pay, Apple Pay, Paypal

And Click on Save.

Advanced users can select type of entities like RegEx to handle complex patter match.
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