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This section helps you in understanding how to choose, upgrade or downgrade your current subscription plan.

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Konverse AI has four types of plan to meet your business requirement depending on the scale of your operation.

  1. Startup Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Business Plan
  4. Enterprise Plan

What is Startup Plan?

Startup Plan is tailored for startups & entrepreneurs looking to get started with a quick bot on website, WhatsApp Chatbot or on Facebook Messenger. This plan can work as a starter plan for those looking for a more FAQ based bot with certain our of the box integration. We recommend small teams upto 10 users can use this.

What is Professional Plan?

Professional Plan are for those team who're looking to use WhatsApp Campaign Manager, Function Builder for Developers & have 4 or more users and looking to scale their business operation with the use of a conversational AI chatbot.

What is Business Plan?

Business Plan is a comprehensive plan that suits best for large team. You can fully utilize function builder, build custom report as per your requirement along with support from our customer success manager who'll guide you on the best way to build a perfect bot.

What is Enterprise Plan?

If you're looking for features like Single Sign On, dedicated CSM, on-premise deployment, avail our professional services to build bot for you and more, then our Enterprise Plan best suits your requirement.

Managing your Subscription Plan

Managing your subscription plan with Konverse is extremely easy. Go to Subscription settings. You'll be seeing a pop-up to enter registered email ID post which an OTP will be sent to access your subscription screen.

As soon as you login to Subscription, you can see your current plan. By default, all bots are on-boarded on Business Plan. If you wish to change your plan, you can click on subscription & change your plan from subscription details page by clicking on Edit Subscription. Also you can manage additional user by adding User Addons.

For more details on different plans available, refer our pricing page.
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